100 thoughts on “I Only Ate Chrissy Teigen’s Recipes For A Week

  1. Honestly that girl better learn how to cook because, one day she’s going to be in a relationship and it somebody needs to know how to cook because as you get older you want to eat at home and not spend all of your money on food from fast food. And one day there will be more important bills and you might think twice about going out to dinner.

  2. I think Lindsay is a great cook! Just that since she isnt used to cooking she postmates her food. But i think when she does it mor often its like goof

  3. To anyone who needs this: a piece of bread in your mouth while cutting onions will help your eyes. It's silly but it works.

  4. Hey Lindsay!! If you’re not going to use that book anymore wanna donate it to me? 😉 I live in the same city and those recipes sound bomb! I think my kids would even love them.

  5. 70% of the comments is just army screaming like do y'all ever leave a single video alone
    Anyway, Lindsey did her best and I'm proud of her 👧

  6. At the beginning and my first thought was… Lindsey buy a meat thermometer maybe it’ll help? Hopefully 🤷🏼‍♀️

  7. With all the money she wasted on postmates, she could’ve invested in cookware. She said at the beginning that she didn’t have anything so she should’ve picked up a box set of cookware from Target or something. I honestly think this was just… disappointing. Adults should have basic culinary knowledge but a lot don’t for x-reasons.
    Ah well. To each there own, I guess.
    ALSO, they should’ve linked Chrissy’s cookbook. JUST. SAYING.

  8. I do t want to be mean but Lindsey seems like the sort of person who has never had to struggle with anything and is really privileged. Not trying to be mean by saying this just an observation.

  9. Why is everyone so negative on these videos? Like why do you all feel the need to leave such rude comments for no reason, noone is ever happy anymore I swear. Don't kill the vibes and just let people live smh

  10. “one-and-a-half pounds of carrots… I don’t know what that means.”

    uhhhhh, it means to get 1 1/2 pounds of carrots??

  11. The way she was cutting the vegetables really hurt the culinary/nutrition student in me, but overall I think she did okay! Tip for cutting onions, chew mint gum, and cut with the cell wall of the onion. Essentially that means try to do a clean chop and not break/squish the onion while cutting and it won't release the enzymes that make your eyes water.

  12. You can already tell she's not a good daughter, good wife neither good mom.. Don't ever wife her…. Don't ever F w her

  13. I don’t like how Lindsay doesn’t know how to cook, hasn’t she helped her family cook & prep. Meals? Or make dinner or lunch?

  14. She is pretty good! I mean this is her first try! And you don't know her, you don't know why she didn't cook before, and does it even matter? She is trying! She is challenging herself! Show some understanding and respect!

  15. I still can't get over the fact that she threw away perfectly good pineapple because 'she thought she didn't need it anymore' – GIRL what a waste

  16. I have never seen as much hate than is this channel's videos. Not just this video.
    People need to calm down and stop judging.
    It's their job to create content and I for one find their videos entertaining. And that's the whole point. You don't judge the people in a TV series, you watch to be entertained and not to judge.
    It's 2020, we need to stop being offended at everything, and not critise people because they are better off than us.
    I am sure there are things in our more mundane life that Lindsay could/does envy.
    Watch the people/videos/TV series because you like them or want to watch them. Don't watch to hate.

    Well that's my rant over. Please love and support each other. It will make the world and the internet a better place 🙂🙏

  17. You should grow your hair out again now that you’ve put some weight on in the face. You don’t suit such a short bob anymore.

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