hey guys welcome to my channel and
welcome to day two of my 30 day Keto
summer transformation challenge I just
made me so some lunch I actually give
the cloud breath a try I know it was a
little failure some of them didn’t
really rice you can see it in my
previous video but well how I already
made it so I want to test it out I think
it looks pretty amazing so hopefully it
tastes the same young guys
that’s not bad not bad at all so I use
half of a teaspoon of mayonnaise three
slices of black forest ham man slice of
goat cheese three slices of tomato I
used one fried egg and some iceberg
lettuce I made myself a big can of green
pommes Ingrid tease so that’s what I’m
gonna be sipping on I wanted to make
myself a coffee but I already had one
black in the morning and I ran out of
whipping cream so I’m gonna be sipping
on tea today so day two on this
challenge of feeling good going strong
my husband loves it as well so we really
are pumped and motivated to really
finish all these 30 days wrap is working
at the office in the town and he said he
would email me a little short video
about what is he having for lunch at the
office so you can guys have a little
better idea how to do keto on to go what
you can pack for lunch or snack when
you’re working out of home hey guys it’s
Robin that work right now
and I am just clocking out from a lunch
break and I want to show you guys what I
brought for lunch as an example of what
you can have prepare the night before
and bring it to work with you so what I
got here is some pita bread and it’s got
some sliced chicken breasts we got some
Munster cheese tomato lettuce onion
and I think a little mayonnaise so I
have a little chicken sandwich with some
keto bread and then I have a side salad
here so this has spinach and kale leaves
cucumber tomato onion and I have a
little chipotle ranch dressing that I’m
going to be using and that is my keto
lunch and it’s very good I also have a
lot of water here because I’ve been
really getting the thirst the last few
days really feeling I was dehydrated
this morning I felt like extremely
thirsty all day so I got a lot of water
and there’s some green tea here and so I
have coffee in the morning here at work
and then the rest of the day I’m on
green tea and and water so that is Tito
so I’ve decided that not having whipping
cream is not gonna stop me to have my
afternoon coffee fixed so I’m gonna make
bulletproof coffee I don’t usually do
proof coffee but when I do I do really
enjoy it I like it I’m gonna show you
how I make mine I use one tablespoon of
Kerrygold butter some pink sauce just to
pump up my electrolytes a little bit I
use some little cinnamon and I use
coconut oil it’s better to use MCT oil
but if you do not have it or you don’t
want to spend money on it it’s
completely fine just use coconut oil MCT
oil is actually just coconut oil
by-product which is better
absorbent by your body and it just
boosts your energy a little more than
actual coconut oil coconut oil I think
has about 55 percent of MCT oil in it so
it’s it’s a little lower in the energy
bump but this is that’s what I’m using
I’m using an organic one and I also like
to use a little bit of vanilla extract
in it so what you’re gonna do you’re
gonna put your coffee in your blender
you can also use this little hand mixer
you’re gonna throw on my weight scale
1 tablespoon of grass-fed butter
the latter people would use a tablespoon
of coconut oil but I cannot really
stomach it so I’m using just a teaspoon
and that’s just fine for me little dash
of pink Himalayan salt a little bit of
vanilla extract and dash of cinnamon
I’m blended for about 30 seconds
oh look at these guys it makes this
amazing creamy foam tastes really
awesome little taste test mmm it’s good
I don’t know if you guys tried
bulletproof coffee it tastes good I
don’t really have it often as I said
because it has a pretty lot of calories
and I am rather snack then drink my
I’ve been nicely asked to make some keto
chocolates for tonight so I’m gonna show
you how I make it so you need four
tablespoons of cacao powder I’m using
the organic one I’m using four
tablespoons organic coconut oil a little
bit of vanilla extract some sweetener
two teaspoons of peanut butter or almond
butter if you do have and then I like to
put some kind of nuts in there so I’m
using pecans today
I will drop couple of pecans on the
bottom of each of the ice cube just like
so this is how it looks like and now you
want to put them in a freezer for about
ten minutes and each of the chocolates
comes down to about sixty calories and
one net carb as a snack today I’m gonna
have besides that fatty coffee I’m gonna
have this mozzarella cheese Franks
that’s about 80 calories and one net
carb first pcs yes you know some care
modeling I’m gonna start the dinner I’m
gonna be making some delicious taco
salad tonight
I have all my veggies pre-cut so now I’m
gonna cook this ground beef it’s about
eight ounces and I’m gonna make my own
tackle seasoning as I don’t have any
and this is the tack of salad oh damn I
used some spinach cucumbers tomatoes
some onion ground beef some guac avocado
and 1 tablespoon of sour cream and don’t
forget the cheese and this is how it
looks like when you’re done with taking
a pictures can’t can’t finish it that
was just too huge and egg salad speak
for yourself
oh well obviously they’re happy he’s
probably gonna eat my leftovers as well
well what I meant to say I’m gonna have
to adjust my macros as I didn’t really
finish it and if you wondering how my
all logins up the food looks in my macro
tracker at I’m posting all those now on
Instagram so if you want to you can go
follow me there it’s Ava underscore
Scialfa I’m gonna leave the link down
below so you can go check that out and
we can be it’s the friends I’m gonna go
beyond the kiosk yet so how was your
second date going at work my second date
challenge was really good that sandwich
and the salad that I brought to work was
very filling I had my good fats I had a
half avocado in there and I won all
Baccano is very filling
thanks for the video thanks for the
video I’m saying
taking our power walk in our beautiful
quiet neighborhood can’t hear the sound
besides all the birds talking nonsense
we are back from our walk and I’m just
gonna brew some tea and we gonna have my
awesome cheesecake
this is cheesecake I made I already made
a video so I’m gonna link it down below
if you want to checked it out and give
it a try it was a recipe for two
portions but I actually divided it into
four so this thing has only 150 calories
and one point five net carbs I’m gonna
top it up with some strawberries and
have it with my team YUM
what do you think babe I think it looks
tonight can I eat it now um hold your
horses first Instagram pictures and then
you eat before you go black before we
gonna go ahead and eat our cheesecake
enjoy the tea and some creepy movie
we’re gonna do one more important thing
and that is day two Dan and guys the
second day of our 30-day kedo
transformation challenge is over we’re
gonna go ahead and chill now and I’m
gonna see you tomorrow good night


  1. Good job you two! Rob the vlogger is born. 🙂 All the food looked so delicious and what a nice evening walk. I love the sound of the cicadas it's the sound of summer. 🙂

  2. Helloo!!! Iva and Rob, I'm so glad I discovered you guys. I hope to start keto and am educating myself. Thank you so much for the wonderful resources you put out there. I'll start next week and I'm so glad I have your meal ideas to follow. I'll be one week behind but I'm glad I'm following you guys!!

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