Keto Day 4 | Best App To Log Your Keto Macros

Keto Day 4 | Best App To Log Your Keto Macros

hey guys welcome back to my day for keto
update and I do have notes right here
which I’m kind of glancing down at
because it was yesterday so for day four
I switched to eating three meals and the
first was the bulletproof coffee and
then the second was a sort of avocado
egg and I’ll put a picture of that in
right here
my final meal was sort of like ground
turkey and asparagus and things like
that and I’m gonna show you a picture of
that right here
I got up and I had that bulletproof
coffee at around 8 o’clock and then I
was super hungry by like 11:30 and then
I had that pretty big meal and then I
think around four-ish I started to feel
my energy levels weren’t very very low
and then I realized like a chucklehead
that I had not had any electrolyte at
all which I was preaching about in my
day to videos so that you can avoid the
keto flu so I drank that and I was like
ready to run a marathon and that was
amazing and then I had my final meal
around 7:00 and I was totally able to
eat that no problems which was weird cuz
the day before I really struggled to get
down that final meal maybe I just like
this last no better
I don’t know but yesterday after I had
those electrolytes it was off the charts
so much energy and in my video tomorrow
I’m actually gonna show you that I’m
gonna substitute my pre-workout for that
electrolyte drink and we’re gonna see if
I’m able to make it happen in the gym by
getting rid of that the pre-workout
drink the package kind and I will say
that I definitely just I’m just in such
a better mood my mind is more clear my
skin feels like it is more clear and
also something kind of weird like I feel
like I can smell stuff that I I’m not
used to smelling so all the way around
for me it’s just yes it feels like it’s
so much easier for me from my body for
my lifestyle keto seems to be a very
good fit like I like that getting up in
the morning having that coffee and not
having to concern myself with breakfast
or whatever while I’m getting the kids
off to school and getting started with
my day and just having that and feeling
very satisfied until lunchtime and then
eating a pretty big meal and then again
going several hours and eating another
pretty big meal and then sort of calling
it around like 7:30 or 8:00 and just
being being done so not a whole lot of
changes between day three and day four
just way more energy so I guess that is
a big change but again only after I
drink the electrolytes so the only
reason I’m mentioning any of that to you
is just to stress the importance of
getting those electrolytes in like early
maybe even before you have your first
you know food meal so let’s say you have
your bulletproof coffee like a
maybe let’s have your electrolyte around
11-30 before you eat like maybe an hour
before you eat and then I told you guys
I was gonna tell you about the macro app
that I’m using and I’m gonna actually
just switch over on screen recording on
my phone so you can see what it looks
like directly but it’s called card
manager and let me go show you what
that’s like app in the App Store it’s
called carb manager and it’s free and so
if you are familiar with MyFitnessPal
then this is going to look very similar
but what I love about this app as
opposed to My Fitness Pal is that you
can track your net carbs versus real
carbs and for some of you that may be a
thing and for some of you it may not if
you don’t know what net carbs are that
is basically where you take let’s say
something has 10 carbs and then it has 5
grams of fiber it gets counted as five
net carbs but again that depends on if
it’s insoluble fiber or other kind of
fiber so if you want the details about
that there are a gazillion videos on
YouTube you can look up you know what is
a net carb but for the purposes of keto
the way that I’m doing it net carbs for
me I want to stay below 20 net carbs and
so you can see here at the top that it
measures your net carbs for the day and
then it tells you where you are at with
your fat and your protein macros and if
you don’t know what macros are watch my
day 3 video what our macros and there’s
a link at the bottom of that video in
the description box that will tell you
where you can go to a free site and then
you just enter your height weight and
whatnot and it will spit out your macros
that you need to be on a keto diet so
and let’s look at because today I’m not
done eating it so that’s not a good
example but yesterday you can see where
I was with my carbs I’m you know at 19
of 20 net carbs and 121 of 124 grams of
fat and 96 of 100 grams of protein and
just over on the calories but I don’t
worry about that kind of stuff because
I’m very active during the day and so
just to give you an example of kind of
how this works you know if you you come
in here and you just press this little
plus button and then you can enter you
just you know like you would click any
of it and then add it to whatever meal
you want here and
come in here and then you just add it to
whatever and it keeps a tally of what
you’re eating throughout the day and
then if you click over here it will tell
you in depth basically you know here’s
your the screenshot of how you did today
and then it will tell you which foods
are highest in carbs which is great
because a lot of times unless you’re
tracking this stuff you don’t know about
it and then I have to show you all this
because this literally just blew me away
and then if you you know if you want to
add your water you add your water and
then you press steps if you have your
whatever you call the little pedometer
you can incorporate that but this is the
part that I just was like where is this
been my whole life even though I know
all these exercises now it still would
have been really nice to have so let me
go back if you press the little
hamburger menu up here in the top left
and you click exercise okay check this
out you can go to I mean you could look
at all that but who cares but you can go
to weights all right
now you might think okay great that’s
amazing a whole big deal but watch this
hey grace what right there on the thing
tells you what it’s good for how to do
it so let’s say that you know you want
to follow somebody’s training regimen
but if you don’t know what these things
are especially something you know more
complicated like a barbell wrist curl
you don’t have to sweat it because guess
what this app has you covered
I even this morning went to this for a
couple of things like oh let me get some
new lat workout ideas out of this I
think this is such an amazing resource I
would switch over to using this just for
this I think this is amazing tell me
what you guys think in the comments
below I don’t even know of another
single resource
besides bodybuilding calm but then you
have to get on there and search out
every single exercise and this is not
like that I just think this is such an
amazing resource and I love it and then
if you have exercises that you do
regularly you can add them here and then
you can come back here and you know you
can upgrade and do all these crazy
things and you know share your macros
with other people and get a food plan
and all of that I don’t require that
because you know I’ve been doing my
macros for a good long while but I had
to share this resource with y’all
because when you log it as you can see
here you can just see let’s go to
avocado okay and then
that’s there we go okay so it’s gonna
tell you oops I don’t want to mess that
up so it tells you exactly what it is
like net carbs fat protein calories okay
great let’s go over here something as
simple as a cherry tomato I didn’t know
it had that many carbs in it I still
love that I’m gonna eat them just gonna
eat a lot fewer of them so you know
getting here a play around but it’s a
totally free app it’s called carb
manager just go to the App Store or
whatever it is on an Android and
download this app because I’m telling
you like I said in my water macros thing
if you can get in the habit of logging
your stuff it’s like a game that you
play with yourself you know you hit your
macros for a month straight I promise
you you’re gonna know your fitness goals
or at least be moving so much in that
direction so that is it for this part
one thing and then one thing I forgot to
mention when I was doing this screen
capture is there’s a little note section
at the bottom of each day and I find
that very helpful because it just helps
me like if there was something going on
or you know I’m reminding myself like
hey drink more water or if there was a
mood swing issue I like to keep track of
all that stuff you don’t have to it’s
totally optional
but I had to share this resource with
you guys because it’s free and it’s
amazing and if you like my Fitness Pal
you will love this app especially that
exercise section it’s just I’m gonna
tell everyone I ever meet about that
ever again so like oh I don’t know how
to do X Y & Z in the gym amazing such a
great resource so please share that with
your friends and what else again
tomorrow I’m gonna be replacing my
standard pre-workout with a kind of
homemade DIY pre-workout and I’m gonna
see how that workout feels and then the
next day I’m gonna do a workout with BPI
which is supposed to be like a keto
friendly pre-workout I’ve never used it
and then I’m gonna tell you which one I
liked better and with respect to
endurance and taste and you know how
much each cost etc so I’ll be making
that comparison sometime later in this
week and if you want to keep up with
that journey go ahead and click like and
subscribe and don’t forget to hit that
little Bell so you get notification when
I post new videos thanks for staying
with me guys I’m really enjoying just
kind of giving you these little blurbs
and these little tidbits at the back end
and I hope that if Kido is something
that interests you that these videos are
helpful to you and I will see you guys
tomorrow bye

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