Keto Bacon Cauliflower “Mac” and Cheese

Keto Bacon Cauliflower “Mac” and Cheese

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, it’s Katie, a Tasted producer with a few tips on this recipe. When you’re cutting the cauliflower, be careful that you
don’t chop it too small. That way when you boil it
and you put it in your sauce, it’s not gonna get too mushy. You can keep that kind of pasta texture. When you drain your cauliflower, make sure you drain it really well so that the water doesn’t
get brought back into the pot and water down that
really rich based we made. When you’re making your
mac and cheese base and you add your cauliflower back in, and maybe you think it
got a little too thick, you can just always add a
little bit of heavy cream and that will help loosen it right up. Okay, that’s it, I hope this helps you make a killer keto mac and cheese, bye! – [Man] Oh, yes! (light upbeat music) (camera snapping)

100 thoughts on “Keto Bacon Cauliflower “Mac” and Cheese

  1. I don't get keto. In my opinion it's not healthy at all. Use your brain and tell me, why the hell Bacon and Cheese should be better for your body than a wholewheat Bread or some Grapes? Just ridiculous.

  2. Oh, this looks great but I truly hope it taste good because I want to start eating low carb meals because they are so healthy.

  3. So, cauliflower cheese with bacon in a pot? I'm in!
    The thing I like about keto is you can still eat meat and cheese <3

  4. that's a lot of cream cheese and heavy cream together.. those carry a lot of complex carbs in them so be careful or make sure to hit the gym later!

  5. Just give the damn mac and cheese . Man I don't even know why I am watching these type of videos cause I never make it . Reason : I don't have most of the items

  6. So good to see some Keto recipes. Pray we'll see more in the future on your channel. Could we beg the nutritional info on the website recipes? Again thanks, and keep of the GREAT work.

  7. Whenever some "expert" claims the keto diet is difficult to stick to in the long run I have a good laugh. I have been on keto for over a year and never once looked back. There are so many wonderful recipes that I argue are superior to their standard counterparts. I love mock and cheese, I love fries made of turnips or rutabagas and fathead dough is amazing! I honestly don't crave any high carb foods at all because there's always a keto alternative.

  8. I made this it was delicious my husband doesn't really like regular mac and cheese but when he tried this one he couldn't stop eating lol, thanks for the recipe.

  9. Kicked me out of keto and i didn't understand why until i checked and cauliflower has 29g of carbs and 11g sugar, no wonder killed keto, taste is delicious but if you want to stay in ketosis avoid this! google cauliflower nutrition facts and see yourself! please do some research before making videos like this, people on keto try really hard to stay in ketosis for best results and we dont have days or weeks for relapse!

  10. I just made this—I found that I needed to add a little extra cream (I also added some whole milk) because the sauce was too thick and there wasn’t quite enough for all the cauliflower. I also added extra cheddar, garlic powder, garlic salt and onion powder to give it a lot of flavor, which made a big difference. I did find that 4 minutes is the perfect amount of time to boil the cauliflower—mine wasn’t mushy at all. Overall, this was delicious!

  11. I wish youtubers would not post the music. What some may like…others dont. Quit watching after the music didnt stop.

  12. I made this last night and it came out way too rich.i didn't even add bacon!!!!!!
    I would say cut the cream cheese to 2 or 3 oz. trust me if youre going to add bacon!

  13. Hey. I have found that you could use a tiny bit of water in the pot when cooking the cauliflower. But don’t cook it completely done. Then cook the water out. It has helped me.

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