Just One Glass of this Drink will Reduce your FAT | मोटापा घटाये यह Fat Loss Drink

Just One Glass of this Drink will Reduce your FAT | मोटापा घटाये यह Fat Loss Drink

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Friends Today I’ll talk about Fat Loss Drink
Yes, If you want to loose weight & Fat
Then this drink is quite beneficial
Specially if you have belly Fat
Fat around your waist
This can really help you in reducing your Fat
Even if you want to loose weight its quite helpful
Means if you want to improve your metabolism
or reduce your belly FAT
This will help in all such situations
You can easily prepare this at home
You have to drink this empty stomach in morning
Frinds it is quite easy you can notice the
Difference in Just 10 days

Lets us see how to prepare

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Lets start the video
To Loose weight we do lot of things
we follow a diet, workout
Spends hours in Gym
but simplest is Cinnamon Water
This has many benefits
It is one of the easiest way to loose weight
Best part is this drink
Reduces your belly fat first
Cinnamon or “DalChini” powder
Second Ingredient is Lemon, it has vitamin C
anti anti-oxidants
This detoxify your body and helps
in buring fat from Body
Ginger has lots of health Benefits
It controls sugar levels in blood
Helps in reducing Belly Fat

Lemon and Ginger both has
Anti inflamatory properties which
prevent inflamation in body
and enhances liver activities
And helps to shred body FAT

This is the best combination because
This also increases your metabolism
and Burn your calories..

Not only this is benefecial for Fat loss
It Also improves your skin and hair
bring water to boil 1 cofee cup or Glass
You have to boil for around 5 min
and add cinnamon powder , grind it
to make a powder
one small peice of ginger
and Half Lemon
Grade the Ginger
Add this to boiling water
and allow to boil 4-5 min

you can add cinnamon powder while boiling or
can add at the end totally upto you

Take the Juice out of lemon in a glass and add the skin
Boil the water along with lemon skin

When this boils up propoerly
put off the Flame
allow it to make it warm (drinkable)
Now I’ll filter it , its still hot

You have to drink it sip by sip , same as tea
I have aleady squeezed lime juice in the drink
Now I am adding
Cinnamon powder to the drink
1/4 Tsp as you can see
mix it properly
Drink is ready
Right time to drink this is early in morning
after you wake up drink empty stomach
or you can drink just before bed
How easy to prepare this
if you want to loose weight
it is very imp to drink this daily
include this in your routine twice a day
morning and before going bed

you can see the differece in 10 days
you can loose upto 2-3 kgs just drinking this

so here was my video about the fat cutter drink
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