Ketogenic Diet Vlog | Kevin Kreider

Ketogenic Diet Vlog | Kevin Kreider

hey guys Kevin Kreider more than just
muscle in this video it’s gonna be
pretty raw I’m gonna just do a vlog
about the ketogenic diet that I’ve been
doing it I called it the Kevin’s keto
journey there was sixty days and I’m
gonna share with you my experience but
first my first carb filled meal in sixty
days I’m doing gluten-free pancakes and
I’m gonna put butter on those pancakes
and of course I’m gonna have some eggs
because that’s that was one of my
favorite meals and I still love those
meals so I’m gonna make that because it
was the first time in a long time sixty
days that I’ve had real carbs
I’ve had some vegetables and stuff like
that but I’m also if you can’t see
with my camera can you see that you’re
on tape right now anybody hello Maria
hello hoody guys I’m gonna try my best
to get to you if I don’t I apologize I
am a dick but I’m trying to cook
pancakes vlog to you and videotape this
whole thing at the same time and it’s a
lot more challenging than I thought so
first let’s get the baking mix it’s
going to be delicious gotta do that I’m
making pancakes why do you show us your
abs while making pancakes take your
shirt off so see your abs you get a
little moody when you do a ketogenic
diet that’s for sure yes I’m an Asian
everyone is just captivated by your
stunning ABS hmm I got a question that
do you think that YouTube fans so today
is day 60 and I got my blood work done
as you can tell I don’t know what it’s
gonna look like but I hope it comes out
for the best and I just want to tell you
guys what I think about ketogenic diets
and what you should know about it
ah man so much to talk about with the
ketogenic diets a lot of people think
I’m an advocate for a ketogenic diet
pancakes with butter and I have not had
pancakes for 60 days and it’s one of my
favorite things I was actually having
pancakes I want to say 90 days almost 90
days in a row when I was when it when I
want my IFP a pro card in natural
bodybuilding and this video is gonna be
kind of raw because I didn’t like the
ketogenic diet in all honesty oh holy
Stace oh God
whoo man I feel normal again it almost
makes me want to show you guys my ABS
site so I got my bloodwork done today
I’m gonna see if anything went up in
numbers or down in numbers I’m gonna
lean over so I can talk to you guys a
little better it’s the first time I ever
did a full ketogenic diet what I did in
the past was I would actually have a
really high protein diet it was almost
all protein very little fats and almost
zero carbs and that really kind of that
was more of an Atkins way or at least
that’s we talks about kokino Jenner diet
that I followed was more of an 80% that
and then it was a very moderate amount
of protein around 20% came from protein
and the rest came from vegetables or low
amounts of carbs like from nuts
um nuts that I chose were almonds oh my
god I missed I missed these carbs and I
have to say though guys
it’s a considered in a ketogenic state
when you’re at 0.5 millimoles to 5
millimoles I mean I think you go even
higher than 5 millimoles but I tried
really hard and I usually
Kito strips to test out my I can’t even
find it right now but used to test out
my ketone levels and I got to tell you
it was really difficult to get above the
moderate range of ketones in my body
which was I almost had to millimoles at
some point and that was very difficult
it was a little bit later in the day it
was a little bit later in the day and I
found that taking those supplements like
the brain octane and having meeting
chain triglycerides and even the ghee it
was a little bit difficult to get even
to to millimoles and stay there and you
get used to the butter and coffee
actually you start looking forward to it
which is kind of weird
I think I’d do better with a higher fat
diet yeah so I’m thinking about
switching to a 40% of my daily intake is
that’s and the rest is like 20% protein
and maybe 30 40 % carbs or I’m gonna
play around with a little bit I don’t
want to get rid of carbs anymore but
what I my anticipate this happening
which is I did feel great but I also
know I felt great without sugar and
gluten in my diet and I’m anticipating
that when I stop eating sugar and gluten
again I’m gonna feel just as good maybe
even better a lot of times people have a
keto flu and with the keto flu I believe
is just a sugar withdrawal and what else
makes you feel like crap and makes you
feel like sick if you’re got a
withdrawal drugs and alcohol especially
if you use it so I’m not really sure if
it’s a keto flu per se they’re saying it
gets or a lot of toxins I think just
because we eat so much sugar as
especially in American culture when you
eat that much sugar and then all of a
sudden you stop of course your body’s
gonna have a reaction
and it’s just cleansing itself I got
really angry at times during the
ketogenic diet so I’d watch out for that
now but also I was doing intermittent
fasting with it so some people don’t do
intermittent fasting when they do a
ketogenic diet which some people don’t
recommend that and I found it was really
difficult for me to stay within a
caloric intake to lose body fat because
I was just so hungry at night I was just
so hungry I eat like almost like a half
a jar of almond butter and each day that
went by I couldn’t wait to eat carbs
again and god I did have a little bit of
trouble staying asleep that’s another
thing oh I think I just cut my lip Bon
Appetit why in my take on ketogenic diet
I think they’re great if you want to get
off sugar because here’s the thing
I don’t crave sugar that much anymore
actually none there’s so much easier to
say no when I was on a ketogenic diet
like I really didn’t feel like having
sugar which is great another benefit I
thought was my joints obviously felt
fine without sugar or any type of gluten
but I also don’t think I’m gonna I’m
gonna feel the same I also believe I’m
gonna feel the same way by eating carbs
but just eating gluten-free and
sugar-free types of carbs and and I know
the pancakes have a little bit of sugar
in it but I really just want to stay
away from the refined sugar of eating
chocolate and chocolate cakes and donuts
because for a while there I was getting
a little bit crazy with that kind of
stuff and I lose any weight now
I stayed up 185 initially I dropped down
there about like 180 181 wow that’s
water weight because each gram of
carbohydrate that you store in your body
which is glycogen and glucose holds on
to about 3 molecules which is about 3
grams of water weight and our body can
hold I believe 500 to 800 grams of
carbohydrates and our whole body so you
to apply that I’m not very good at math
it’s a little how to weight water weight
you’re losing so you’re literally
getting rid of muscle glycogen so your
body fat or fat turns the facts into
ketones and then ketones are an
alternate but I can’t talk that I’m just
so happy if they so good the ketones are
an alternate source of fuel for your
brain your brain needs to function off
of glucose so it’s an alternative source
for your brain to function off of and
there are lots of other benefits for
ketones being in your body like
inflammation it reduces inflammation
autoimmune diseases neurological
diseases I well I might have made that
up but also cancers and the thing about
ketogenic diets though it can limit to
you when you go out to eat I found that
it was a little it’s a little boring not
even the French fries just having a
salad every time and it made me realize
how much I missed potatoes are like
french fries and just like a occasional
treat like that once in a while
and I just think it’s I think it’s good
if you have a real purpose for it like
if you have joints and for your
well-being and let’s just say you do
have brain fog from eating all the sugar
and gluten then I recommend trying it
and I also recommend just trying it for
30 or 60 days
it’s very tolerable for 30 days and then
eat carbohydrates again but at a
moderate pace and don’t and try to stray
away from the sugar I do believe that if
I stay away from sugar I’m gonna get the
greatest benefits from this ketogenic
Cleanse I guess you can call it and it
was a 30 day thing 60 day
Kevin’s ketogenic journey and it was 60
days and I gotta tell you man I feel
already a lot better just having those a
little bit amount of carbs and the best
part is I feel full I feel satisfied I
don’t feel like I need to eat more carbs
because at this point I’d be reaching
for the jar
of almond butter and just pounding that
down and I feel good I feel really good
and I think what I’m gonna do I’ve still
think um if my blood work cooks
if my blood work comes out all right I
think I might add butter into my coffee
just for a little bit just because I’m
so used to it but I actually kind of
enjoyed it at the ante that you having
that little bit of butter my coffee and
I’ll probably still do that I’m not
gonna take the brain octane anymore the
main ingredient in brain octane anyways
is extracted from coconut oil and I’m
gonna wait to see what happens with the
blood work before I make any other moves
alright guys I hope you enjoyed that
video I loved I actually really enjoyed
doing this experiment with the ketogenic
diet no matter how much I bitch and moan
and I think the only reason why I’ve
enjoyed is because I could report back
to you guys and share with you and we
can speak about this but anyway I hope
you enjoyed my video subscribe to my
youtube channel I really liked
intermittent fasting I prefer to do
intermittent fasting for my programs and
everything so if you’d like you can
download the free intermittent fasting
handbook the link will be in the
description and above and I’ll see you
guys next week

13 thoughts on “Ketogenic Diet Vlog | Kevin Kreider

  1. I agree. Keto is a lot easier to stick to if you have a good reason to be on it. It's never made me cranky and I do do it with IF. I'm also gluten free because of celiac and have one 5 day fast a month to try to prevent the Alzheimer's that my father has. 🙂
    Those pancakes looked awfully good.

  2. Kevin, Great video! I started Keto this month but been wavering a bit lately. I'm 5'9, medium build, currently 180lbs and my goal is to get between 170-175lbs. I also like experimenting with different diets but feel this may not be for me. I love my morning buttery coffee and can stick with a higher fat diet but I like my carbs in moderation. I'm curious to know what eating style worked for you the best when trying to get shredded. Care to share? Thanks man and keep up the great work

  3. That face when you ate your first bite of pancakes is all proof against keto 🙂
    Eating everything in moderation and counting calories and doing some exercise is more than enough for 99% of the population. All else is fad.

  4. as soon as that girl asked him if he was asian, she left the room and 90% of his viewers were gone. hahahaha little chinaman.

  5. Great channel, love your videos, I find Keto is super easy for me, I will tell you that when you get your results back, you will be surprised on how well the results look, the health benefits from keto are real

  6. Great vid!! I subbed!! I uploaded my firsttt ketobang today…. was so nervous about it lol… stop by sometime if you want… lived the vid , keep it up!

  7. I'm trying keto for a skin condition I have. I have psoriasis, and I heard that a high oil diet can help combat it. It really sucks and has gotten worse. I tried it last year and felt pretty good on it. I just didn't realize that it was also helping out with my skin. I quit it last year because my friends from my school and family were worried about me not eating a lot. I'm just hoping it works, and that I will be able to stick to it.

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