International student stranded in Wuhan describes scene in coronavirus-hit city

International student stranded in Wuhan describes scene in coronavirus-hit city

so he wanted to hear what life is
currently like in Wuhan the Chinese city at the very heart of the coronavirus
crisis from an international student studying there considering the sensitive
situation in China right now and as he’s close to finishing his PhD at a
university in Wuhan we’d rather not jeopardize his safety or studies by
revealing his full identity or showing his face M as I’ll be referring to him
has lived in Wuhan for the past three years or so his school has also warned
international students about giving such interviews so we are treating this as
sensitively as possible as we want to protect his identity so we’re joined
live by M a student still living in Wuhan M thanks for joining us firstly
how are you feeling is your health okay good morning mark
thank you very much I am I’m very healthy and safe but restricted to my
room so I’ll say for now I am very okay physically but mentally maybe I’m not
that okay because of the emotional stress that comes with being restricted
to your room yeah must be very tough indeed but we’re glad to hear that
you’re physically okay we’ve all been seeing pictures and video of Wuhan
looking like a ghost town a city on lockdown which of course it is what have
you been doing to pass the time and generally what’s the atmosphere like in
the city so generally the city as you said is like a ghost city now unlike the
Wuhan we know which is very vibrant then nobody is outside because you’re afraid
despite giving the lockdown we are afraid of being infected when we go out
so we are all in our rooms I am basically in my room sleeping and
sometimes chatting with my friends through WeChat and also monitoring
international media so basically that is it we can study we can do anything we
don’t have the mental strenght to study are you allowed to leave the house then
even for a brief period of time if you need to get the basic necessities
food water toiletries etc yeah we are allowed to do so but then you need to
tell authorities what you’re going to do they have to query you so you only go
out when it is necessary when you are going out you have to show your ID and
they take this screen you and when you are coming in also they screen new so
that is the only way we are allowed to go out but even when you are walking
around the campus the security people ask you why you’re outside you’re
supposed to be in your room so that is basically the life in Wuhan and I’ve
been outside on two occasions to buy basic necessities but when you go
outside you see no cars from no motorbikes the steerer empty and the
supermarket were also basically empty but that is beginning to change right
now he’s beginning to change right now as the people are now coming out I think
is going to be difficult to enforce there that the restrictions from now
onwards yeah it’s tough to force people to stay indoors for days or weeks on end
and it must be eerie to live in a city which has a population roughly the size
of of New York that’s basically empty but prior to the city being put on
lockdown did people in Wuhan suspect something odd was happening did you see
people steadily getting sick because at least to the outside world this lockdown
seemed to come out of the blue okay okay Mac so basically somewhere in September
there was an outbreak of pneumonia but we were told it is just one of those
things because we are transitioning into the winter
starting from November so with that was just by the passing and then in November
there was a major pneumonia outbreak that is when people actually became a
way that there was an outbreak of an epidemic in Wuhan but then also the
black teen was conceived so around the Christmas time that was 24 23 20 see it
became very difficult because now people went away
that there was an epidemic so we started moving only with people we trusted even
when we had taken taxes then from first second generally that was when the news
started getting with that there was indeed an epidemic but we didn’t know it
was that deadly now war on the talking about whether we can trust what the
Chinese government is telling us there has been talked that the actual numbers
of confirmed cases of corona virus is actually much higher than the Chinese
authorities are letting on from your own experience do you think that actually
might be the case so much generally the agreement or the consensus in Wuhan is
that the numbers are far been underreported and that is the reason why
especially with international student acquired more getting hopeless and
worried because we know the case this is his worst than is being reported yeah
and then we have some of our people who are medical student and they have
professors who are medical doctors and working at the front line so sometimes
they tell them their challenges they are facing that there are people who even
die of the corner virus but they are told to say the person had an existing
heart condition like diabetes or hypertension or TB so that was what
really killed the person so there’s even this a reported allocation let me use
the word allegation that the some of the doctors were saying if the politicians
or the communist leaders are not the people assigned the cause of death
then the Amaris will also get into the treating treatment rooms to treat the
people so we know the cases of infection are quite high because they are more
hospitals in Wuhan and they are overwhelmed there are more than 10
hospitals we can confirm they are overwhelmed and they have bearing
capacity of more than 10,000 but to new hospitals needed to be built so this
should tell us the gravity or the intensity of the epidemic or the
outbreak so those of us in Wuhan we know that death weight and the incidence
rate are quite high there is being reported and finally I just like to ask
you two questions in one because unfortunately we are running out of time
you are from an African country won’t say which one are there any plans by
your country to evacuate you and what about your family at home they must be
dreadfully concerned have you been a it been able to stay in touch with them
yes Oh Mike I’d like to start with my family so my family indeed they are
really they are really concerned they are worried and my grandma days BP is
even going high because of the situation here and this reflect the situation of
other families with their relatives here so I’ve been in touch with our embassy
and our Embassy has categorically said that there are no plans to be back with
us because they don’t want to offend the Chinese authorities because the Chinese
authorities have told them that they are in the in fact they are in country in
control there they are able to do or manage the situation so we should just
stay put and add her to the preventive measures so at the moment they are no
plans to be back with us even though we want to go home okay well it must be
awful that’s where we can have to leave it there unfortunately thanks for
agreeing to share your story we know it isn’t easy to do so in China especially
at this time we’ll stay in touch stay healthy please and hopefully you’ll get
to go home safe and sound thank you very much that was M a PhD student still
stuck in Wuhan the lockdown epicenter of the corona virus stay healthy thank you

100 thoughts on “International student stranded in Wuhan describes scene in coronavirus-hit city

  1. How anyone could trust what the Chinese Gov says is beyond me. I feel so bad for the average citizen there. For the people that visit or work there from other countries, I have no sympathy except for there families abroad and the people they infect.

  2. IS this shit airborne, cause that's the way it seems. Or else how the heck is spreading so fast. Damn they better get a grip on this or many more elderly and young will die…this is crazy, looks like I woke up to a movie..

  3. NBC News BBC
    The New York Times DW
    TRT World FRANCE 24 English
    Al Jazeera English Vox Al Jazeera English The Economist Sky News choose whatever you like brooo.

    there at least one million brooooooo..

    5 million.. kidds are missing, parants separted, and being crully tortured to death, girls skin are ripped off. you can do your littel research on testimony of peaple who witnessed this. I just proved to you that there at least one million are in jail .

    you just need to klick on any link you like.🤗🤗💗💗💗

  4. Is tbis anvhor doing his job??? Whats the use of this blank picture when you already gave tbe descriptilon… OMG… where does his peasize brain go???

  5. I am so surprised to see so many people would ever think Chinese government would do something bad to this guy in Wuhan, and I don't know why they don't show this guy's face, just to make you believe he need protection? There are some Americans actually doing independent YouTuber and SHOWING their face fully in their video, I can't believe how bias the American media is! Below are links of an Ameican YouTuber who live in Wuhan and totally independent, their voice is small but real!

  6. Maybe the Chinese government is too busy with virus victims. He said in DECEMBER there was "Pneumonia Epidemic". (That WAS the corona virus)

  7. November? This outbreak became apparent in November? WTH didn't anybody give out the warning then? Methinks something is afoot here, Watson!

  8. This 2019 coronavirus in China is not very dangerous or deadly.
    Both of the viruses that originated in America, the 1918 Spanish flu and the 2009 Swine flu (H1N1) pandemics killed a lot more people.

    The 1918 Spanish flu, which started in Kansas (USA) and spread to Europe, killed an estimated 85 million people worldwide.

    In its first year of the Swine flu, the American CDC estimated 60.8 million cases with 274,304 hospitalizations, and 12,469 deaths in the U.S. It killed up to 600,000 people worldwide.

  9. Many commenters worry that this African student would face consequences for criticizing the government. Don't worry China is not North Korea.

    The youtuber Serpentza lives in China and has been spreading fake and negative news about China for years. Yet, the Chinese government has never done anything bad to him.

  10. May the news anchor get infected with Corona virus !
    Over 50,000 people dead in China and the world is sitting in Silence – WHO and UN must interfere !

  11. So they've known for 6 weeks, and in late December they doctored the paperwork, to read: cause of death, non coronavirus 🤢…

    Guilty of global genocide! Thanks to the brave doctor r.i.p… brave people like this young man, media for being hounds🐕, and technology for communication

  12. Once the residents have to shop en masse this week there will be a further rise in cases. There are too many people to check if they run out of food etc.

  13. Uhhhh…why not disguise his voice for God's sake?! Idiots. This is a Communist country. Reporters are supposed to get the story, protect the source and make it safe for more people to come forward. How do you expect people to be brave and get the truth out if you aren't protecting them?
    They disappear you for much less than this in China. 😒

  14. Wow!!! Such an excellent job protecting the PhD student's identity. It shouldn't be difficult to locate him at all. That interviewer should be fired immediately!!!

  15. No offensive to anyone but this sounds like a traditional African man, the news man should of done a voice over with a different tone etc. HE said September things were happening MY GOSH


  17. Y’all silly. Of course they took an African guy to just say whatever that student said, so it is not an African guy actually there.

  18. HOLY fuccck pneumonia season started way back in September, the first doctor (Dr. Li) who diagnosed in December… This is out of control :/

  19. African PHD student.. in Wuhan.. how many of those are there 5? This guy is going to get arrested 100% and then he dies of the disease

  20. ….Sounds Nigerian or Kenyan both of which do have lots of Intl. students….I wonder what Major they pick to study all the way over to China…

  21. Man go out without being screened in/out and embrace the virus just tell the guard you'd rather have the virus than be in your room and be safe and countries have been 'collecting' their citizens to take back home you are free to go home

  22. WOW, Did he really just say that his embassy(country) said to stay put and they will not evacuate him because they don't want to offend the Chinese Government… Holy mother of camel humps… Damn… I'll tell ya, I'm glad my fellow Americans are home because the way they are treating patients over there and just the lack of being able to handle it, I'm glad they are home…. Still can't believe that guys country told him that… How sad… And now it's getting even worse over there…. Anyone know if the Chinese decided to accept help yet?

  23. You people are a bit too imaginative. The authorities gave better things to do than to go after someone who didn't commit any crime. What he said is nothing new. Lots of China netizens have said even more biased comments and spread fake news online. The CCP knows exactly who they are because these people need to register their userids using real phone numbers and names, but they just get off with warnings so long as they didn't say anything false that led to really bad repercussions. Nothing will happen to him.

  24. Why are you identifying his nationality? Why didn’t you disguise his voice? Very disappointed at the news source ways in protecting him.

  25. On Any diseases first skins first aid defense on any virus is the natural Juice of Orange or Mangoe or fruits Natural Juice not mixed with water but natural applied as Skins lotion all over the body ! These are used to weaken the virus !

  26. African PhD student accidentally infected with the virus after being put in holding cell with two dead bodies for 3 days. He is now on "life support".

  27. This Coronavirus and previous outbreaks could have been avoided.. If… the Chinese and Hong Kong Governments had closed down and BANNED… DECADES ago.. those Filthy, Diseased Wet Markets…eating unclean deceased ridden animals … With NO Hygiene regulations… RATS running around… blood, guts and faeces all over the place.. Basically the standards of the middle ages that caused the PLAGUE… The rest of the world has to suffer the consequences for the Chinese Authorities not bringing their food preparation standards into the 21st Century..

  28. The sun gives off all spectrums of light? Highly sophisticated medical cleaning methods use the light spectrum to clean blood and plasma for transfusions and sterilize surfaces? Does that mean that it should be safer outside in the sunshine and rain then inside an incubator?

  29. One doctor that was interviewed from wuhan said the early cases couldnt be diagnosed because the CCP required the person to not only have the virus but they had to have visited that particular animal market also. I assume that was so they could later claim the virus originated at that market by saying all the early cases came from there.

  30. They could have altered his voice. Besides truly withholding his gender, status etc. Not much hope that he won't get picked up by the authorities.

  31. If China stops killing every animal under the sun and stop eating animals from cat dog mouse elephants bee fly the list goes on. This is why the virus spread because China had markets full animals been butchered. The whole world had to suffer because China are so cruel to animals. Will they wake up and take heed?? It’s sad very sad. Animals suffer this is the cause the VIRUS. Did the public know this well I’m telling you this is the reason VIRUS spreading across the planet. WAKE UP CHINA. HAVE COMPASSION.

  32. Well, they are educated and know about theory and actual incident of corona virus, as we know the authority controls them, actually china uses state of the art technology to monitor every single act of the citizens.

  33. 主持人花那么多时间去了解他在武汉的生活。既然这么善良就花时间把他救离武汉好了。我们的国家,医生,护士,警察,救火队员,交通工作人员。没有时间与精力去管。外国人说什么。不喜欢就离开。用不着呆在我们的国家。我们也没有兴趣对一个多说了几句的人去追踪他。第一我们不关心政治。第二我们不关心除经济意外的事物。第三外国人对我们来说不过是外国人。与我们的生活没有关系。第四你们活在自己的国家和世界就好。用不着因为有微生物和瘟疫出来就欺凌我们的人民和国家。做为中国🇨🇳人我很自豪。我爱我的国家。

  34. The host spent so much time getting to know his life in Wuhan. Since such kindness, take the time to save him from Wuhan. Our country, doctors, nurses, police, firefighters, transportation workers. They are very busy and 24 hours/ day for save us. What the foreigner said. We don’t interesting. Leave if you don't like China 🇨🇳 . But don’t think 🤔 us are bad humans. You don't have to stay in our country. We are also not interested in tracking him down to someone who has said a few bad words. First, we don't interesting about politics. Second, we don't interesting about things other than economic surprises. Third foreigners are just foreigners to us. It has nothing to do with our life. Fourth, you live in your own country and in the world.
    Please do not to bully our China 🇨🇳 citizens and our country because of microbes and plagues or any reason.
    We are proud to be 🇨🇳 China Citizens. We love our country China 🇨🇳. China is MOM. Mon good or not good we don’t care. Mom is mom.
    You can choose support donations masks or keep quite. Don’t use evil word for our people or my Country. We need hope and your judgment.

  35. Offend the Chinese government, how absurd. Guess the relations between Africa and China are more important than human lives. Get the Made In China label out of the US, since we are so bad in supporting their country.

  36. If it is true that it actually started around September then perhaps the reason why the virus becomes so dangerous is once it is in large quantity aka the more people around you have it, the more dangerous it is?

  37. Why the hell the reporter said his status out loud that the person is from Africa and studying for MD degree but his identity is hidden? The reporter is so dumbass

  38. If they were Buddhists, they would be overjoyed to be restricted to their rooms! And they could go into retreat and make 108,000 <Om Mani Padme Hum> mantras of the Buddha of Compassion, so easily! or better 108 <Tayatha Om Bekandze Bekandze Maha Bekandze Raja Samudghate Soha>, the mantra of the Medicine Buddha. Doing these retreats is so lovely, you won't mind being stuck in your room at al1! You will grateful for the chance to do the retreat. Of course, anyone can say these mantras. Their blessings are wonderful. Take advantage while you can!

  39. Most importantly they knew about this shit in September fucking September not january or December but September plenty of time to contain also obviously there were alot more deaths not accounted for

  40. Is not from Africa is from India, that is an untruthful interview, with the technology, that China as to-day you won't be able to do an interview longer then 3 minutes if you got not permission to do so, they will know how you are and where you are in a meter of few minutes, and this interview as lost over 8 minutes, case of coronavirus in Settembre, than way is only start to spread in January, this is all BS try again you may bee more lux next time

  41. I come from China, and I want to share some reviews about this video.

    First of all, the first outbreak of pneumonia happened in the middle of December, instead of, well according to Mr."M", in September. (I'd also like to add that there was a doctor, Zhang Jixian, who also fought the SARS Virus back in 2003 reported the situation immediately to higher authorities and the scientific procedures were taken place.) The newest researches and results are always open and available online.

    Second, the "Screening" thing sounds to me almost like he was forced to take some facial photos, but I assume it's actually that the workers in the neighborhood were taking his body temperatures, as people still do now all over the country. It's a very commen safety check, that anyone has a high body temperature can be treated timely, which is for the sake of all residentiaries.

    The number of officially diagnosed cases is lower than reality, that is something the Chinese citizens care about as well. That is due to the massive population, and people were travelling all over the country before the lockdown. It's already rather tough to screening out the patients from so many people and it's even more challenging to treat them timely(due to lack of medical supplements and diagnosing materials), the doctors, nurses and co-workers are overwhelmed. That's also normal in any epidemic incidents that only part of the patients are correctly diagnosed. But in this show the host jumped directly to the conclusion that this inaccuracy is a deliberate action of the chinese government, which is in my perspective rather misleading.

    As for foreigners evacuating the country… Many countries have taken the action of taking their fellows back to their motherlands and the chinese government seems to be okay with it… actually I think it would ease the work and risk for the Wuhan hospital as well…

    As a Chinese I am also very worried about my fellows in China, I hope all my family and friends will be okay, and I feel freat grief for the victims. That is also the reason I finally decided to publish this comment under this video, that I wish to share my perspective with any of you who may feel concern about the things happening in China ant its possible affect on yourselves. As for the coronavirus itself, I want to assure any of you who may be suffering from panic and stress, that it is not deadly like Black Death or SARS, but SHOULD be taken serious as well. Trust your governments, the patients in coutries outside China are under good treatment and the infection is for now under control as well. There's NO NEED to freak out, and plz don't discriminate your friends who just came back from China. If they had performed proper isolation (e.g two weeks at home and washing hands, wearing a face mask etc.) then you're both good.

  42. The man being interviewed is black. Sounds Nigerian. I saw less than 0.1% blacks or negroes living in Shanghai, a city of 28 million. And this man is studying for a pHd? How did he qualify for his football scholarship and with no "race adjusted entry requirements" available in mainland China? This is fake news at its finest.

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