Is Eating Dark Chocolate Actually Healthy? DOCTOR’S THOUGHTS!

Is Eating Dark Chocolate Actually Healthy? DOCTOR’S THOUGHTS!

Vices, most of us struggle from at
least one vice. If you’ve been told that consumption or ingestion of dark
chocolate is one of your vices I want to set the record straight to reveal to you
what modern scientific research has shown about the potential benefits of
consuming dark chocolate the reason this subject is important to me
is I believe it connects us in the human experience no one’s perfect unless
you’re a saint or a superhero you struggle with something in your life
even Superman has his kryptonite one of my vices is watching comedic movies from
the 1980s my wife hates it but I can’t help it because it makes me feel so good
and consumption of dark chocolate makes you feel good one of the reasons is
because of a compound contained in dark chocolate called thin L ethyl amine it’s
sometimes also called the love drug because it arouses in our brains similar
feelings to those that occur when one is in love and to quote John Lennon all you
need is love and and if you’re engaged in an activity that makes you feel good
you’re more likely to continue that pattern the reasons dark chocolate may
be beneficial are because of phenyl ethyl amine but also because of the high
amounts of polyphenols and antioxidants contained in dark chocolate the history
of chocolate begins in meso America fermented beverages from cacao beans
which ultimately are made into chocolate date back to as early as 350 BC the
Aztecs in fact believe that the cacao beans were the gift of the God of wisdom
and that the beans once had so much value that they were used as a form of
currency I want to review some of the studies that show
beneficial effects of consuming or ingesting dark chocolate the first one
in patients with peripheral artery disease so this is a condition mostly
caused by atherosclerosis or narrowing of the arteries specifically in the
extremities so that the feet and the legs the hands and the arms and patients
with PA D or peripheral artery disease can struggle just with walking it’s
painful and one study was shown in PA D patients that dark but not milk
chocolate acutely improved walking autonomy can you imagine that
eating dark chocolate every day helps patients walk pain-free with a mechanism
that is likely through its polyphenols and antioxidant effects but it may also
be due to increasing something called nitric oxide which helps to dilate blood
vessels and improve blood flow another study showed that oxidative stress and
markers of muscle damage in elite athletes we’re talking about soccer
players football players baseball players basketball players when they
engage in highly training physical activity their pro-inflammatory
marketers their antioxidant stress levels go way up and that causes muscle
pain muscle soreness and joint pain and compared to controls the acute and
chronic ingestion of dark chocolate is able to reduce the oxidative stress in
those elite athletes reducing muscle pain reducing joint pain that’s
tremendous to me cacao bean where dark chocolate is ultimately derived is a
rich source of bioactive compounds one of which is a flavin 3-all and it’s
consumption has been associated with several beneficial effects such as the
positive modulation of the homeostasis targeted by platelet aggregation and if
you can reduce platelet aggregation you’re decreasing
one of the important risk factors for cardiovascular disease polyphenols and
and flavonoids from cacao in dark chocolate significantly prevents DNA
damage in another study and improves the nucleus integrity of cells so the
nucleus is that brain center of every cell and dark chocolate may improve the
integrity of the nucleus consumption of dark chocolate may confer modest
improvements in cardiovascular disease in blood sugar modulation in diabetes
platelet aggregation so the consumption of dark chocolate may help reduce risk
factors for diabetes and cardiovascular disease another study demonstrated that
the consumption of dark chocolate covered almonds
who doesn’t love dark chocolate covered almonds can help control conditions like
lipid profiles so car cholesterol and triglycerides reducing risk factors for
cardiovascular disease blood sugar control thereby reducing risk factors
for diabetes and of coronary heart disease another study showed that a
single ingestion of dark chocolate improves erythrocyte d-formation
erythrocytes our red blood cells and red blood cells are responsible for
transferring the oxygen that we breathe in to every cell in the body and when
those erythrocytes or red blood cells are deformed they have less oxygen
donating capacity and the consumption acutely of dark chocolate may
considerably improve blood throw through out the body resulting in better tissue
oxygenation I encourage your feedback I want to know what your experiences with
consumption of dark chocolate I want to know where you’re from I love you guys
are watching from all over the world and I’m honored and impressed with all your
time and attention to learn about promoting optimal health and wellness
I’m here to dimittis eyes what you’ve been told about nutritional patterns
about lifestyle patterns that may contribute to positive health benefits
we’ve created some other videos about heart disease about high blood pressure
I encourage you to check those out I believe in the original meaning of the
word doctor which is dope caring so I’m here on your journey with you to teach
you about the myths and about the truths of promoting optimal health and wellness
I want you to never doubt that a small group of people can influence the world
and if you’ve been told that eating chocolate is bad for you the research
shows differently actually developed a supplement of cacao melody which
contains unrefined extracts from cacao or the being that is ultimately made
into chocolate and unprocessed means that it contains even higher amounts of
the polyphenols and antioxidants that are responsible for chocolates
beneficial effects we’ve also included some botanical agents to improve
cheerful health energy levels to promote an overall improvement in your mood and
physical health we post several times a week and I want you to be informed about
the truth that some health ads on the internet get bad press about thanks so
much for joining me I’ll see you on the other side my name is Dr. Ryan Shelton.

28 thoughts on “Is Eating Dark Chocolate Actually Healthy? DOCTOR’S THOUGHTS!

  1. I've got a few mental diagnosis, and one is depression. But I haven't taken anti-depressants in about 20 years (I'm 45) because I feel like they cause more problems than they solve and don't like feeling disconnected.
    I started on dark chocolate awhile ago from hearing somewhere, not sure where, someone saying it helped with depression.
    And I'm not like someone who just gets down a little sometimes. I'm not quite bi-polar, but close. Pretty severe (diagnosised, not me assuming). And I swear that from the day I've taken dark chocolate, it's helped A LOT.
    It's not a magic cure, but I'd say it helps my mood swings to be about 60-70% less, in my unscientific estimation. It's a lot and it's obviously noticable.
    I've experimented. Like if I buy dark chocolate mixed with other ingredients, it doesn't seem to work, not to any level I can notice. It needs to be pure dark chocolate without other things mixed with it (like coconut or whatever some companies sell dark chocolate and other flavors with) and it needs to be a minimum of 70%. Even at 65%, it seems like it doesn't do anything. It's weird.
    But I eat a bar of dark chocolate a day (roughly, sometimes a little less). Every day. And i know I'm not imagining it, it helps more than any anti-depressant ever did and without the weird side effects.
    Weird but true. Dark chocolate has been a great medicine for me. I'm not trying to tell anyone else what to do, but God's honest truth, it helps me.

  2. I eat 4 squares of 90% dark chocolate every single day. I love it. It reduces my stress levels, makes me feel happy. Will never give it up.
    I'm from Australia 🙂

  3. I eat 90 % of dark chocolate 🍫 every day, I don't know if is bad for my body, I don't know if is good for my health can someone talk to me please

  4. I have a motor neuron disease and have been eating approximately 1-2 ounces 85%-90% dark chocolate daily. I can't put my finger on any specific improvements but do not see any decline either. I am certain the anti-oxidants in pure, dark chocolate have helped me maintain my function

  5. I eat 2-4 squares of 86% everyday on my oatmeal. I've been thinking about switching it out because I wasn't sure of the health effects. I think I'll continue with it now. Greetings from Norway

  6. Thanks for the information ! People should limit taking dark chocolate and should not overindulge as it will increase diabetes problem !

  7. Without the stock video footage – for example, the lady consuming the chocolate in slow motion when you mention consuming chocolate – this video would make no sense to me at all.

  8. I eat 90% Dark Chocolate cut into little pieces and put them in my big Tupperware box along with mixed nuts, so every time I grab a hand full of nuts there might be a chance I get a bit of chocolate in it. 😁

  9. Does the brand and/or quality make a difference of the effectiveness of the consumption of dark chocolate? I buy no name brand dark chocolate and feed it to our 5 year old son who is in the Spectrum. I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks now but haven’t seen a dramatic effect but I know dark chocolate won’t kill us. Plus I love chocolate, even if its dark chocolate. I’m a personal trainer starting my own business and plan on doing some bookkeeping studies to partner up with my wife in a bookkeeping business as well. I’ve been diagnosed with a moderate learning disability but that doesn’t stop me. My condition doesn’t stop me from learning, it just takes a bit longer than the average person. I hope this comment helps you understand who I am and where I am in life. Have a good day, take care

  10. 90% is just perfection! Granted it takes a while to get used to, but you begin to appreciate the hints of coffee and berries. I went from loving white chocolate to loving dark chocolate within a few months. I can eat 99 and 100% however only in small doses with strong coffee…so delicious!

  11. I would kill for dark chocolate and Brazil nuts, there is something about this combination of the two tastes that explode on the taste buds that is far to good to be good for you, everybody knows healthy food tastes disgusting lol

  12. Hello dr ryan. I really love dark chocolate with 70% and above cacao content. I Iike eating it almost everyday however it's not always available here in Philippines so sometimes I have to wait for it to get imported in the market😯😅

  13. hmm let's see…
    well, I like its bitter taste, and I like when my friends have a gross face expression and it releases my stress…
    ya that's it

  14. I'm an Aztec I live in Aztlan also known as California, thank you for the history lesson apart from the health benefits dark chocolate offers. You keep it 100% thank you!!!

  15. My breakfast is 2 large square dark chocolate plus a tablespoon raw cacao nibs with 3 grams omega 3s and 21mg astaxanthin. Works fantastic.

  16. I eat 100 per cent dark chocolate. Too much a day but wakes you up. I know it has iron. Gives me energy. And probably all the other things you mentioned. This pure chocolate works out expensive though if you eat a lot. Trying to stick to few squares a day. I heard it can make you constipated so might be good to mix with fibre food for some. Like strawberries yum yum.

  17. i hated dark chocolate, but since i have been suffering with depression i started to meditate, and i tried dark chocolate again and really loved it, i think clearing your mind really makes you grateful, and appreciate more things

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