Instant Pot CHICKEN NOODLE Soup | Healthy One Pot Meal – Dinner

Instant Pot CHICKEN NOODLE Soup | Healthy One Pot Meal – Dinner

– Hey guys. Welcome to iFoodreal. If you are new here, my name is Aleena and this is my healthy
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a new video is posted. Today, we are making Instant
Pot Chicken Noodle Soup. (slurps) (laughing) It’s delicious. I consider myself a Chicken Noodle expert because I grew up in
Ukraine and my grandma made it all the time. So it’s my grandma’s recipe,
cooked in Instant Pot. Today we will be using my eight quart Duo. I like large pot for lots of soup and I’m gonna cover everything from tips on vegetables, what vegetables to use and you can make Instant
Pot Chicken Noodles Soup in as long as two hours. So you can make it in
as short as 30 minutes. We’re not gonna saute anything,
as always, pretty much. I’m gonna cover what chicken you can use and lots of good stuff. So make sure you stay ’til the end. Let’s do it. Hi guys. Hey guys. Hey guys. (energetic cheerful music) So, as I mentioned before, today I will be using my
eight quart Instant Pot Duo. It’s a big guy. As you can tell, I own two Instant Pots. That’s six quart Lux. I like to use it for
like stews and chicken and meat and stuff, but for soups, I use eight quart because my kids, and I’m sure yours love
Chicken Noodle Soup and we don’t mind eating it for days and the thing about Instant Pot is that you cannot fill it past the max line which is like 2/3rds, will be this line. So your liquid cannot go up to here. So that’s why I’m using eight quart. You can use six quart and I have included the ingredients amount for
six quart Instant Pot as well. You just have to add less of everything. (lid clanking) (clapping) All right, so now for chicken. Let me show you the chicken I use. You can take the whole
chicken, (shrieking) (laughs) you can take the whole chicken. I like to trim it off fat and some skin, almost all of the skin and
if you use the whole chicken an eight quart Instant Pot, you can cook it for,
create a very rich stock. Then I remove half of it
and then I add more water and then I freeze some
of that stock for later and I still have rich, good stock, but today, I wanna use half chicken and show you how you can make it faster. To get the most flavorful stock, you want to use a combination of dark meat and white meat, but bone in. That’s what adds flavor. So I have a whole chicken here and I’m just gonna show you
how I’m gonna get half of it. So I remove the butt first. That’s obvious. Fat. And then I trim more fat around the butt and now, you can take
off the skin super easily and you can use a knife. Oh my goodness, that’s easy peasy. Look how much fat. So can trim all of that if you want and now I think I’m gonna do legs. Okay, you ready? I’m gonna break some bones. Oh, see that’s easy. There’s your one leg. Gym. (laughs) Okay, then I think I’m
gonna use the wings. There, there we go. See, it’s easy. (energetic cheerful music) So now I wanna remove all the skin. All right, look, we have naked chicken. And now I think I want to save the breast for something else ’cause
it’s convenient to cook dinner with breasts and they don’t
really add much flavor to the broth so I’m
just gonna cut them out. That’s like my grandma, she made like three
meals from one chicken. So I’m gonna save it for later and I hate washing meat cutting boards so I like to do everything right in a bowl ’cause I can always stick
a bowl into the dishwasher. All right, so I’ve got the breasts. So this is perfect chickens soup bones. Really pulling off Ukrainian grandma now. Trimming as much meat as I can. Okay, so I always add a whole
onion to make chicken stock. That’s what my grandma
did and it actually, besides adding flavor,
it makes the stock clear and you just wanna cook with it and then to remove and to make it easier, you just want to trim this end, but keep the, I call it hairy, end in tact so then the onion stays together. So I just go like that. And just peel. See? Easy peasy. All right, now let’s put
everything in Instant Pot. (lid clicks) So add your chicken, the onion, carrots, two to three carrots and I actually don’t peel them because we’re gonna remove them. They’re just to flavor the broth. So then three to five bay leaves, a few whole peppercorns. I don’t know, I think this much. And I do add salt at the
end because salt just flavors the soup so we
can do that at the end. And now, adding water up to PC max line which is about 2/3rds
of your pressure cooker, if you don’t have that line, if you’re using other
brand than Instant Pot. And there is the tip,
if you want to speed up the pressure building process, you can use boiled water
and then it’s gonna, everything heats faster and
your soup will be ready sooner. So now put the lid on, make sure the release valve is to sealing and then press pressure cook on Duo. Make sure it’s on high
pressure, 30 minutes. (pot beeping) And if you have LUX, LUX
is only on high pressure and the button is called manual. So now display will say on and the heating up process will begin. Because it’s a large amount of liquid and depending whether you use boiled water or regular water, it can take anywhere from, I would say 25 to 40 minutes. And you will see a little bit of steam coming out from the pressure release valve and eventually it will stop
once this pin will pop up, the Instant Pot will
seal and start cooking. (energetic cheerful music) All right, so after 30 minutes, you can either do natural release, letting Instant Pot bring
the pressure down on its own, which probably will take
about 40 minutes to an hour or you can give it five minutes and then release pressure
by turning the valve from sealing to venting and
that’s what I usually do because I don’t have time
and you can do that too and please meet Henry. So what Henry does, it diverts steam from
shooting up to the sides, so it saves your kitchen cabinets and in our case, it’s the camera. We love Henry. Okay Henry, let’s do it. (hissing) And I like to vent Instant Pot outside so my studio doesn’t
smell like food for days. You can do the same at home. So after releasing the
pressure, you open the lid of Instant Pot and this is amazing part about the Duo model, you can
just stick it in the handle and take the mesh strainer
and we’re going to remove the onion, carrots, bay leaves,
any foam and peppercorns. And remember what I was
telling you about the onion? Look how nicely it comes out in one piece. Just go with the mesh strainer, just remove any foam or
see, those brown pieces to make the broth clear. Actually, it looks really, really clear for something to be cooked
closed, under pressure. It’s not murky at all. Amazing. Now I’m just gonna do the carrots. I mean you can leave them in, but they are pretty
flavorless at this point. So at this point, chicken is cooked and it’s so soft, you
can even eat the bones. I’m very serious because
it cooked under pressure. You take the metal spoon
and kind of like divide the chicken into pieces. So when you pour it into bowls, everyone gets a fair amount of everything and you can remove big
bones, but you don’t have to. Oh my goodness, that’s beautiful. So now we’re going to season
our Chicken Noodle Soup and I’m going to use salt and then a mix of Italian herbs or any dried herbs like basil, oregano, thyme, just a mix, all to taste, whatever you have on hand. And of course, black pepper. (grinder clicking) A lot. And what I like to add to
Chicken Noodle Soup as well, is garlic, fresh garlic or garlic powder. Today I’m feeling lazy so I’m
gonna go with garlic powder, but you can just grate
up fresh garlic clove and it adds amazing flavor. And because I’m Ukrainian, I’m gonna eyeball, I’m
gonna eyeball the garlic. There can never be too much
garlic if you’re Ukrainian. Just, I don’t know, 1 1/2, two teaspoons. So all we have left to add is pasta and you can use any
pasta you have on hand. To resemble the noodles, I’m going for half whole wheat fettuccine and half whole wheat linguini. And pasta cooks fast so
all you have to do is break it into pieces and add to the pot. And then we close the
pot and you let it sit for 10, 15, 20 minutes, you
just kind of check on it. (energetic cheerful music) After the pasta, I like
to stir it to prevent pasta from sticking to each other. All right, just stir gently. Okay. (lid clanks) So just let it sit like that. Because soup is so hot and pasta is kind of processed starch, it will get cooked really fast. So after 15 or so minutes,
our pasta is ready and basically, our Chicken
Noodle Soup is ready. Look at this, just look at this. Mm. All we have left is to
add fresh herbs and today I have fresh parsley and
I also love fresh dill, but today is the parsley
and it tastes amazing. And you don’t wanna add it with the pasta because it will get cooked
as soon as you close the lid, it’s gonna turn pale, yellow
green and it’s not good. Fresh herbs are the best. There you go. This is one pot dinner and it’s Grandma’s Chicken Noodle
Soup and it’s delicious. Let’s do a taste test. (slurps) I’m so excited. And on a second thought, I added some chopped
cooked carrot for color. (energetic cheerful music) – What is this? (laughing) – All right, Hollister man is here to try my Grandma’s Chicken Noodle Soup. He always shows up for the taste test. That the camera man too, meet the camera man that makes
YouTube iFoodreal possible. All right. (laughing) I wanna see this. I’ve been waiting for this. Are you eating bones? – Mmhmm. – And they’re soft? – Mmhmm. Those bones are amazing. – So you’re just gonna eat them? – Mmhmm. – See they’re super soft. No, but honestly, they are soft. I’m not trying to kill him. Can I try? – I can eat this all day long. – (laughs) I’m getting ready. (giggling) The noodles, it’s Chicken Noodle Soup. Oh my gosh, this is so good. So much flavor, guys
in such a little time. – And you play long ball. So speaking (laughs)
speaking about grandma, your grandma was (laughs)she was a genius. – My grandma was very good cook. – Yeah.
– Mm mmm. – And she would definitely
like Instant Pot. – Mm. So good. Rich. – Mmhmm, flavorful. (laughing) – Sorry, English is our
second language. (chuckles) – Well, enjoy it if you cook it. – They all cook it.
– Yeah. They all cook it. – If you like this video, (laughs) can do this. – Press thumbs up. – Right there.
– And subscribe over there. – And subscribe there. – And welcome anytime. (laughing)
Come over, Fridays, Wednesdays– – Yeah, just come on over. (laughing) – Yeah. – See you next Friday guys. – Bye. – Okay, bye. (cheerful energetic music)

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  1. I love your channel! I'm from Ucraine but leaving in America! I love our back home food and I do love my instant pot! Thanks for the recipe my family is in love with this soup! Keep going, you are amazing! Гарно дякую!

  2. Doesn't seem very safe to carry the instant pot over to the window to release the pressure. That's very dangerous.

  3. Dear Olina. Spaciba <3 . My name is Faizan im from Canada . First of all you are a stunning woman. Absolutely loving your channel. I hope you get many more subscribers , you deserve it. Tonight im going to make your Lentils soup in my instant pot ! Wish me luck !

  4. Hi Olena, I have been following your channel for a few weeks now and love your recipes! A quick question regarding the soup, can I use a store-bought broth instead of making it from scratch with this recipe? Thank you.

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