100 thoughts on “I TRIED BTS JIN DIET

  1. It might feels really long and boring by eating only chicken breast 😭😭, please try the Suzy Diet, this diet isn't really tight to do and some people who did it are effectively lost their weight..

    I love your vids so muchh, stay healthy sis 💙💙

  2. honestly i have no IDEA how he didnt get bored of the chicken breasts ….
    Rn im 160 and my weight is 58 , im on a diet which consists of :
    breakfast : 1 egg , half brown toast
    lunch : 1/2 sweet potato ( according to size ) , 1 carrot
    dinner : low fat yogurt OR fruit

    which isn't bad but like im not sure honestly

  3. Why can there never be a decent diet. Like only eating chicken breast, lettuce, and apples or something. Like all these other diets will make you malnourished.

    Also, did Taehyung just never diet? bcs I cant find anything about any diet he has done (if he has done one)

  4. Jin did this for a year however he also had a side of cooked vegetables, which can be good and add a bit of a balance between the chicken!

  5. Let's do the diet together with me. Gw bakal nnton channel lu terus dehh. Btw, berat w 56 dan tinggi 157. Gw bakal mulai journey diet gue hari ini. Habis gw nnton channel ini 😂😂😂

  6. You do a lot of Kpop idol diets, for experiment, and in most of them … Well actually all of them, you literally sit on an empty stomach for a long time. So, when you are hungry just drink green tea, or any tea, it will curb your hunger. Water helps too. Do drink green tea when you feel hungry, it will help.

  7. nice video I was really crazy about trying a lot of deits but now I try to eat healthy and workout so bb you're Awesome you don't have to do a deit about chicken 🍗…

  8. Guys this year i gained alot of weight and I want to cry since i was really skinny and didn't gain weight but now I'm 60kg and 170cm I'm 14 years old can any body help me or advice me?

  9. Chicken breast can taste really yummy if you know how to cook it right. It seems like you only boiled it, which is why there is this "pungent smell"

  10. My diet go to the nearest Korean restaurant, get 6 albacore (raw fish), eat 1 albacore a day (or slice it and eat a slice and save the rest) and after 6 or if you cut them in half 12 days you have lost about 20pounds

  11. I just got triggered to see people call themself fat and all.. YALL ARE BEAUTIFUL WEIGHT DOESNT SAY MUCH. You can make those "fats" into muscles. Have a better toned body and be the same weight.

    So many young girls too… when i was 15 i was dieting and trying so hard. Im 20 and im closer to my goal and the only thing i realised is that i had to eat proper meals and move a lot. I really want to exercise again too.. I cant image 13yo me being sad and insecure cuz of weight.. i did get called "fat" but i didnt mind it much. The only thing i wish i did was exercising. If i made it a habit at a young age i would achieve my goal earlier. And eating vegies more.. i eat last few years more than i did as a kid. If anyone sees this. Know that its all about giving your body what it needs. And its okey to have cheatdays🙏🏻

  12. I doesn't sound realistic for him to have done this diet for a year i mean he would've been dead by now or at least very underweight lmao it just doesn't make sense

  13. So all he eats is chicken breasts?,bro his body might feel so WEAK right now because his body needs all its nutrients and all it's getting right now is protein! I feel so bad for him :C

  14. How sad what he endured when he wanted to be more fit to satisfy his employer and the fandom . By the way you should take multivitamins and fiber supplements to avoid malnutrition and constipation.

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