– We gotta give it a try, right? (crunch) ♪ Even better than I was
the last time, baby ♪ What’s up Jae Team? Welcome back to my channel. If you would like to join the Jae Team, all you have to do is click subscribe. Today I am going to be
only eating crunchy foods. What is food if it don’t have any crunch? In my last 24 hour video,
I ate only clear food. And the texture of it was, um, It wasn’t enjoyable So I am about to finish getting ready ’cause I am gonna head to the store but I need to, I need to add some type of zhuzh Some zhuzh on me, okay? And by zhuzh, I don’t mean makeup, I mean perfume. Who doesn’t like to smell good
out here on these streets? I don’t know anyone. I mean there might be some people. I have three perfumes to choose from. They are from Scentbird. I’ve worked with Scentbird before, They’re not new to me. But if they are new to you, Scentbird is a monthly subscription that allows you to sample over 600 different brands of fragrances. I think they have skincare and more things on
there for you to sample. On their website, they have Gucci. They have Prada. They have anything that you could possibly think of. The brands that you
have been dying to try, but they’re too expensive. This is the perfect
opportunity to try it out before even buying it. And although you can go to
the store and get the samples, let’s be real here, they’re giving you a thirty-day supply. Let me show y’all, okay? This is way more than
those little, tiny samples that they give you at the store. So it is worth is and
it’s only $15 a month to try these samples. You know what I’m saying? You go out on them dates, girl, this aint gonna fail you. You gonna have a man by
the end of this year. Oh and also this is not just for women. They also have colognes for men, too. Another great thing
about Scentbird is that It’s not a fluke. Like, they’re giving you authentic scents from these top brands, because they partner with these brands. So you’re not getting a knock-off. You’re actually getting the true smell. I just want to make that clear. I have Cashmere Mist. I never heard of this brand before. I just wanted to try it out. (exhales) It smells good though. This is Dolce-Gabbana, Dolche and Gabbana? Wow, uh, don’t know how to say it, but I know how to smell like it. I have Guilty by Gucci, and you know, your girl
don’t own no Gucci. But I can smell like it. Go ahead and use my code
to get thirty percent off. That is $10 off your first month. Also download Scentbird,
they do have an app for iOS and Android as well. Mhm. Imma have to let bae smell this on me. See how he like it. Get low. – (inhales) Mmm – You like it? – Yeah – All right, well, y’all heard it here. A big shoutout to Scentbird, thank you so much for
sponsoring this video. Now, let’s go to the
store, ’cause I am hungry. (car honk) At the store, I picked up a cereal. Can you guess what cereal I picked up? My cereal has to have a crunch to it. If it gets soggy, I will
throw the whole bowl away. (cereal clinks against bowl) (milk pours) (spoon clinks against cereal and bowl) (crunchy chewing) (lips smacking) Something else that’s crunchy is toast. So I have some bread here. Imma go ahead and toast this bad boy up. And we gon get the crunch. I don’t have a toaster, So here’s a little tip. You can put your oven on broil, on high, and just sit
your bread up in there, and it will toast it. Okay? Just in case anyone doesn’t know how to toast bread without a toaster. You do have to watch, though, ’cause it will burn. It’s not gonna give you
a warning or a pop-up, okay? (fire engine wailing) Oh no. (coughing) – I got bronchitis. (smoke alarm beeping) – Hey man! (smoke alarm continues beeping) – Damn! Well now you know what I mean. You have to watch your toast! Imma try this again. And this time I’m going to
stand right by the oven. Dang look at this toast though. This is black! I know Black History Month
just started but dang! – That’s racist! (knife scraping against toast) – Okay That didn’t go as, didn’t go as smooth as I
thought it was gonna go. Lord please bless this food
and let it be nourishment to my body, in Jesus name we pray, Amen (toast crunching) (chewing) (crunch) Hm It didn’t really taste like
it had that much crunch to it. Well. We gotta give it a try, right? (crunch) – Bruh – Right now it is time for lunch. Something crunchy. Lunch Hmm I want something quick and easy, so I’m thinking Taco Bell. I’m gonna get a nice, hard, crunchy, hard taco. I was thinking about
the Crunchwrap, but see, their Crunchwraps don’t
really have no crunch. And I don’t know what’s up with that, but it be kinda soggy. Taco Bell, get it together. This is my bodyguard, as you guys know, I have to have a bodyguard. You know, I’m crippled, pregnant, and I need protection. You know what I’m saying? Like I can’t be out here on these streets, all by myself. Um, can I get the supreme Doritos, well, hold on for a second. I have my Taco Bell. I got a hard taco supreme. ‘Cause I like my tomatoes,
I like my veggies. I cannot eat tacos
without lettuce or tomato. Like, I can’t do that. Dear lord, please bless this food. And let it be nourishment, to my body, in Jesus name we pray, Amen. I actually am pretty excited about this. I really am. ‘Cause, you know, tacos just hit. (crunch) (crunch) They ain’t give me no napkins? Excuse me, You know you hungry when you
start to eat off yourself. Okay? Felt like that took a whole lotta work. It was good, though. But it took a whole lot of work. Have the famous cinnamon twists. There are good. (crunch) (chewing) (crunch) (crunch) Them things really make you thirsty. Well, (ice in cup shakes) (laughing) I really wish I ordered some drink. I have some ice. We gon try to make do. Even though this is “Only Eating Foods,” so technically I don’t have to commit to, you know, giving up water. Like, nobody ain’t about to not
drink no water in this video. Like, no. But just for the sake of committing, (cup lid shifts) This thing ain’t easy coming off. What kinda lid? What kind of voodoo? Ooh, we gotta go to Chik-fil-a
and get that crunchy ice. Y’all know what I’m talking about. That crunchy ice. (ice crunching) Right now we are at the store, looking for a crunchy snack. A crunchy dinner. One thing I’ve been craving, it has been, cheese sticks. Mozzarella sticks, I love them. I haven’t had them in forever. Follow me below, y’all. I’m ’bout to be viral on TikTok. I haven’t really had a
good serving of vegetables. And it’s important. And thank God, that there are some crunchy vegetables. (whispering) Now it’s
time, to get our crunch on. With some celery. (crunch) (chewing) (crunching) (chewing) (crunch) (many crunches) (chewing) (crunching and chewing) Y’all broccoli just don’t hit the same. If it’s not cooked. Lord Jesus! It gotta be cooked, boiled,
steamed or something. Lord! Some salt, some pepper! This ain’t gonna, uh-uh! Aight now, I’m putting on my scarf so
you know what that means. It means I’m serious. And somebody about to get popped, okay? Somebody ’bout to get popped. I have my oil getting nice and hot. I believe it’s ready. But we have to test it. Now listen, there are several
ways to test out hot oil. Now, there are more
safety ways than others. And I’m going to say, “Don’t try this at home if
you not about this life.” Don’t try this at home if
you’re not about this life. Let me say that one more time, Don’t try this at home if
you not about that life. (chuckling) (through laughter) I
said it clearly wrong. Don’t try this at home if you not (laughs) about that life. Better yet, if you’re a human being, don’t do this at home. Okay, ’cause I’ve done
this in videos before. People have said, “Oh my gosh you’re not
supposed to be doing that,” and, “This is a bad example.” Well I’m letting you know not to do it. So if you do it, don’t blame me for it. Blame your mama. ‘Kay? Sorry. (oil popping) Alright! (oil continues popping) That means the oil is ready. Okay? Nobody died. Nobody edges is burnt. My eyebrows is still here. I have the cheese sticks right here. This is how I drop them in, that way, I can time
them all the same way. This ain’t a cooking video. Okay. Back up! Back up! Back up! (oil bubbling furiously) – Oh! (oil popping and sizzling) – I’m coming, I’m coming. Nice and crunchy. Dear Lord, please bless these cheese sticks, that I have been craving for a minute! Not Arby’s, not all these other places, but these! This particular brand right here! This is what I’ve been craving, Lord, and thank you so much,
and let it be nourishment. To my body, in Jesus name we pray, Amen. (crunch) (chewing) (crunching) (upbeat, jaunty music) (giggling) (crunching, inhaling) Right now it is, Alexa, what time is it? – The time is 7:30 PM – Okay, she sound a little muzzled. Alexa might be sick. Now it’s time for dessert. And for desert, I will be having one of
my favorite desserts. Which is a Klondike Bar. Love these things, and I
got the Klondike Bar Crunch. So, It’s relevant, it’s
relevant for the video. (wrapper crinkling) Today has been a very good day. (ice cream crunching) (chewing) (chocolate crunching) (ice cream crunches) (ice crunches) (crunchy chewing) This is my video, I hope
you guys enjoyed it, if you did, of course, give me a like. Big shoutout to the Jae Team, if you want a shoutout like them, you just have to hit subscribe, turn on the notification bell, and let me know below,
and that’s it y’all. Make sure to be bold, brave and beautiful, and I will talk to y’all in my next video. Bye! (crunch)


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