Jian bing recipe Chinese traditional breakfast omelette wrap 煎饼果子煎饼裹油条

I was growing up in a very small family in China
My mum would every morning ride a bicycle to take me to school, no matter a sunny or rainy day
My favourite breakfast is always on the street
This is the Chinese wrap with Chinese donuts inside
& today’s recipe is all about this Chinese wrap (jian bing)
to make our jian bin guo zi Chinese pancake wrap
We will need to make a pancake batter
Here I use 2 different flour
corn flour & regular all purpose flour
You can also use mung bean flour
Here we use 50g of corn flour
100g of all purpose flour
& we’re going to mix these 2 with about 250ml of water
We’re just going to mix these slowly
so adding 2 of our flour together
then have our water ready, we just add in a little bit once at a time
so mixing 2 flour together
then just add in a bit of water, so how it goes
if you’re going to cook this pancake in a regular flat frying pan
You don’t need to add any oil in it, just add the oil in the pan
if you’re like me, using a pancake… how do you call this, pancake cooker
specially this kind of stove used for cooking pancake
then just add in 1 tbsp of regular vegetable oil here
so we don’t need to add oil when we’re cooking the pancake
so just add in 1 tbsp
we don’t need to use all our water
just want to get this correct consistency of our pancake batter
we want to stir this completely
make sure there is no lumps in our batter
once it’s done, we can set it aside
for this wrap, we’re also gonna need to make a salty paste
so this is going to be our sauce
We’re going to need 1 tbsp of oyster sauce
1 tbsp of this sweet & salty Chinese sauce, it’s called tian mian jiang
this came in a bag, I just refilled this into a seperate container
I will write the name in the description box
1 tbsp of soy bean paste
Here I’m using a Korean soy bean paste
but you can use any other brand
now I’m just going to mix these 3 sauces together
You can also add in a tiny little bit of soy sauce if you like
so here are some of the fillings we’re going to use for our chinese wrap
Here we have a bit of spring onion & coriander
this kind of sauce, we just made earlier
Here are just some of the Chinese donuts I made yesterday
they usually taste better when they’re fresh
but then if they’re a bit old, like over night, they’re getting a bit soggy & soft
then we can use them as a filling for our Chinese wrap
You can also put in some other fillings
for example in China on the street, many vendors would put in different kind of stir fry dishes
for example stir fried potato
stir fried seaweed, & here I’m just using a pre-made mushrooms
you can also use pickles, so anything you like
any kind of fillings you like would fit perfectly with this wrap
so our pancake maker is heating up
We’re just going to test this, because the first one is usually not so successful.
We’re just going to test a few
then we will know the size & temperature
if it’s the correct temperature we want
Here is the batter we made earlier
so we just take a bit
lay our batter on top
Here we have this small tool
we just spread this around
you need to wet this in the water
damp this first so it’s not going to stick on our pancake
if you’re using a regular pan, then you can just use a regular spatula
Here we made one, we just need to turn the temperature a bit lower
you can see it’s steaming up pretty quickly
we’re going to crack 1 egg on top
that’s also how they’re doing this in China
you’re just using a spoon to crack this
turn your heat on low, you’re not going to burn your pancake at this stage & our egg
so use a spoon just to spread our egg around on top of our pancake
we’re making a layer of egg
while this is cooking, we can add in
our spring onion & coriander
just sprinkle on top
while our egg is still a bit soft
so they’re going into our pancake
you can put in as much or less as you want
once you see our pancake is flipping up a bit, our egg is getting a bit solid
then we can move it around a bit, just make sure it’s cooked on one side
then we’re going to flip this
now our egg side is on the bottom
now we can put in our sauce
we’re just using a spoon, the back side of a spoon
just spread our sauce around
don’t need too much, because the sauce is quite salty
now we can put in our chinese donut
I’m just doing to put one, if you like you can also put in more
here we have our pickle or
here in this case, I’m putting in some pickled mushrooms
We just put in a few
if you don’t like them, you don’t have to put them in
then we’re going to wrap this
so from one side, then the other side
you can also flip the top & bottom, but here it’s done
So here is one of our Chinese wraps
I’m going to make a few of the wraps until we finish all of the batter
So here is one of the wraps I made earlier
let’s cut it open, so you can see
so it has eggs on the outside, with spring onions & coriander
& inside it has mushrooms & Chinese donut or Chinese churro, in Chinese it’s called You Tiao
That’s it
if you like you can also add in many other kinds of stir fries inside to make it bigger
this is like a typical Chinese breakfast
Here’re the wraps I made earlier
Let’s give it a try
You can see it’s still warm
it’s still warm, it wrap around a Chinese donut
it tastes just like how I remembered
especially the egg in the pancake
& all the herbs inside, spring onion & coriander, taste perfect
next time maybe I will put a bit of crispy dough inside, so it would be crunchy inside
maybe it will taste better
but you can really taste the mushrooms
I guess, you can put in anything you like, if it’s Chinese & it will taste perfect
Hope you like this recipe
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