Is It A Sandwich? | People Vs. Food

Is It A Sandwich? | People Vs. Food

– This doesn’t get more sandwich
than this, bro. This is like bread inside of a bread. – It’s a bowl.
– This is not a sandwich! – This.
– Oh! – Is a sandwich. ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) So how would you define
the term sandwich? – Bread, substance, bread.
– Yeah. – It’s hard to try to
define a sandwich, without also explaining a hot dog. – I think any food in between
two pieces of bread is a sandwich. So in that case, a hot dog
is in between a split roll. – Technically, yes. – (FBE) Well according
to Merriam-Webster, the official definition
of a sandwich is “Two or more slices of bread,
or a split roll having a filling in between.” – Lies.
– Okay, well, that ruins ice cream sandwiches
for us all, so. – Oh!
– Thanks dictionary! – (FBE) Of course, the popular debate
of whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich has been
happening for quite some time. Still, we think there are some foods even more worthy of discussion
than wieners. So today, we’ll bring out
seven different stacked snacks. It’ll be up to you to decide,
is it a sandwich? – Oh, interesting.
– Ooh, do I get to test it out with my mouth,
because I’m hungry. – It’s gonna be one of those
technicality things, where you’re like
technically it’s a sandwich. – Like can I put no and yes? – (FBE) There is a bit of a twist. We’ve polled our FBE SuperFam
about each of these items to get a definitive answer. Do the majority of people
consider it a sandwich or not? After you’ve made your decision,
we’ll reveal their survey results. Whichever person agrees the most
with our SuperFam will be crowned the winner. – Mmm.
– Ooh! – Okay, so it’s not whether or not
we think it’s a sandwich, it’s what’s the majority.
– Whatever they think. – I feel like I’m not gonna agree
with the SuperFam. – Uh oh, uh oh!
– On a lot of these! – I know the SuperFam.
– Yeah, I don’t. – I know them well. (laughs) I’m trying to
think like them now. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) First up, we have
a deliciously sweet ice cream sandwich!
– Oh [bleep]! – Is this bread?
Or is this like a dessert? And it’s just stacked like a sandwich.
– You eat these like a sandwich. – There’s two different,
two or more, as the definition stated, of, oops, chocolate bread, right?
– Bread, yeah. – Bread.
– Bread. – Amazing filling.
– It’s a sandwich. – Mmhmm.
– It’s ice cream between two pieces of goodiness.
– It’s literal, it’s the literal. – That’s it.
– It’s my definition of the kinda sandwich
I would eat. – The way you eat it
is you hold this from the buns. – Yep.
– So like you would a sandwich. It has a feeling.
– Yep. I agree with all of these things.
– It’s in the name. They wouldn’t call it
an ice cream sandwich if it wasn’t a sandwich. – (FBE) So what do you think?
Is it a sandwich or not? – Yes! – It’s yes,
it’s an excellent sandwich. – (both) Yes! – Ice cream sandwich has my vote!
– It has sandwich in the title! – It has sandwich in the title! – (FBE) According to our SuperFam poll
at the time of filming, 99% of people, they considered
an ice cream sandwich to be a sandwich.
– You know why? ‘Cause it’s called ice cream sandwich.
– Yeah! – They branded it as ice cream sandwich. – Thank you, SuperFam!
– Exactly! – I love it, we’re on the same page. – I definitely think it’s a sandwich. – Yeah.
– I mean, most people agree with me. – Most people would agree. – It’s in the name!
– As you should. – That makes sense to me. – That 1%, they just clicked
the wrong button. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Next up, we have
everyone’s favorite elementary school meal,
a Lunchable! – Oh yes.
– Um. – It’s a little
open faced right now, I wouldn’t really…
If we were to do this though, and stack ’em, this might
possibly be more of a sandwich. – Sandwiching.
– Sandwiching, but you would eat a Lunchable
like this, I feel like. Who eats it like that? – It looks like a baby, tiny sandwich.
– Nah, it ain’t no sandwich. – Okay.
– Mm-mm, that’s a snack. – Every kid in my elementary school
used to eat these all the time. – Yeah, I used to eat these.
– All the time. – But I never thought
of it as a sandwich. – I wanna call this a sandwich,
I don’t know if the SuperFam will call this a sandwich though,
because– – I think it’s gonna be really split.
– Because I think the crackers, that’s what’s gonna split it.
– (FBE) Is it a sandwich? – I’m saying no. – Nah.
– Make Lunchables a sandwich! – I’m gonna go with no.
– I’ll go no, also. – (FBE) Our SuperFam poll found
that 28% of people still consider a Lunchable
to be a sandwich. However, that is less than half,
so you’re correct. – Yes.
– We’re killing this right now. – Okay, for sure.
– The SuperFam. – Yeah.
– Same wavelength, I respect it. – We got it! – It’s the world’s
most unsatisfying sandwich then. I’m so sorry. – I knew it was gonna be
the way that they looked at it. The way it was presented.
– Yeah, ’cause they aren’t thinking of it stacked, they’re thinking
just with one cracker, and then ham and cheese. – It’s not a sandwich!
– Why do you eat it like this? – You can make
little baby sandwiches out of it, but they’re not actual sandwiches.
It’s just like the thought. Like this should be,
it should, no. (laughs) ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Next up, we have what has
officially been named as the least expensive food
of all time. – Oh.
– (FBE) A toast sandwich! – A toast sandwich?
– Wait, I’m sorry, what? – Wait, is it bread on bread on bread? – (FBE) It is, it is two pieces
of non-toasted bread with a piece of toasted,
buttered bread in between. (Kendelle laughs) – Riddle me this.
– Girl! – No, riddle me this.
It’s bread, bread and bread. Is bread a filling?
No, bread is a bread. – When I was growing up,
I had mustard and ketchup sandwiches. That’s how poor we were. – This doesn’t get more sandwich
than this, bro. This is like bread inside of bread. – But the definition said
two pieces of bread and a filling. – This is a…
– The bread is the filling? – This is hanging out in a toaster,
let’s say two minutes. That’s what makes it a sandwich, as opposed to
just three pieces of bread. – Toast, yeah, it’s toast. – Wow, this one’s really
making me question. – (FBE) Is it a sandwich?
Yes or no? – Say no. – This is a sandwich,
by definition. – No.
– I pretended my whole life. (laughs) – (FBE) One yes and one no!
– Oh! – You put butter on this one,
but you could’ve put like mayonnaise. – No butter, this is not a sandwich,
but with butter makes it a sandwich. – (FBE) Our SuperFam poll discovered
that 77% of people considered this toast sandwich
to be a sandwich. – Oh my God.
– My people! (laughs) – I don’t understand!
– That’s exactly right. – What!?
– Because when you poor, you gotta make do, okay?
You gotta make a dollar out of 15 cents.
– Oh my God. – There’s a few college kids
who answered. – Yeah, yeah.
– They’re like “hell yeah brah!” “That’s my favorite meal!” – Whoa.
– What? – That is way higher than I thought
it was gonna be. – This is not!
We’re not gonna call Lunchables a sandwich,
even though that one had more sandwich ingredients.
– That is weird. – Than this toast sandwich?
– Yeah. – 23%
don’t know what they’re talking about. – It’s bread!
– Put some respect on this golden brown beauty, alright?
Don’t wanna hear none of that. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Alright, now it’s time
for a delicious chicken stuffed gyro. – Oh, yeah.
– Okay, okay. – (Kendelle) I’ve seen this under
sandwiches on menus though. – Yeah, I feel like it would
fit into that. – It’s technically one bread, right?
– But she did say a split roll. – This is sandwich-esque.
But is it an actual sandwich, is a debatable point.
– This is dry! – This is a pita pocket,
it’s very dry. – I don’t know if I can even say
this is a sandwich, because it’s dry. – This isn’t two individual slices
of bread. – Right, it’s like if you opened up
a piece of bread, yeah. – It’s stuffed, like I wouldn’t call
a Hot Pocket a sandwich. – No.
– It’s an upside down taco. If that makes sense.
– How is it upside down? It’s just a…
– No, ’cause a taco, you know? Like the shell, so this would be flat.
– Oh yeah, you right. – This is a legit upside down taco.
– Yeah! – I’m a [bleep] innovator, bro.
This is over. – (FBE) Would you normally consider
this a sandwich? – I’m for it.
– No. – I don’t think so.
– No. – (FBE) One yes, one no. – She’s trying to, she wants to be
contrarian over here. – Curious what people
will say to this one. – (FBE) Our SuperFam poll found
that only 26% of people consider it to be a sandwich
despite the word sandwich being in the definition.
(bell rings) – See, they understand me! – SuperFam, once again, genius. – They’re wrong.
(laughs) – In the U.S., we think of sandwich,
we think of ham and cheese sandwiches, we think of peanut butter and jellies. What if Greek people, then,
see our sandwiches, and they’re like
“that’s not a sandwich,” – Yeah, that’s true. – Because it’s not in the right
kind of bread. – If we took this pita, right?
And I just split it, right? And then I threw it back on.
– Then that’s a sandwich. – That makes, that’s a sandwich?
Is that what a sandwich is? ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Next up, we have some carbs
and some fillings that have been rolled, not stacked.
It’s a burrito from Chipotle! – Oh baby!
– Okay. – Tortillas are a different category.
– This is not a sandwich. – I understand like carbs,
and then filling. – Mm-hmm.
– But it’s rolled, not cut. And it’s one.
– Yeah. – One tortilla.
– That’s not a sandwich. – It’s so good though. – I’m going to apply
the pita theory, which is that it’s one item
wrapped around. Not two separate. – That’s Chipotle burrito,
that ain’t no sandwich. – Talk that [bleep] Brandon.
– Can I get the definition again? – (FBE) The official definition
of a sandwich is two or more slices of bread,
or a split roll. – Let me stop you there.
This right here, my friends. – Bro, that’s just disrespectful.
– I’m sorry. – I’m a little mad.
– This is a tortilla, one. This.
– Oh! – Is a sandwich. (laughs)
(Troy blows raspberry) – (FBE) Is it a sandwich? – Nope.
– No, it’s a burrito. – It’s a burrito.
– (FBE) Both sayin’ no. Not a sandwich.
– We agree. – Whoever said it’s a sandwich,
I need to talk to them. – No!
People better agree. – They better not be, yeah.
– I’ll fight, I’ll fight. – (FBE) According to our SuperFam poll 7% of people still think
a burrito is a sandwich. (bell rings)
– Uh uh. – At least it’s a small number,
so that makes me feel better. – 7%, why would you?
– Who are these 7%? – Those are people trying to
stir something up. – They were trolling.
– That’s about right. – They were trolling for sure, yeah. This is good though, not gonna lie. – I feel like a lot of people
think a sandwich, just sort of is any form of carbs
around contents that you can eat.
– That’s very brave of you to flout the defintion
of sandwich-ness, sandwich-ish-ness. – Lies! ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Your next food
is definitely a split roll with some kind of filling.
It’s a bread bowl full of chili. – Who said, who?
– Who? – I just wanna know,
who said this was a sandwich? – It’s a bowl.
– This is not a sandwich! – Listen.
– You don’t pick this up and bite into it.
– This is closer to a burrito. – This is not a sandwich.
– This is totally a sandwich. – This is not a sandwich.
– Definitely a sandwich. – No. – What makes a sandwich,
a sandwich, you know? We talked about the two pieces
of bread, this is in fact, two separate pieces of bread. – Sloppy Joes have chili
in them though. – Oh.
– And Sloppy Joes are a sandwich. – Shoot, I almost said (mumbles).
– This is good. I still would say no though,
because of the bread bowl. – Also the way that you eat this.
You don’t like how… You don’t lift it up and eat it.
– That’s true! – Like you would a sandwich.
– (FBE) Alright, grab your signs. – Nope.
– (FBE) Both saying no! Not a sandwich!
– No! – (FBE) Not a sandwich! – No.
– (FBE) Okay. – I’m gonna make it a sandwich. – No.
– I’ll fight someone if they say it was.
– I’ll fight someone too. – (FBE) According to
our SuperFam poll, 4% of people still consider
chili in a bread bowl to be a sandwich.
– Who are these 4%? I wanna fly out there
and like save you guys! – I just see, then they’re just like.
“Mmm, I love sandwiches.” (both laughs) – When you go to Panera,
and you do the two for 15, you order a sandwich
and a bread bowl. Not two sandwiches. – This should be zero percent.
– Yeah. – Quite honest, like come on. – People love stirring things up.
You 4%! – That’s right.
– Wow. – That’s not a sandwich! – Let’s just say this
to the 4% out there. I love you guys. We’re gonna start fighting
for the rights of bread bowls becoming sandwiches,
when they grow up. – You’re a bowl with a hat. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) For our final food,
we want to bring back a discontinued item
that was very polarizing. The KFC Double Down. We’ve recreated this friend chicken
as bread sandwich as closely as we could. – Oh.
– What? What is this?
– I remember this, I remember this. – The chicken is technically breaded.
– It is. (laughs) It is breaded,
but I still think this is like, sandwhich-ing.
– This is a monster. Lemme just say.
Yeah, Jesus. – (FBE) Well let me know
when you’re ready to make your final decisions.
– Bro, what the [bleep]. This is insane! Holy [bleep] bro!
This is so good! – ♪ Hallelujah, Hallelujah ♪
♪ Hallelujah, Hallelujah ♪ – That’s for sure
like a sandwich, yeah. – Oh, I feel so unhealthy right now.
– You mean good? – I mean good, yeah. – It feels like it’s
like a heart attack sandwich. Like a heart attack waiting to happen
in sandwich-ish, sandwich-ish form. – (FBE) Is this a sandwich? – Yes! (laughs)
– Yes! – (FBE) Yes, both saying
it’s a sandwich. – Yes, yes. – There is bread like substance,
but it’s mainly chicken. – It is a protein wrapped
with chicken sandwich. – (FBE) Despite containing no bread,
our SuperFam poll found that 53% of people considered discontinued
KFC Double Down to be a sandwich, meaning you are correct.
It’s a sandwich. – That’s pretty close though.
Almost 50/50. – That was really, yeah. – Even though I personally
didn’t like it, still a sandwich. – I understand where
you’re coming from on this one, so I can’t be too mad.
– Yeah. – But no.
– At the end of the day, when you use your intuition,
like, that’s a sandwich right there. – Dang, she manifested that.
– Wow! (Faith laughs mysteriously) – She’s got some SuperFam,
she’s very dialed in. Into the zeitgeist of the SuperFam. – (FBE) So Labib, you are the winner!
– Let’s go man! It’s just been a good day.
– That was a long-needed debate. – Mm-hmm.
We’re here to settle it. – It’s about asking
the right questions, you know? And it’s good to know
that the SuperFam and us, we’re on the same page. – Does that mean I lost?
– (laughs) Yes. – Damn it, I hate losing!
SuperFam for God’s sakes! – I definitely don’t regret
any of my answers. – I’m just glad
that we live in a place where we can debate
sandwich types. We’re not gonna agree
with everything, right? Like, it’s just a sandwich
or it’s not a sandwich, it doesn’t matter,
is it food, is it good? That’s all I’m gonna say about that.
(laughs) – Words of wisdom! – Thank you for watching
Is It A Sandwich? on the REACT Channel. – If you liked this episode,
hit that like button. – Subscribe for new shows
every week. – Which one do you think
is a sandwich? Let us know down in the comments. – Bye! – Hey guys, React Producer Mary here. Are you following @FBE on Twitter?
Well be sure to come talk to us. Tell us what you thought
about today’s episode, hang out for reactor Q and As,
and more! Thanks for watching guys!

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  2. With the toast sandwich, it said two or more pieces of bread with a filling. If you call butter a filling, then you have 3 pieces bread with a filling between each slice.

  3. so.. has no one ever folded a single slice of bread to make pb&j when they wanted a small snack? i used to do that all the time as a kid. i'd put pb on one half and j on the other and fold it

  4. what about when you say "sandwiched between two people"? that's not a food sandwich but that's the word that people would use

  5. Omg when I realized that this is actually Troy from master chef junior. I was like I gotta watch every video that he is in😂😂. Omg he was 12 when he was on master chef 😭😂

  6. Those pieces of chicken are definitely not a sandwich…… not everything that has fillings between them is a sandwich. Again two pieces of chicken ain’t a sandwich, I mean seriously, it would have been sandwich, if it had the buns, but it didn’t, so it is not a sandwich, but two pieces of chicken.🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨😒😒😒😒😒😒

  7. Actually….Panera considers the bread bowl as the main item not a side….but still not a sandwich…..however some make a messy sloppy joe which you cannot eat like a sandwich

  8. In my opinion, a key defining feature of a sandwich is that it serves as a meal. So ice cream sandwiches and lunchables are not sandwiches.

  9. Nah a sandwich is a sand wich itself. Like a hot dog is a hot dog. And a burrito is a burrito. It is its own category .

  10. Reason why any carb with a filling cannot be used as a definition for sandwich is do you consider ravioli, dumplings, filled donuts, pie, etc sandwiches? If you do, please do not associate yourself with me.

  11. I have VERY strong opinions on this topic. To me, a sandwich is:
    A. Handheld.
    B. Filling between two "shells" (whether that's bread, lettuce, or chicken)

    Hotdogs and subs I consider a separate family (I call it the hoagie family), because it's intended to be a split "roll".

    Open-faced sandwiches are "pies" (crust with filling), as is pizza and cheesecake.

    Hostess pies, of course, are not pies, but calzones.

  12. For me anything that has 2 or more bread any kind I don't care if it's toast whatever bread it is if there 2 or more it's considered a sandwich to Me I don't care
    Even if it's only one bread wrapped if it is covering the fillings it's a sandwich

  13. To appropriately address this question, you need to define "bread". According to Merriam-Webster bread is "a usually baked and leavened food made of a mixture whose basic constituent is flour or meal". This makes crackers bread. This also makes the outside of an ice cream sandwich more of a cake than a bread.

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