International Candy Taste Test

100 thoughts on “International Candy Taste Test

  1. Now that I look back on all the other times they've done this Rhett is actually really accurate with darts

  2. Actually "Tyrkisk peber" is originally from Denmark, it's just that a big Finnish candy producer bought the company in 1996.

  3. Stop giving link all the advantages , you really take away the competition and its not enjoyable to watch knowing hes cheating the whole time.

  4. I've been on a bit of a marathon, and I gotta say, Link has not improved with the darts, but looks damn good trying anyway!

  5. That Tyrkisk Peber is one of my absolute favorite candies when I visit Denmark. I actually enjoy the even stronger version of that candy. Denmark is a country that loves its salty licorice too.

  6. Tyrkisk Peber is made in Finland, but is actually made for the Danish market. It’s extremely popular in Denmark but not really anywhere Else in the World.

  7. Omg guys do yourselves a favor and go to their page, click the videos tab, and sort oldest to newest videos 😂😂!

  8. Everyone: I’m secretly cheering for Rhett

    Me: what if I’m cheering for link it’s not a secret if u r all saying it

    Oh well I’m good

  9. Always want Rhett to win the games because he’s always giving Link chances to win, he either uses logic to get right answers or doesn’t have any logic and gets right answers, and Link never tries to give Rhett advantages.

  10. I like the dynamic. And occasionally, Link is funny.. But I have to say, he would be a hard human to be around very often. Lot going on there.

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