100 thoughts on “I Only Ate Pink Foods For 24 Hours

  1. Hi everyone!! For this pink food challenge, I discovered a lot of things that I didn't even know existed before, and that really is always the best part of these challenges!

    Also!! Please look out for an upcoming special edition of a one color food challenge that I did in Japan! 🙂 Can you guess what color it is?

  2. Who else loves that she actually tries to make a delicious meal with items that are naturally the colour instead of just dumping food dye on everything ? 👌🏽

  3. Wait I minute she says that she can't use oil the what about bacon..?😂😂😆that in then breakfast.. ;-;
    U faild wOmEn😂😂

  4. Her: I have this coral pink shirt
    Her shirt: Ok I can agree with that I’m a little orange though
    Me: Bro that shirt is so orange that you can’t sat it’s pink are y’all color blind( no offense if you are color blind)

  5. i'm surprised you didn't go for some Pink Salmon (belly, steak, sashimi, etc), Spam, Pate, maybe a mix of red and white sauce for pasta, or A Russian beet and potato salad…

    Still… Awesome content though! How about a Part 2??? 😀

  6. Why in that package there's wrote "Genoa Salami"?
    Genoa is an Italian city so they should have wrote "Genoa (or Genova, which is the Italian name) Salame"

  7. I'm really surprised she didn't eat salmon or shrimp at all. These are the main two things that I thought when clicking on this video. Also both are very fulfilling so she wouldn't be hungry. But maybe she didn't want to cook 🤓

  8. All of them were beautifully prepared but I really loved how that last one with the pink rice cake and sausage roll was soooo fancy looking and very beautiful. I feel like it could be served at a party as an appitizer or apart of a three course meal! Love it!! Very nice.

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