1. Hello everyone I want to share my diet with you guys because…. because idk so I ate 1200 calories per day with 3 litters of cold water in summer, and 2 litters of water and 1 litter green tea in winter.
    I ate literally everything I wanted like burger, rice, pizza (BTW I hate pizza) chocolate candies and take care sodium intakes just have 1500mg of sodium soooo yeah that's it I hope it can help you guys

  2. The purple sweet potato not only less sweet than the reguler sweet potato. But it tastes a bit bitter.

    And some sweet potatoes are sweeter.

  3. In 3 months i losed 25 kg. With a healthy diet, enough food, and not gym, so it can happend, help each other to be healthy, in a HEALTHY way not extrem diets, we can do it gurls/boys

    If you have question about, let me know

  4. You should eat the fruit first then protein and last the rice. Don't forget to drink water that is the most important thing

  5. Solar didn’t eat purple sweet potatoes. She ate oriental sweet potatoes which are yellow in color on the inside and won’t stain your teeth 🙂

  6. me: looking for helpful comments etc
    the comment: kpoppies telling this girl lok like their idol "omg you lok liek (insert idol)"

  7. Q diet cm 1 yg berhsil diet IU😭😭😭 udah diet Susu himberlife diet ala winda, minum Godokan sereh jahe sm jruk lemon sdihh mlh SKRG BERHNTI MLH SUKA MKN HUHUHU kyk bls dendam tp td abis liat bj cntik2 kn nmnya org taiwan bj bgus2 jln2 di keelung city pusat pemblnjaan buat motivasi diet lg mggu dpn pkoknya harus amin smgaaa bsa target 55kg skrg 75😭😭😭


    Diet iu ampuh apa lg irit uang wkwkwkwk
    4hari tru 3kg

  8. This is pretty random but i really wanted to say that you look pretty much like Rosè. You had most of her features

  9. Mbaknya ini keknya ngefans bgt sama si solar ya? gue liat yang dia omongin solar mulu entah itu muji atau apa , sampe sebenarnya yang gak penting di omongin juga sama dia

  10. At the end of the day, everyone's body is different and people need to do research on their body types to see what works for them. My advice..find out if you're a ectomorph, endomorph, or a mesomorph and look up a healthy diet plan for your body type. I'm an endomorph so i eat low carb, high protein and high fat to lose weight. Dieting can be fun if you do it the right way =) without starving..just for the youngsters that needed to hear it!

  11. Suka videonya. Baru ini nonton karena muncul di TL. Can't believe that u're Indonesian since u're so fluent. Suka dengernya, engga kek dibuat2.
    Semangat terus yaa channelnya 😄

  12. My respect to all people who can do any kind of diet program. It's so hard to be consistent and do not cheating. Especially for me who loves salty, spicy and savory foods

  13. sebenarnya ya walau kalian seminggu stop makan nasi dan cmn makan buah aja cuman nurun dikit bgt dan sama aja kalo kamu makan nasi kayak biasa cuman versi didikitin. saran aku ya makan nasi sekali sehari siang aja pagi makan buah sama malam trus olahraga ringan aja gausah yg sampe buat pingsan apalagi masa diet.

  14. Try intermittent fasting! Only things thats worked for me and i dont have to torture myself heavy restricting 😩 eat mainly healthy and one or two cheats within time frame .so effective!

  15. Before I was like naaa not like rose but after watching her now I know the reason why now I can she look like rose and also act like her

  16. Where tf do yall get these giant luscious apples and grapes. Where I live they are imported and they look tiny and emaciated lol.

  17. Bukan ubi ungunya yg kurang manis cra qm ngolahny dg direbus yg mngurangi rsa manisny mnambah kdar airny klo mau manis mnding di kukus aja

  18. I tried this diet over on my channel too! 
    Wasn't as bad as other diets but still don't do it hahaha
    Love the video by the way!

  19. We was talking about a balanced diet in biology today and people was saying what they liked to eat and I just whispered "lol I like the taste of starvation" and this girl heard me and said "bro u need serious help" hdhsjwivejev

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