Hyori’s Bed And Breakfast Season 2 Episode 2 Yoona (SNSD), Park Bo-gum [SUB INDO] [ENG SUB]

Subtitles by OnDemandKorea It’s snowing! We talked about it before. – We said we wanted to feed them well this time.
– You’re right. – We want them to eat well and rest well.
– Those are our two goals. We are waiting for you with much curiosity. Who are you? Hello! Oh, it’s you, Yoon-ah! Oh, my! – Do you know how to drive?
– Yes. Are you good at cooking? Yes! Yoon-ah is very good at cleaning. She knows how to change the vacuum, too. (However, there is a time when Yoon-ah is nervous, too.) – Hyo-ri, get it ready.
– Okay. (Yoon-ah is stuck between Hyo-ri and Sang-soon. “She’s passionate and feisty. She sacrifices herself for others.” (What does Yoon-ah need at this time? A call from a customer.) – They called.
– Hello? Really? – Will we be able to lift Matisse?
– Of course. Someone lifted Damas before. (Who are the first guests?) Hold on. Don’t move. It’s tight! (They arrived at Hyo-ri’s Bed and Breakfast!) – Are they here?
– Yes. (Ding-dong! Guests are here!) Who is it? – Hello.
– They’re here! – You arrived?
– Yes. – Come on in. I’ll open the gate for you.
– Okay. The front gate will open now, right? (The front gate that greets the first guests open.) – Make sure not to harm the house.
– Or the car. No, the house! Wow, it’s enormous! Why aren’t the dogs coming out to greet us? – I know.
– Maybe they’re inside because it’s cold. Wow! We’re here! (Is this a dream… or is this real…?) (Lee Sang-soon is the one who made them scream.) – Hello!
– Hello. Turn it to the right. – Isn’t his voice totally gentle?
– Totally low. Hey. Hey. – Who said he was ugly?
– Hey, you can’t say such things here. Thank you. I can’t open my eyes. (Welcome to Hyo-ri’s Bed and Breakfast!) Seems like a family came. – A family? Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe they’re friends. Are they? – Go.
– Whoa, she’s beautiful! She’s really pretty! – Hello!
– She’s super pretty! They said I’m pretty. It’s because they saw me from afar. – You need to be 100 meters away from me.
– That’s not true. – Your suitcase must be very heavy.
– It’s fine. – Hi!
– Hello! – No, Guana.
– Hi, Soonshim. – All right. First, the suitcase…
– Move it over there. Cute. – Hello.
– Hi. – First off, take a seat here.
– I can’t believe this. (They discover Yoon-ah.) Hello. – Hello.
– Hello. Stop. (Uneasy) (What do I do first…?) – This is Hyo-ri.
– Hello! That’s Im Yoon-ah, our new employee. – I’m Sang-soon.
– It’s nice to meet you. – You guys are our first guests.
– I know. – Friends?
– Yes. Really? I thought you were a family, since you guys look alike. – We’re judo players.
– You guys are? – Just you two?
– No, all of us. – Really?
– We’re a judo training group. No wonder you have good physiques. – What are your names?
– Say it one by one. – I’m Bae Hye-bin.
– Hye-bin. – I’m Choi Eun-hyun.
– Eun-hyun. – I’m Lee Jae-ran.
– Jae-ran. – I’m Jung Ye-rin.
– Ye-rin. I’m Kim Ye-sol. – Our names are pretty, huh?
– You guys have pretty names! Then how long are you guys planning to stay? – Three days and two nights.
– Really? Have you ever come to Jeju in the winter? – We hold competitions here in December every year.
– Really? We only came here for the competitions. It’s our first time coming for vacation. – Then did you guys already decide where you want to go?
– Yes. – Camellia Hill.
– You wanted to walk around. We want to go eat, too. – We don’t have to introduce the house, right?
– Yes. But we have something new. Did you see the white round tent outside? That’s a yurt, a Mongolian tent. It’s cold, so you guys can have a campfire in there. If you want to play even more after bedtime, you can go over there. It’s warm because of the stove. You can play over there. There’s an open-air tub behind the house. – We should’ve brought clothes for that.
– We already did. What if they don’t fit us…? I’ll get sizes that fit for you no matter what. So if you want to use it, tell us beforehand. It takes one to two hours to fill it. So if you tell us beforehand, we’ll fill it up. It’s very nice to go in there when it’s snowing. – It will make your tiredness go away.
– Yes. There are five of you, so I think you girls can use the second floor. Would you like cold or hot drinks? – Cold drinks.
– Cold? Okay. Let’s peel the tangerines. I think some of you want something warm to drink… no? – Tell me confidently. None of you?
– I do. Right? I said it for you. – Warm drink for one of you?
– Yes. – Okay.
– I’ll make the citrus tea. You bring the tangerines. You just have to bring a bunch of them. (The tangerines are here.) (Yesterday, the three of them picked these tangerines.) (They will be used as welcome drinks.) – Here’s your tea.
– Thank you. It’s winter, so this time, we want our guests to eat and sleep well. Did you eat lunch? We’re going to eat now. – There’s a pork cutlet restaurant nearby.
– Is it open now? Ask, just in case. Then let’s definitely eat there. – I’ll ask.
– You need to eat. How can you go around being hungry? (Hyo-ri and Yoon-ah make tangerine juice.) (Fresh tangerines go into the blender.) – Here’s your juice.
– Thank you. – Each of you take a glass.
– Juice. – Yoon-ah is passing out the welcome drinks.
– Thank you. Drink slowly. It’s cold outside, so if you have nowhere else to go, don’t just wander outside. – Don’t torture yourself.
– Come in whenever you want. – The pork cutlet restaurant can take five people right now.
– Hurry and go. – Hurry up and go.
– It could rain, I mean snow. – Okay.
– Be careful. – We’ll be back.
– Your shoes are over there. – Our shoes are over there.
– See you later. – If it feels like the snow is going to pile up, hurry up and come back.
– Okay. – Drive safely.
– Okay. Slowly. Drive safely. Completely turn the car that way. Good job. Just like that. – We’ll be back.
– Bye. Have fun. – Should we turn on the navigation?
– Turn it on. – The pork cutlet restaurant?
– The address is here. – I was shocked after seeing Hyo-ri in the window.
– I thought it was a photo shoot. I was surprised. (Hyo-ri’s daily life seems like a photo shoot.) Do I have to call Yoon-ah a goddess? Her face is so small, and her skin is white. She’s the size of our arms! (White and slender Yoon-ah) Sang-soon, I’ll take the dogs. Then I’ll go to the market. Hold on. We can write down what we need to buy on the way, right? I’ll write it down. – Do you want to?
– Yes. Do we need anything else, Hyo-ri? – Abalone.
– Abalone. – Rice.
– White rice. – Maybe ramen, just in case.
– Ramen. – Shoes. Slippers.
– Yes, that’s all for now. Go on. Go with the concept of a go game. We’ll be back. – Bye.
– Bye. (Gosil is in the front yard.) Gosil. Does Gosil only stay outside? – Does he like being outside?
– He does whatever he wants. He comes in if he wants to, but if he’s scared, he’ll stay outside. When he comes in, he really likes us, but when we tell him to come in, he won’t. (The inside of the car is silent.) (I need to say something…) While doing this… halfway through… then it really seems like a guesthouse. The guests naturally get closer together, and they hang out with each other. – It seems fun.
– It is. (End of conversation) Guana! Guana, come here. Good boy. Mocha, come here. Good. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go, Mocha. Let’s go. Come here. Your leash is too tight. Oh, dear. You almost died. Come here. Okay. Slow down. Let’s go. Slowly. Soonshim, come here. It’s really difficult walking you guys by myself. Good. Let’s go. Sniff around. Smells good, huh? Let’s go. (This is the place where she came with Sang-soon last summer.) – Is that the smell of lilac?
– Yes. How nice. (Winter came with white snow.) (“Snowman”
– Jung Seung-hwan) I should’ve come with Sang-soon. It’s really tiring. Let’s go. Let’s run! Let’s run! Run! Run! Run! For 50 of them, they will be $3 each! (Sang-soon and Yoon-ah came to the mart.) The abalone is over there. We can get this one. – White rice and ramen.
– Ramen? Ramen. Rice. And slippers. This is for our precious guests. – Hyo-ri needs bobby pins.
– Bobby pins? (Tape) – Did you put tape on your hair?
– Because I have no bobby pins. My bangs… (Employee Yoon-ah has understood what Hyo-ri needs.) Bobby pins… Something Ike this is cute, too. It’s something for the bangs… We’ll get this one. We would like to buy some slippers. – We have them in 30 and 50.
– Yes. (Done with their deeds.) There’s a place here that sells really good kimbap. We can’t buy them, right? Let’s eat it next time. Should we just try a roll? We’ll get in trouble, won’t we? I should ask Hyo-ri. Mocha, come here. Soonshim, what’s that? How cute. It looks like Styrofoam balls are on top of it. – Hey.
– Hey, Hyo-ri. Hey, Sang-soon. – Yoon-ah wants to try kimbap. Should we buy some?
– Kimbap? – Yeah.
– What about dinner? – You’re not going to eat it?
– This is just a snack. (Uneasy) Hurry up and come back. If you’re going to eat it, you have to go there again. Okay. Are you making the pancakes? – What?
– Pancakes. Hang up! It’s chaotic over here! – Why?
– Hang up! Talk with me. Hey. Hey, Mocha, come here. Hang up! Gosh, there’s a pandemonium here. Slow down! Go slowly! Mocha, it’s cold. Come here. I’ll hold you. Let’s go. It’s cold. See? It’s torture to leave home when it’s cold, right? How nice would it be to just sit in front of the fireplace on a cold day? Let’s not go out tomorrow. How about it? Let’s go, Guana. (Sang-soon & Yoon-ah returned!) (Gosil came to greet them.) – Can you hold all of this?
– I think so… I’ll do this…” Gosil. The atmosphere. Soonyi must be warm. Goodness. (Hyo-ri came back.) (They didn’t unpack yet.) I’m never walking them on my own again. It was pandemonium. What’s all this? Why did you buy so many slippers? We need this much. Five for guys and five for girls. We need to take off the plastic and put them outside. Midal, where did you go? I’m curious. (She’s organizing the open-air tub clothes.) (Outdoor slippers) – Do these slippers need to be taken to the yurt?
– Yes. I can just leave these outside, right? – It was so windy.
– Where did you go? I bet it was super windy over there. – You’re going there alone tomorrow anyways, so I sacrificed myself today.
– What? – You’re going there alone tomorrow, so I went there today.
– What did you say? Gosh. Don’t pretend you didn’t hear me. – What?
– Don’t pretend you didn’t hear me. What did you say? “You’re going there alone tomorrow.” – What?
– That’s what she said. What? Hey, guys. Should I place them here? (The yurt is open for business.) Then where should we place the spa clothes? – In the bathroom.
– Or there’s the dressing room outside. – You can’t carry them, right? Give me some.
– It’s fine. I got it. – I’ll carry them for you.
– I’m good. Very good. Pass! – What if she fails?
– Thank you. – What are you going to do?
– There’s a dressing room? I made a temporary room over there. (The storage room will be used as a dressing room for now.) (Open-air tub is ready for business.) What’s this? Oh, you bought bobby pins. – Thanks for these, Yoon-ah.
– No problem. Why does my forehead get bigger as I age? Oh, well. (Meanwhile, what are the judo players up to?) (They’re at the pork cutlet restaurant that Sang-soon recommended.) What’s this? Sirloin and tenderloin. Looks really good. – Thank you for the food.
– Shrimp! What’s that? Sirloin? It’s very good. (They nicely mix up the salad udon.) This is seriously good. It’s totally my style. (They head to the arboretum.) (In the winter, the place is filled with the smell of camellia flowers.) – Wow, it’s super pretty.
– We have to take photos here! We must take pictures. That’s it. It’s windy, so you have to take it quickly. – Where? In the center?
– Come in the center. Here I go. Hurry up and pose. We have three seconds. – Come in the front.
– Run. One, two, three. (We came on a trip to Jeju. jpg) – Want to take one here, too?
– There’s this place, too. Come here. Don’t run! Hey, run when it’s morning exercise time. She’s running better than then. Right here. – It’s warm.
– Should we film a video, too? – Here I go.
– Bye. Let’s pretend we’re close even though we’re not. I’m so happy. I’m so happy right now. Everyone should exercise at this time. It’s snowing. You guys, it’s snowing. It’s snowing! It’s raining, too! – Wow, what’s this?
– This is hail. What’s this? Do you all have hoods? I’m the only one without one! This is enough. Let’s go. So noisy. So noisy! It’s so noisy! (The culprit is this guy.) This is awesome. It’s totally different listening to the LP version. That seems like an exclusive dance. Everyone in German clubs dance like this. – Right, Hyo-ri?
– It’s so noisy. They dance with their hands in fists? (He has a wife with a lot of energy, too.) (In a trance) The water is boiling, Sang-soon. I can’t do this here. This is a music that is unfit for a bed and breakfast. – I have to practice.
– Huh? I have to practice. Yoon-ah, do you want to draw? – You drew these?
– Yes. – Let me see.
– I mostly draw dogs. I don’t draw people. – What’s this?
– Crayons. This is Samsik. It looks just like him. This is Soonshim, Mocha, Seoksam, Guana, Gosil, and Midal. Soonshim! He was a bundle of fur. It doesn’t matter if you draw well or not. You just need to draw like an elementary student. – You draw very well, Hyo-ri.
– If you go to shelters, you see a lot of these scenes. (Today, they drink a cup of tea, too.) (With a song that Sang-soon picked…) Did you learn art? I learned a little bit when I was in high school. It wasn’t fun learning it. – Plaster cast.
– Agrippa. It was so boring, and I couldn’t finish it out. So I quit. It would’ve been fun if they had let me draw what I wanted to. Even now, I can’t draw things I don’t want to draw. I really can’t. But I like animals, so I can draw them. Just draw. Draw… (Hesitate) (The day in the bed and breakfast is quietly coming to an end.) What are you drawing? This tea cup? It’s cute. You draw pretty well. – It’s cute.
– It’s nice. I can’t draw the circle well. If you want to draw it exactly like this, you can just take a picture of it instead. So just draw it however you want to. It’s cute. Is it raining? Is it? (Unpredictable Jeju weather) It must have rained a bit. – I should go practice then.
– Practice what? DJing. I think Sang-soon is very comfortable with you. – Really?
– Yes. He’s usually shy to strangers. I’m glad. He only saw you for a couple days. He would usually never offer to go to the mart with someone. I saw you a few times, but I met him for the first time. But I feel comfortable with him like I saw him a few times, too. (I am… a comfortable man…) (DJ Soon’s practice/-The End-) (Yoon-ah is done with her drawing.) Now write something sentimental on there. Something like this. (Don’t buy. Adopt./Soonshim) (Thinking hard) Did you think of it? I’m organizing my thoughts. Just… (Glance) My hands and feet are already curling up! “Warm tea…” – One more. I really want to write this as the most cringe-worthy line.
– What? Hurry up and show me. – Let me see. It has to be short and impacting.
– It is. – What is it?
– It will make you cringe. Let me see. “Cold air. Warm tea. This winter… at Hyo-ri’s cozy house.” (Startled/Struggling) Hey! (Warm air, warm tea, and lonely DJ Soon) (This beat is the only thing that makes my heart race.) Do judo players drink alcohol, too? Won’t they? (Hyo-ri and Yoon-ah are cleaning up the kitchen.) (She gets on her tippy toes while organizing the cups.) (She gets on her tippy toes while searching for flour.) (Uncomfortable like it’s not her own house) Yoon-ah, take this out for me. – Which one?
– The flour. (Comfortable like it’s her own house) Thanks. You must cook often. There aren’t many places that deliver or places to eat here. And both of us like to cook. I’d like to live spending a lot of lovey-dovey time with my husband like you, too. Hey, if you’re with your husband 24/7, you guys will get into fights. – Right.
– It depends what kind of person he is. – What did you say?
– Sang-soon, can you do this for me? (All of the workers at the bed and breakfast have gathered.) – Do you know how to make Mille-feuille nabe?
– I do. (1. Lay cabbage and perilla leaves on top of each other.) (2. Put thinly sliced meat on the vegetables./Meat prepared for Yoon-ah.) (3. Stack the meat and vegetables on top of each other and cut to edible slices.) (4. Put them in the pot in a floral shape.) Oh, it’s pretty. (The Mille-feuille nabe is ready.) (No, something is missing.) (Focused) (Right now, Yoon-ah is…) (decorating with mushrooms.) – Complete.
– You know how do things like this, too? I’ve never seen such a thing before. You’re amazing. What’s wrong with your way of talking? – I do all kinds of things.
– “You’re amazing.” (5. Depending on your preferences, pour the broth in and boil it.) (6:30 p.m.: Employees’ Dinner) – Goodness. My back hurts.
– Me, too. (A time when the day’s exhaustion comes over them) Stop opening it. I’m curious. Do you eat three meals a day? I don’t usually eat breakfast. Then do you eat lunch, dinner, and late night snack? Yes, usually. – Hyo-ri, can I open it?
– No. (Hungry Sang-soon) (Glance) – Aren’t those logs that are piled up really pretty?
– They are. Right? Long ones, round ones, short ones. Aren’t human faces like that? (All I can think of right now is the nabe.) Those images fit with us. Big one. Dark one. Little one. Don’t open it! – Did the water boil?
– I poured water in it. You did? (Yoon-ah finds this situation very amusing.) (10 minutes later…) – You can open it now.
– Is the fire weak? (Mille-feuille nabe is complete.) Looks delicious. (Their dinner consists of abundant hot pot.) – Thank you for the food.
– Thank you. It’s good! Good, right? – It’s really good.
– It is. This is a very delicious dish. I’m charmed by it. (What does Yoon-ah think of it?) – Good, right?
– Yeah. You were shocked, huh? It’s good like this, too. (Yoon-ah eats well.) – We should’ve drank soju.
– Oh, do you want to? – Isn’t it too late?
– We can just have one glass. Okay, just one glass. (Happy smile) Thank you. Here. – Cheers.
– Cheers. It’s sweet. Did you drink it in one shot? You’re good at drinking. I always feel like I have to drink the first glass of soju in one shot. Hyo-ri, do you know this? “The first glass is one shot, right?” – Someone like you should do those things.
– No. “The first glass is one shot, right?” – Do you want to hit me?
– You look dirty. – I look dirty?
– What was that? Wasn’t it kind of cute though? (I got a scratch in my heart…) – Do it again. – “The first glass is one shot, right?” (I like it if it makes you laugh.) Do you know why it looks dirty? Cause my mouth is full of food. (They focus on their meal again.) – It’s best to eat hot food in the cold weather, right?
– Yes. What are the players having for dinner? The players? (Endless refill of Jeju black pork) (The judo players are losing their souls…) Do you dip this in here? (She’s about to rip off all her fingernails.) – Looks good.
– The meat looks really good. We keep eating the whole day. I forgot what we ate after seeing this. – What did we eat again?
– Pork cutlet. – Let’s try it. We won’t die.
– Eat it, Hye-bin. (We can’t hold it in. Let’s just eat it!) Look carefully and eat the cooked ones. If I eat the wrong thing, I’ll have to be in the bathroom the whole day. – How is it?
– It’s delicious. Dip it in here. – Show this.
– Black pork. Endless refill. With green onion. Eat it. (After that, the meat was refilled for a long time, (and the owner of the restaurant asked this…) Do you love black pork that much or did you eat a lot on purpose? – We ate a lot?
– This is a lot? – How many servings did we eat?
– 17 to 18 servings… – They’ll arrive at 9.
– 9? Yeah. – Black pork!
– Of course. They went to a restaurant that gives endless refills of black pork. Is that restaurant that good? Or are they still eating now? (They’re cute girls…) – That was a good dinner.
– It was. – Thank you for the food.
– It’s time to eat dessert with milk and apple pie. (Sang-soon is in charge of the dishes.) (Yoon-ah is in charge of cleaning the table.) (Cleanly, brightly, and with confidence!) (Hyo-ri is getting firewood from the yard.) Midal! (Yoon-ah is fascinated by everything.) This one burns well. Oh, it’s very warm. – Want some milk?
– Yes. Oh, yeah. (Sweet dessert) Looks delicious! The three of us are eating the same amount. (If you eat deliciously, it’s 0 calories!) – Sang-soon.
– Yeah? If the girls want to sleep upstairs, we don’t have to clean that up. We can put the blankets down so that two of them sleep up and three of them sleep down. Then should we lay them out beforehand? Let’s do that. We have 30 minutes left. There will be space for us to sleep, too. (The first opening of the topper mattress.) (Once the mattresses are down…) (the blankets will be put on there.) These blankets will be very warm. I know. (Yoon-ah organizes them.) – Should we put the luggage upstairs?
– Should we? Are they heavy? (Special service of carrying the luggage upstairs.) I’m so sorry! (He stubbed his foot on the suitcase.) What happened? – Hyo-ri.
– What? Yoon-ah stubbed my foot! – I’m so sorry.
– She stubbed my foot. You did that to my husband? Let me see. I’ll make it feel better. Oh, your feet stinks! – My teeth are chattering!
– Me, too! Come here. – Did you have fun?
– Yes! We’re back. – Go in wherever you want.
– That surprised me. Guana, come here. – Midal, you saw them earlier.
– Did you have fun? – Yes.
– It’s freezing! – Right? Sit in front of here.
– The fireplace. I should turn up the heat. You guys were cold. (He turns up the heat because the guests might be cold.) Are all of you going to shower tonight? – Yes.
– It will take a long time then. – It’d be nice if you guys took a bath.
– Yes, that’d be better. – The water takes two hours to fill up though.
– Yeah, it will be 11 then. – How about all of you guys take a bath in the morning?
– The morning? – Should we?
– We can just wash our faces tonight. We’ll fill the tub in the morning, so just go in there as soon as you wake up. – Right? You guys have to wash in the morning anyways.
– Yes. Let’s rest. Let’s change our clothes. – Yoon-ah, you can go now.
– Since you’re our first guests… – We spread the blankets.
– We even took your things up. – Thank you.
– Good night. See you tomorrow. You should take Yoon-ah to her lodging. – It’s really snowing.
– It is? – Yeah.
– It’s snowing a lot! If everything gets frozen tomorrow, when can we drive out? I’m not sure. If it keeps snowing, they won’t be able to go out when they came here to play. – I think three days and two nights will be very short.
– It is. If they don’t go out tomorrow… (The judo players start to wash up.) Sorry, this isn’t food. They go crazy for food. (They put facial masks on.) – Want to go down?
– Let’s go.[OnDemandKorea Ver] jTBC E02 Hyo-ri’s Bed and Breakfast 2
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-When did you guys get there? You guys are extremely confident. (What’s going on?) – He likes being touched.
– Isn’t he a pretty color? I’ve never seen anyone wear glasses over their facial mask. I can’t see otherwise. (Embarrassed) (Amazed…) At what age did you guys start judo? – Ever since first grade.
– Eighth grade. – You guys train every day, right?
– Yes. How many hours per day? We train two hours at dawn, two hours in the morning, and two hours at night. That must be very tiring. Do you train hard during those two hours? – It’s exhausting.
– Really? – Fortunately, we have one year left.
– It’s really fortunate. What will you guys do after that then? – We’ll be on a business team.
– We’ll be paid to play now. I see. I’m sure everyone won’t be able to make it in though. What will you do if you don’t make it? Some people become a coach… We get different salaries. (They get paid depending on their skills.) That’s the same… I thought she was thin… But her shoulders are huge. Then… What’s your weight class? 57. That’s similar to me… I’m 55kg. Go for it. Do you want to go against me tomorrow? What if she throws me around? Of course she will… Guys. Hyo-ri needs to go to bed. Let’s have fun tomorrow. Good night! Good night. (2nd floor gets ready for bed.) (The couple gets ready for bed as well.) (When curtains close…) Isn’t it cozy? It is. Go inside. Do it side ways. How? Like a mirror. That’s scary! That’s really scary! I’m gonna see it in my dreams! (Terrifying look from the back.) Stop. Stop. What’s wrong with him? (Innocent.) (Before they go to bed…) Should I search Lee Sang-soon? Stop it already. (Lee Sang-soon’s searching Lee Sang-soon.) Better than chaebol? Lee me see. Why? Grocery shopping with Hyo-ri? The size difference in faces was… (Taken when they were grocery shopping.) Soonsim! Tell mom I said good night. Good night. See you tomorrow. (The first day is finally over.) (When everyone was asleep…) (Heavy snow came without a warning.) (The whole house is being covered.) (Midal: Snow!) (Soonsim: It’s snowing!) (Guana: I’m so happy!) Guana! (Why me…) (Thankfully, the guests are still asleep.) (Someone goes to the table.) (Hyo-ri woke up for morning yoga class.) (Wants to meditate before leaving.) (Lighting candles for meditating.) (And sees outside…) (Snow…) (Snowflakes dance beautifully.) (Makes a warm cup of tea.) (Meditating with snow as her friend.) (But.) (Snow turned into hail.) (You can even hear thunder…) (This doesn’t sound good…) (Frozen.) (Because of the scary weather…) (She’ gets nervous and worried.) (But they look very comfortable.) (Nothing can wake them up right now.) (Scared Soonsim comes to her mom.) (Mom, I’m scared.) (Hyo-ri goes to make Soonsim feel better.) (She gives up on yoga) (and goes to bed with Soonsim.) (After a loud night…) (Morning finally comes.) (Morning comes to the employee’s house.) (Where is she?) (She woke up early.) (Looks much more relaxed than yesterday.) (Wears her hair up today.) (#poophair.) (It may be cloudy, ) (but her mood is very bright.) That’s so pretty. (Hyo-ri’s front yard) (is covered by a white blanket.) (She makes first footprints on snow.) (Except Gosil.) (Executives still asleep.) (Guests still asleep.) (Guana still asleep.) (Someone’s here!) (Who are you!) (What a welcome.) What time is it? 8. (Sang-soon overslept.) Did it snow a lot? It accumulated. (The house turned white over night.) (The whole town is covered in snow.) (A warning across all Jeju…) (High wind alert.) (Arrives on the 2nd floor as well.) (The warning alarm wakes them up.) (Tired.) Yoon-ah? Hi. (Hyo-ri wakes up too.) It snowed a lot outside. It snowed a lot over night. Can the guests get here today? Today? (Worried about the guests.) (Snow falls even harder now.) Should I put rice in water? Even though we don’t know when we’ll eat… (Washes rice.) (Then soaks it in water.) Hi. Did you sleep well? Yes. Did the dogs wake you up last night? (Nope, slept through it.) Wear socks. Aren’t you guys cold? (Always worried about her guests.) Jae-ran. Hye-bin. Ye-sol. Ye-rin. Eun… (Almost there…) (Come on brain!) I’m really sorry. Eun-young. Eun-hyun? Hyun? (She always approach her guests first.) (Happy.) Yoon-ah’s still pretty today. Yoon-ah’s pretty face… Still works hard today. Yoon-ah’s face hard at work. (Yoon-ah really starts to work) (in the kitchen.) (Let’s make breakfast.) (Abalone porridge.) (Starts to cut vegetables first.) (Judoist 1 is watching.) (Judoist 2.) (She’s so pretty.) (The news spread.) (She’s so pretty…) (Crowded.) What’s going on? (Shy.) You guys couldn’t wash up yet, right? They went to get water. (Removing snow from the tub.) (Snow and ice accumulated over night.) (Cleaning for their guests.) (Sogil’s deicing king.) (After turning on the hot water…) (The tub is ready.) (See you in 2 hours.) (Removing snow from the terrace.) (Continuing to make abalone porridge.) (When Yoon-ah washes the abalone, ) (Sang-soon cuts them.) (Division of labor.) (After cleaning…) (She gets tea for her guests.) Do you guys want some tea? Okay! (Hungry judoists enters.) We learned how to drink tea yesterday. Really? (A warm cup of tea) (on a cold winter morning.) What tea is this? Pure tea. Drinking tea before games is awesome. It is. It can calm you down. Don’t you guys lose if you think I might lose this game? Yes… Mental is very important in sports too. Do you have videos of your games? Show her Jae-ran’s games. Let’s see. (Jae-ran’s old game.) (Jae-ran’s in blue.) She kicked a lot. Is that allowed? Yes. You tripped her over! She’s on top of her. Back hug! That looks like Sang-soon and me fighting. (He’s fighting against abalones.) (The game has slowed down.) Are you trying to get her inside leg? (Then she struck at a speed of light.) She looks so different in this video… (You guys really were good…) (The tub is filling up…) (The guests are talking) (among themselves.) (Hmm…) What do you guys normally talk about? Do you guys talk about celebrities? Yes. (Looks happy.) (Celebrities…) I want to see Park Bo-gum… Before I die. (She’s at it again…) (Park Bo-gum…?) Didn’t he said I was his ideal woman in one interview? (Shocked.) Why don’t you look it up? I saw it somewhere. (No way.) (Seriously?) (Upset.) You guys should know these already. Am I right? No? Am I right? Nope… I swear I saw it! Let me see. It doesn’t exist. I’m going to search Park Bo-gum Lee Hyo-ri, ideal woman. It should’ve come up on related topics. It didn’t. Look! Park Bo-gum’s ideal woman is Lee Hyo-ri. See? Let me read it… (No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no…) Why is there only one article about it? He probably didn’t mean it… Let me find out the truth. Look! He’s looking at my picture! That’s when he was really young. (Evidence.) That picture isn’t recent. Look. I used to like FIN.K.L a lot as a child. I was so sad about not making to Hyo-ri’s concert. (I can’t hear anything right now…) Just saying. Have you ever met him? Nope… Didn’t he get really popular when I was taking some time off? But he’s so handsome… I could tell him to come over if I knew him… I want to get to know him too… Who is it? (And that really happened…) Who is it? (And that really happened…) Hyo-ri! Isn’t that Park Bo-gum? No way! Stop lying. Seriously. What? Who? Who? (He’s coming…) (I’m running.) (Mom, calm down.) (He’s coming like a snowfall…) Hi! It’s Park Bo-gum. Bo-gum? Hi! (Park Bo-gum is really here…) Hi. Hello. (Shock and awe.) (This man who came with snow…) (Is a good cook.) (Is good at cleaning.) (Is a good pianist.) (Loves dogs.) (Has a bright smile.) (Is smart.) (And is handsome when he’s sleeping too.) (Park Bo-gum is coming.) (One day…) (Doesn’t know their future.) (Officially started to cook.) (Cut abalones into bite size pieces.) (Grind abalone’s intestines.) (Fry them together with abalones.) (Then boil with rice soaked in water.) (Needs plenty of water.) (Time to dice vegetables.) (It’s diced…) I brought a must have item. What’s this? It’s for dicing. For garlic? For any vegetables. Like this? Just put vegetables inside… It works very quickly. That’s so cool! (New technology…) Do you wanna try it? Does it look fun? (Guilty.) (Put diced vegetables.) Is it going to overflow? (Then scoop some out) (Grind one more time to make it soft.) (Finally, add some soy sauce.) (This is…) (Yoon-ah’s abalone porridge.) Let’s eat! Take some with you. Have some more. (They’re lining up for some reason…) (Feels like a cafeteria…) (Hyo-ri’s cafeteria.) Thank you. (A back hug to cut sea weed.) Is that okay? Do you want Park Bo-gum to do this? Think about it. I won’t be able to breathe. (Finally time to eat.) Let’s see how Yoon-ah’s first breakfast is. (Amazing.) It’s good. I’m glad. (The guests love it.) I haven’t had this in ages. I woke up really early today… And it was snowing even harder. I thought we’d get stranded. I was wondering how we’ll feed five girls… It’s a big problem. (But they’re not worried…) (They’re not even talking.) Was that too little? Have some more. That was delicious. (Everyone loved Yoon-ah’s first breakfast.) (Paying back for the meal…) (By doing the dishes.) Just do the plates. I can do the rest. (Ignored.) It’s really okay. I used those plates… I used those pots… (A brick wall.) Go get ready instead. It’s okay. (Tries to go in.) Hye-bin! Please move… (Who’s bothering my friends?) Please… (Don’t ever look down on judoists.) (Yoon-ah’s attempt failed.) (Hyo-ri’s making bath bombs.) Would this be better since they’re girls? You make your own? I’m jealous. They’ll be really relaxed. What if they don’t want to leave? I got these from a bazaar. This is a medicinal wormwood. It’s food for women. It smells good too. This is so weird. I bought these last summer… I didn’t know I’d get to use the tub. But it’s good that you did now. Sang-soon nagged me so much… You don’t even use them! You don’t even drink the extracts! But look! Sang-soon! They’re useful. See how useful they are? I should give these extracts to them too. Do you guys want these? They’re good for you! (The bath bomb goes into the tub.) It turned green. What? The water turned green. That’s right! Perfect temperature. What’s that? (Hyo-ri brought colored pencils.) It’ll be cute to draw eyes on here. Eyes! Face! (Firewood in love. by Yoon-ah Lim.) (Thick eyebrows.) That looks like your facial expression. This is me! (A Mean Woman. by Hyo-ri Lee.) (Complete.) Stupid. The weather’s so good! (Sun is shining again.) (There will be as many stories here) (as the number of faces on these woods.) Guys, hurry up! That’s better than me… (Hyo-ri’s tub finally opens.) It’s too hot! It’s perfect. Go inside. (Goes in!) (Gives up quickly.) There’s the faucet! Turn it left! That way. (Tries to go in again!) Send some cold water here! Try to sit down a bit first. Good. Is it okay? It needs to be hot! I think it’s good! Turn the water off! (Water’s in perfect temperature.) That’s adorable! You’ll get hurt! (Hot water massage for her friends.) (Hot.) (But they’re loving it.) They look adorable in there! Leave your toes out then it’s not as hot! Is it snowing? Just a bit! Nice. (Even more romantic with snow.) They’re watching us! What’s that? That’s adorable! So that’s what Hyo-ri was doing! (They’re jealous of the tub.) Do you want some snacks? Okay! Give them some cherry. Wait. I have something for you. (Extracts for guests!) This one? I heard it’s really good for you. But it’s not really good… But you have tons. Here. (Here’s your mission.) Have them eat it for their health. Okay. I’ll have one too. Thank you. They’re not left overs! You can heat them up in the tub. Heating it up makes it taste better. (They already began.) I should turn on some music those spa places use. (Which song did DJ Soon choose?) Likey! Hearing this song in my house is so weird! This song’s perfect right now! (Yoon-ah’s version of Likey.) This is how you do it. (Hyo-ri’s silly dance.) Try it again! (Sexy.) (A Likey dark horse.) (Hyo-ri’s not the one to lose this.) (Likey time for everyone.) (Dark horse, join us!) Now! A bit more. You’re late. (Criticized for missing the beat.) (What’s going on…) (The weather cleared up.) That was successful. This weather… The sun’s beautiful. The sun ray hitting on them… Is beautiful…. Girls… (Girls.) It’s so weird. I keep watching them like how I watch our dogs. Do you know what I’m talking about? It’s really nice with the sun out. Isn’t it beautiful? (Sunshine…) (And their faces.) This music is perfect. (A perfect choice by DJ Soon.) They’re so strong. (Can’t take her eyes off from the youth.) Is it nice in there? (Yoon-ah wants to take a picture.) Act like we’re friends! (Checking the angle…) (Comes closer.) Let me take a photo. (Decided on the app!) One, two, three! Adorable! I used an app. She used an app. (Looks forward to it.) You guys are adorable. I know! They’re so cute. (First guests in the tub. JPG) I’ll leave the towels here. It’s really slippery here. Be careful. (Staring.) Are you looking at her because she’s so thin? (Admits.) (When Yoon-ah gets close…) Thank you. I’ll put this here. Wouldn’t it get wet? Put it over there. There’s no water there. Okay. (All frozen.) (Stares again.) (When Yoon-ah goes in…) (Smiles.) Look at her smile! She’s so pretty. We don’t even talk when she’s near… She’s an idol for a reason. We don’t even respond. (They’re finally talking.) Should we write money isn’t for spending like Kim Saeng-min’s Receipt? No… Travel is for resting. Let’s think about it some more. (Deep in thought.) Travel… Is about eating. Travel… Is about learning. No? (Cheesy.) Travel… Is about not going. Travel is about doing nothing. That’s good. (Randomly stretches out.) Short. It fits perfectly. Can you do this? Of course. Let’s see how far you can go. (Just like sitting on a chair.) I can sit too! Move. (Tries to reach while sitting down.) You can sit down? You can sit down? (Success?) Yoon-ah, can you do this? How? Can you sit down and reach over there? (Failed to sit down.) Long legs doesn’t mean you can do it! You have longer legs because you’re a man. (Psh.) Yoon-ah, can you do this? (Next event.) (Falls down.) Bowing? I can do it too. (Bowing competition?) I can do it! Were you talking about this? Two. 3. 4. (I can…) (Loves bowing down.) How did you do that? Try it. (Yoon-ah goes for it.) Grab here. Like this? Come down and go back up. Go down. Go down. Exactly! It’s inevitable! I think they can do it. Of course they can. (They’re done using the tub.) Squeeze your clothes. Why? How do we get out? Come inside. But we’ll get the floor wet. I’ll put some towel on the floor. Shake like a dog once. You know that dance? Shake. Shake! Come in. Here. We can just wipe it. Then we can use this. (Water wipe.) Good idea. I should follow them. Don’t run. It’s okay. It’d be better if it drips more. So I can use this. (Still very careful.) They look cooked. Good. Water didn’t drip… Yoon-ah, rest while the go out. Okay. You two! You two! Guana on the left, Seoksam on my right. (Her left and right hand.) Give me a kiss. Why is she rubbing her cheek on me? She does this. She wants to be touched. Blizzard! Look. A blizzard. (It was sunny just a minute ago.) (But changed drastically in 30 minutes.) Wow… (Sogil turned into a winter world.) Can they get out of the house? Should we get out? (Time in the tub finished by the weather.) Nice! That’s so awesome. Beautiful. (It was awesome from the inside…) (But it makes you scream) (when you’re in it.) (Quickly checks the temporary shoe rack.) Do you think they can leave the house? Sang-soon! Mr. Lee! What’s going on! All hell’s broken loose! You always say the same thing. Hell always break loose on you! (Puts slippers inside to keep them dry.) Let’s put the others over there. It’s crazy. You guys might have to stay inside! How are they going to drive in this… I know. Yoon-ah, come here. That’s beautiful. This is perfect for a slo-mo. Can I use your phone? Sure. The current situation… Amazing. Get ready to run. Run! With the dogs! (They’re running in the snow) (like the dogs.) So much snow! Mocha! (Slo-mo shot by Sang-soon.) (Jumping in the snow.) (Looks like a movie in slo-mo.) (In slo-mo…) (Everything looks pretty…) (If you watch for a long time…) (He’s very handsome…) (You two…) Run from over there, so we can hug. Lift me up and spin! Okay! Go! (But in reality…) Put your feet down! Put your feet down! Exactly! (Awkward.) I’m dizzy. (Why are they spinning around…?) (That was fun.) (Side effect: Dizziness.) Perfect timing! Midal! Come here. (Blizzard with love. avi) It’s not snowing as much. Why did you hug me like this! What’s Gosil doing? That was good. Isn’t this place fun? It’s not boring. I think you two are good at finding things to do. Fun things? Yes. That’s what happens when you’re bored. (A bored couple’s hobby.) (Waiting to take a shower.) That was fun. Did you see Sang-soon’s? It looks awesome. It’s crazy. He looks like Odagiri Joe. When it was snowing the most. That’s good. Handsome. (Shy.) Why do you smile like this? You could just smile like this… Why do you smile like this? It’s cute. You look so handsome. When he’s looking back? I must be really in love. Does he look handsome? He looks lovely. I did a good job. I don’t know your phone number… Yoon-ah’s? I think it’s time. Anytime. I need Hyo-ri’s permission first. No. He’ll text you in the middle of the night. Yoon-ah, how are you doing? Are you sleeping? (Goosebumps.) I should send this to Yoon-ah. What’s your phone number? That’s your line? I needed to send her the video. (Finally got her number.) I’m going to save it. (Proud.) Now he has two female celebrity’s phone number in there. Lee Ji-eun. Yoon-ah. He has two. 3 including me. (That’s it.) Right? (Work: SNSD.) Bed and breakfast employee. Are you guys going out? Yup. Do you guys feel fresh? Have some. Your skin looks better. It looks soft. (Confidence up.) I’ll ask how it is outside. Hello? I had a question. Can cars go… In front of your restaurant? All melted? Everything’s frozen here. They still need to be careful. Okay. Thank you! (Roads seem okay.) That surprised me. What? Look what I had! I didn’t know it was in here. Do you want me to take a photo of you two? (Found a perfect option.) (Let’s do it right!) Let me see. (Why are you laughing?) (Doesn’t know what to say.) Sang-soon! You look fine. (Changed faces.) You look familiar… How do I save this? Save it! That’s hilarious. Don’t ever do this hair. This girl… Doesn’t she look very picky? She’s not easy going and very adamant. But very good at yoga. And has a very handsome husband. Just saying. (Working on another piece.) I sent you another one. More? (What did I just see…) (What did I just see…) Who’s this old lady? (Looks like he’s good at Likey dance.) That’s so funny, I’m not that funny. I have a beard on my hand! I have hair on my forehead! (Confused.) What if our daughter looks like this…? Would our daughter look like this? Imagine if this is our daughter. She looks like she can survive anywhere. She can survive anywhere. I’m going to show this to the guests. Guys! Can I go upstairs? Yes! Do you want to see our daughter? (Loss for words…) Isn’t this crazy? You guys look whiter. We put some on… Midal, how do I look? (You did get whiter.) Sun’s up. Are you guys ready? Yes. Keep checking the weather. If it looks like it’ll snow a lot, just come back. See you later! Have fun! Be careful! Be careful. (Like a dad seeing his daughters off.) This house is like a town. Hyo-ri town. Again. (They’re taking selfies.) What’s pretty? You look good in pictures. I don’t do anything. I’m jealous. (Educating his employee.) (1. How to open the front gate.) Press open. Then both gates will open. So you have to stop before this gate opens. Should we dry the clothes they wore? That’s right. They all put it here. Wanna learn how to do laundry? Yes. (2. How to do laundry.) You should separate these. Use fabric softener for towels. (She’s very quick to learn.) (2. Normal.) (3. Dry.) (Studying hard at the bed and breakfast.) (Meanwhile at the airport.) (Snow came to the airport.) (Then gets sunny all of a sudden.) (A bunch of flights are delayed.) (Can the second guests arrive…) (Between the clouds far away…) (It’s here.) (Second guest who came through) (the blizzard.) (Who are they?) (What will happen at bed and breakfast…?) (Second guests check in.) That’s a sexy jacket. (Hyo-ri certified fashion.) That’s a nice blouse. (While they’re checking in…) (Another team arrives.) (First simultaneous check in.) (Chaos.) (The mood is lifted instantly.) (Laughter doesn’t stop at the Ger either.) (I want to get in there too…) (Should I talk to them?) Having both men and women lifts up the mood. (Amicable.) They’ll be here soon. (Snow came instead of guests.) (Weather alert in the morning.) (If we get stranded…) (There’s no food!) This doesn’t work! It must be frozen! My stomach hurts. My back hurts. (Hyo-ri’s sick?) We have to close it down. Subtitles by OnDemandKorea

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