Japanese Department Store Food Tour at Shibuya Scramble Square

82 thoughts on “Japanese Department Store Food Tour at Shibuya Scramble Square

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  2. Who’s Been A HUGE Fan Before
    February ??🔥👇

    *pewdiepie Commented on my latest video I’m literally crying and shaking *😝😭

  3. Is it me or is Shibuya such a famous place in japan? Always ur vids and the vibes it brings, my freinds going to japan really find ur advice usefull

  4. All these vids are really informational and tempting to eat, hopefully, i can visit Japan and try out all those delicious dishes

  5. I know the food will be oishiii there!!!! Department stores Japan say no more Paolo!!!!!♥️

    P.s hope u get that meguRO pad guys!!!!! Cool place!!!! 😎

  6. That looks so beautiful and yummy to eat! Japanese departments stores are really awesome. This reminded me of how luxurious and elegant department stores used to be in my childhood. Nowadays, the departments stores in my country really sucks. I like how japan still have clean uniforms, beautiful decors and polite staff in their stores.

  7. That sushi is the closest thing I have seen to American sushi.. in the usa its all "inside-out" specialty rolls with stuff on it like tempura, fish, roe, or avocado.

  8. "what kind of introduction was that?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 never change Paolo. Appreciate all of your videos (from a fellow American living in Yokohama)

  9. The inside of this Japanese department store in Shibuya looks Beautiful with so many great delicious food that I can enjoy for hours & I plan to visit one of these places when I'm vacationing there in Japan soon!

  10. I always go to the department stores as its food mecca fore me. They provide lots of samples. Plus I hate walking & eating. Delicious. Love, love the desserts.

  11. That's really funny, I was in Shibuya and I never did any of these tourist things or visit any of these places. Visited friends and went for drinks to some random place. Missed on the good stuff. Reason to go back!

  12. Hey Paolo! New subscriber but been living in Tokyo for 20 years (from Canada). I’m loving your vids wow! You’re helping me discover new spots in our city- it’s so fun watching and learning from you guys! People always ask me for restaurant and shop recommend because I know Tokyo well, but you’ve got me beat 😂. Hope to see you around! Sian 😘

  13. I'll probably never get to visit Japan or eat any of this delicious looking food you are showing us, but it sure is fun to watch the two of you react to the food you are tasting. I get a real sense of just how good the food is and how much you are enjoying it.

  14. Hey Pablo! If you see this, please if you have time make a video regarding "day in life of a Judoka" or someone active in the sport Judo! 🙂 Thanks!

  15. I always get scared entering Japanese department stores. I always feel like I’m gonna get lost and end up in the wormhole and pop up on the other side of Japan

  16. first off this is awesome 😀 more importantly are you two okay? i heard the coronavirus is in japan now too:( please be safe

  17. Well that's decision made in coming back to Tokyo! I'm going to try everything you tried 😋 Thanks again for great video 👏👏👏

  18. Love your food videos, I sit here in Melbourne just drooling. Mille Feuille (pronounced as "mil foy") means "a thousand leaves" 千葉 … hence all the layers in that super tasty dish. The word "feuille" can also mean things such as a "sheet" of paper" 😀😀😀

  19. Paolo, please do a live video on the countdown to your 1M subscribers. Would be great to witness it and celebrate with you. Maybe on your other channel.

  20. I Love Maiko & everytime she says "Itadakimasu"!❤😄 You both are gonna be great parents because that baby is gonna be spoiled with Delicious Food all the time lol
    Love the Vids!❤

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  22. are women in japan allowed to eat raw fish while pregnant?🤔 I know in America they tell pregnant women not to eat seafood

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