How To Succeed With Keto Diet

How To Succeed With Keto Diet

hi everyone is Denise back with Keto with
Denise and today I want to talk to you
about how to stay the course on your
Keto journey I talked to a lot of people
on a regular basis some actually do
struggle on their Keto journey and you
know you can you can make this work for
you I understand the struggle so I want
to help you get over those times where
you feel like you want to revert back to
old ways of eating and behaviors so
these pointers are varied that while
they may be minor they’re very powerful
indeed so let’s get started number one
think about your why remember your why
why do you need to improve your health
why do you need to lose this weight
whatever it is whatever your high is
think about that why I know I was out of
control binge eating on sugar like it
was crazy and found myself just looking
at myself and hearing as you guys are
probably heard in the other videos I was
looking for peanut M&Ms on the floor
thinking I had spilled them out because
I’d eaten the bag so fast and I heard
God say that I was out of control and I
heard the word addiction so I knew that
if I didn’t change the way that I was
doing and going about this I was going
to have some major health issues so my
wife was to revert from high blood
pressure medicine that I’ve been on for
16 years and the fact that I was
steadily gaining weight and my health
was declining so I knew that I had to
make that change so remember your why
what’s going to catapult you to stay the
course okay number two I want you to not
focus on the scale a lot of people weigh
in everyday hoping to see a pound or two
don’t worry about the scale it’s going
to catch up trust me I want you to think
about how you feel since you cut out the
sugar start at your Keto and
intermittent fasting journey how do you
feel now how are your clothes fitting I
always go and this is a little tip for
you ladies out there maybe you guys will
take this step to every Monday I go into
my closet and I find a clothing item
that I know is too small I
no it’s too small sometimes it won’t
even come up past my knees let alone
over my thighs and my hips and butt but
every Monday I’ll go into that closet
and try that item of clothing on and
guess what after a while it’s moving
past my knees it’s getting past my
thighs it’s coming over my but before
you know it I’ve zipped and button that
thing and I’m wearing it and after a
while it’s gotten to be too so find
those Momentum’s that’s going to push
you through so it’ll encourage you even
though the scale may not be saying what
you expect it to say so put the scale
aside focus on how you feel and how your
clothes are fitting okay number three
prep your favorite go-to foods this is
very important to have the quito
friendly foods at you’re within your
reach a lot of times people are falling
off the course because they’re hungry
and there’s nothing in front of them so
they grab something that’s not keto
friendly and it’s just obviously it’s
making the the course a little bit more
difficult than it should be on a weekly
basis I’m going to prep a huge salad I
love salad that’s just my thing whatever
you love whatever your favorite go-to
foods are prepare that so that it’s
within reach I put an airtight lid on
that salad bowl and I can make that
salad work every day of the week for me
with a different protein or meat or
whatever I want to add to it or no meat
sometimes so try that because when
you’re hungry you got something that’s
already prepared you can enjoy it and
keep it moving okay so make sure you do
number four educate educate educate it
is so important that you add yourself on
the benefits of keto and intermittent
fasting if you are a keto with Denise
member you already know inside that
membership portal we take you through
critical knowledge points that you need
to know and these things I mean really
encouraging and propel you in your
journey so make sure you add yourself on
keto and intermittent fasting so that
you understand the changes that are
happening on
inside long before they present
themselves on the outside okay so
educate yourself and keep watching these
videos on my channel – because that’s my
goal is to educate you number-5 own your
Kido journey this is your health journey
nobody else’s you’ve got to own this
you’ve got to stay present in the moment
actually planning what you’re going to
eat thinking about how your body needs
to change now this is not a 24/7 hours a
day kind of thing where you’re thinking
about nothing else but you are
consciously aware of what you’re putting
in your body you are consciously aware
of how you are applying the tools and
techniques of this journey this is a
lifestyle this is not a diet this is not
a temporary endeavor it is a lifestyle
so how you plan your life is going to
present back to you those results okay
thank you for watching hi if you haven’t
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  1. I keep saying it – but it is worth repeating – Your Teaching video's are helping me so much. Informative, supportive, easy to understand, and non-judgemental (like of the 'in your face' videos out there). Thank you for all the effort you put into these!

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