Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss | Complete MEAL PLAN!

Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss | Complete MEAL PLAN!

– Let’s go over an
intermittent fasting diet plan to lose weight and to improve your health. I actually just put one of my
personal training clients on a four-week intermittent fasting program. He did incredibly well, he
lost 14 pounds in one month. He lowered his cholesterol dramatically. For example, he reduced
his triglycerides from 157 down to 47 in just four weeks. And his HDLs, his high
density lipoproteins went up. So he dramatically improved
his health following this intermittent fasting
protocol for just four weeks. If you’re new to my channel,
my name is Mike Cola. I’ve been a fitness trainer and
gym owner for over 30 years. If you want to improve your
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this every single week. Let’s go over the exact
intermittent diet plan that my client followed that
got such incredible results. Now the first thing I
had him do was follow a 16:8 intermittent fasting protocol, meaning that he fasted
for 16 hours every day, and then he took in
all his calories within an eight hour eating window. Now since he wanted to
lose the weight quickly, and he really wanted to jump
right into this program, he decided he was gonna
follow that protocol every single day. So if you do 16:8 every single day, I would call that time restricted eating cause you’re doing it every day. If you’re gonna do it, say,
two three four times a week, you’re gonna be doing it intermittently. That would be called
intermittent fasting, okay? Now the next thing I had him do was, actually we decided he
was gonna skip breakfast. Now you can actually skip dinner, it works just as well doing it both ways. But he decided, and I agreed with him, he wanted to eat dinner
with his kids and his wife every single night. So for his lifestyle, skipping breakfast made more sense, okay? Now so when he woke up in the morning, you are allowed to take
in, like no-calorie liquids during your 16-hour fasting period. So he would have, like, two nice cups of black coffee in the morning, but no sugar. You can’t put sugar, you can’t put cream. Now you can have green tea. I also recommend you drink a lot of water during your fasted period. He actually liked to, like,
he followed my recommendation. He drank a lot of
Pelligrino, which I love. Pelligrino is a mineral
water, high in magnesium. Has some minerals in there,
really good for ya, okay? Now another thing he
did that really sped up the weight loss is that he
only ate two meals a day. Two meals a day. And the reason why you
wanna do that is that you don’t want to spike your
insulin, the storage hormone, more than twice a day. Here’s what happens. When you’re eating food,
whatever food you don’t burn up right now, the excess
calories get stored away in your muscles and liver
in the form of glycogen or it gets converted into body fat. So when insulin is spiked from a meal, you’re not burning any fat. You’re actually storing calories. So for example, if you decide
you’re gonna eat, like, multiple meals within your
eight-hour eating window, I think it’s gonna slow
down your weight loss. You just want two spikes of insulin. You start with excess calories, and then you start burning fat. So two meals a day. And as you notice here, no snacks okay? Now let’s go over the exact food plan, like how many fats, how many proteins, how many carbohydrates he was eating, and the types of food that I recommend to lose weight and to improve your health. The first thing he did was he eliminated all processed foods. You have to eliminate processed foods. You gotta get the sugar, the
high-fructose corn syrup, those oxidized oils, the bad
oils, out of your system. It creates inflammation. You’re gonna have a much
better time losing weight eating a whole natural food diet, okay? That’s number one. Number two, he decided to go
pescetarian, which I love. I’m a pescetarian, I
kind of influenced him, meaning that most of my
animal protein that I eat comes in the form of actually fish. I eat sardines, salmon, things
like that every single day and I really recommend it. But you can, I think red meat is fine. If you can find, like
grass-fed, grass-finished type red meat, you know chicken,
pork, things like that, that is okay. But if you can do it
with a pescetarian diet, because of the omega-3s, the healthy fats, I think it’s probably the
healthiest way to do it. Okay the third thing he did
is we discussed his macros. Like for example, what
percent fat, proteins, and carbohydrates. I really like for most
people to get most of their calories from healthy
fats, 50-60%, 20% protein, about 20% carbohydrates. Okay, now when I recommend
a higher fat-type diet to people, I don’t think
you should chase fat. Meaning that I don’t think
you should be putting oils like in your coffee. I don’t think you should
be, like, dousing your food with like, mayonnaise
and all these, you know, unhealthy-type fats. I think if you’re eating
a whole natural diet, for example if you’re eating avocados, if you’re eating macadamia nuts. If you’re eating salmon, or like mackarel, like oily-type fishes. You know, if you’re having
whole pasteurized eggs, when you calculate your
macro you’re gonna see that you’re automatically 50-60% fat. So just by eating that
ideal whole natural diet most of your calories
is gonna come from fat. And then you want adequate
amounts of protein. I like to recommend
about .85 grams per pound of lean body weight. So let’s say you’re, let
me keep it really simple. Let’s say you’re 120
pounds and you’re a woman, and you’re 20% body fat,
you want to take in about 85 to 100 grams of
protein for the day, okay? Now the other thing I want you to do is keep your carbs really low. I think for most people, a
low-carbohydrate approach is the best way to lose weight. Mostly because carbohydrates
will spike insulin the most. Plus most carbohydrates
are just empty calories. Like all the sugars, all
the breads, all the pasta, all the rice, they are
calories but there aren’t too much nutrition. They’re not nutrient-dense,
they’re void of nutrition. So I think just eliminating
your carbs are one of the healthiest ways to lose weight and to actually improve your health. And I try to give him
a maximum of 100 grams of carbohydates for the entire day, which is roughly around 400 calories. About four calories per
gram of carbohydrate. So really cut back on the carbs. Now the main carbohydrate
you want to avoid completely is fructose, no fructose. And this is why, it gets
a little scientific, okay? When you eat carbohydates,
whatever carbohydrate that you don’t burn right then gets stored away like we talked about earlier from insulin. Insulin’s the storage hormone. Now the muscles store
mostly like starchy-type carbohydrates in the form of glycogen. You can store a lot of
carbohydrates in your muscles, maybe 1500-2000 calories
depending on how big you are. But fructose, the sugar in fruit. Like half of table sugar
is fructose glucose. See fructose is processed
mostly in the liver. And the liver can’t
hold too much fructose. Only maybe 50-100 grams, 200-400 calories. So for example, if you’re
eating a few fruits every day, and then you’re getting sugar from like processed-type foods, your
liver fills up awful quick. And when your liver is full with sugars, all the excess sugar you
eat gets converted into triglycerides. So if you want to lower
your triglycerides, if you want to improve your cholesterol, stop eating fructose, cut back on sugar, cut back on the carbohydrates. That’s why my client
went from a triglycerides of 153 down to, um I think
it was 47 in only four weeks from totally eliminating
fructose from his diet. Great thing, also great way to get into a molestatic ptosis and start
burning body fat as fuel, which is another
tremendous benefit of these low-carb, intermittent fasting-type diets. Okay, now the next thing
he did is even though he was only eating 100
grams of carbohydrates, he still was getting a lot of fiber because the carbohydrates
that he did choose were high-fibrous type vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, string beans. All the, you know, spinach, kale. So you can definitely eat a
lot of high fiber avocados, 17 grams of high fiber per avocado. You still can take in a
lot of fiber while eating a low-carb diet and that’s what I recommend. And then the final thing
we briefly discussed before is that I want him to
drink half his body weight in ounces of water every single day. So for example, if you’re 200 pounds, take in 100 ounces of
water every single day. And once again, I really
recommend the mineral water. Pellegrino’s my favorite,
every liter of Pelligrino has about 50 mg of magnesium in it. And the adequate intake, where
you’re supposed to take in a magnesium every single day is about 400. So you’re getting a
decent amount of magnesium with every liter of Pelligrino
you drink every day. Now I want to give everyone an example of the exact foods that
my client, that myself eats when we’re following
protocol like this. Okay, first of all he skipped breakfast. Just had some black coffee in the morning, no cream no sugar, and drank
a lot of Pelligrino water. Then he broke his fast at
around 12 in the afternoon. And this is what he ate. He had two hard-boiled eggs. Now you can also adjust
the amount of food that I’m recommending here by how big you are. For example, if you’re a smaller woman say weighing 120 pounds, you
may only want to have one hard-boiled egg. If you’re a big guy, 300
pounds, you may want to have three or four hard-boiled eggs. But just look at these
food and think about these are the type of foods
that you should be eating to actually lose weight
and to improve your health and it’s gonna make your
macros fall into line in these whole, unprocessed
foods like I’m recommending. So once again, two hard-boiled eggs. Then he had a can of sardines. I love sardines, staying with
the pescetarian-type diet. Sardines are high in Omega-3s,
you’re eating the bones, you’re eating the calcium. Love sardines. He also had a whole
avocado high in potassium, loaded with fiber. A great amount of
monounsaturated type fats. Super healthy, avocado. Also had like a few, maybe half a handful of macadamia nuts. Once again, healthy fats,
a little bit of fiber, macadamia nuts one of my favorite nuts. Then he had half a cup of sauerkraut. See, I recommend you eat fermented foods every single day. You know, fermented
foods is so good for the bacteria, it’s like a probiotic. So good for the bacteria in your stomach. I eat pickles, I eat sauerkraut, I eat fermented foods all the time. Great for you, you know
super low in calories too. And then I also love these,
these green cold-pressed green drinks. The reason why I like these
cold-pressed green drinks is that you get a tremendous
amount of potassium and a lot of you know,
vitamins and minerals with a low amount of calories. Actually Starbucks has
a really good brand of cold-pressed green drinks. The brand is called Evolutions. There’s a few that I
like, I like ones called Green Devotion. All vegetables, no juice. You have to look at the
labels on these green drinks. There’s a couple of tricks they do. One trick is they use
fillers like apple juice, or other inexpensive
sugary things that make it taste better. And also some of them even say they add purified water. And general rule is, if
it’s like 50 calories, which this particular Green Devotion is, it has to have at least
1000 mg of potassium. If you look at a label and
it says like 50 calories, like 200 mg of potassium, they’re adding water or doing something to it. Evolutions also makes just cold-pressed celery juice which I love too. That’s only 35 calories,
like 1000 mgs of potassium. So I love these
cold-pressed, pure vegetable green drinks. Another trick, another hack you can do which is really effective I think is to put a tablespoon of apple cidar vinegar in the green drink. This is what apple cider vinegar does. It has acidic acid which
actually slows down the release of blood sugar. So there are some
carbohydrates in this meal but having that little bit
of apple cider vinegar, it really helps release
glucose into the bloodstream a little bit slower. Great trick for losing weight. I think it’s definitely effective. So then he pretty much
had no snacks, right? This is a no snack protocol. And then he had his
last meal, a second meal of the day at 7 PM. And this is what he had. A nice big piece of
baked wild-caught salmon. You know, a big guy can
maybe have a whole pound. You know, once again a
petite woman will want maybe a quarter pound or a half a pound, you can adjust that. You know, I love these fibrous vegetables. Always try to pick
different color vegetables. Like don’t do three greens,
don’t do like spinach, broccoli and green beans. Try to pick different
colors, different vitamins, different minerals. You want a rainbow of vegetables. So he had cauliflower,
he had some string beans, and then he had a mixed
green salad where he threw all different color vegetables in there and it was really generous
with extra virgin olive oil, your high in polyphenols
extra virgin olive oil. It’s so good. Once again you gotta be
a little careful where you buy your extra virgin olive oil. I find like California-certified
extra virgin is a relatively
inexpensive, great way to go when it comes to choosing olive oil. And I think also balsamic vinegar. See balsamic vinegar also
is high in acidic acid which will do the same thing as taking the apple cider vinegar. So by taking in vinegar with every meal, you’re slowing down the
release of blood sugar. I know we just scratched
the surface when it comes to really understanding all
the health and weight loss benefits of intermittent fasting. If you want to learn more
about intermittent fasting, check out this video.

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