hey guys welcome to my channel it’s Iva Scelfo and today I’m bringing you
another episode of what I eat in the day
on this ketogenic diet so let’s just
jump right into it and make some lunch
as I’m skipping breakfast because I do
practice in thir minutes fasting so
let’s just whip up some lunch quickly
today I’ve decided we gonna have
breakfast for lunch and I’m gonna be
making a keto pancakes so I’ll be using
a coconut flour baking powder some
sweetener 4 X heavy whipping cream and
some pure vanilla extract well this is a
lot I’m gonna be making 4 servings
because I just like sometimes having
those pancakes in the fridge to take out
just for like an afternoon snack or nice
dessert so I’m gonna make 12 of those 4
X 4 tablespoons of whipping cream you
can also use a milk of your choice I
almost forgot I’m gonna be using some
cream cheese I left it out for about an
hour because I need it to be a room
temperature so 4 ounces gonna take my
handy dandy kitchen scale to measure it
2 tablespoons of a sweetener I’m using a
concentrated one so I’m gonna use about
3/4 of a tablespoon 1 teaspoon of baking
powder couple drops of vanilla extract
and 6 tablespoon of coconut flour and
I’m just gonna blend it all up
I’m gonna let it sit for about a minute
just at the coconut flower absorb a
little bit of the liquid and it’s more I
could do it consistency unfortunately I
didn’t have fake enough pain so I’m
using a two small ones I’m not going to
be using a little bit of Kerrygold
butter in each pan to fry up the
pancakes and let’s go into it and here
they are
we’re gonna take a
well guys I thought we gonna have some
for desserts and stuff but nope they
were so so delicious that we actually
managed to eat them all yummy
guys you have to try this pancake recipe
out I think this was the first one out
of like three recipes I already have
tried for a keto pancake and these
really actually taste like a real
pancake see they were fluffy like really
the baking powder I think does really
make that the magic but you definitely
give them to give them a try because
they are definitely worthy well I think
next time around when I’m gonna be
making pancakes
I’m definitely getting myself a big pan
because it was a little pain in the butt
to do it on two separate ones so next
time big fan for me it’s four o’clock
and I’m feeling a little hungry so I’m
gonna make myself iced coffee and some
snack for snack today I’m having a
leftover half of this quest bar this is
a strawberry cheesecake one I do enjoy
this one and I got lots of
recommendation to heating it up in the
microwave so that’s what I’ve been doing
and I’m loving it and I’m just gonna
have some iced coffee to go with it and
that’s gonna be my afternoon snack today
I’m using a piece of parchment paper
just so the bar doesn’t stick to the
plate that was also one of your
recommendation and thank you for that
delicious afternoon treat I wanted to
share with you this now Quito MCT oil
powder salted caramel this thing is
amazing it’s about 30 bucks so it is a
little pricey but there is over 60
servings in it and I don’t know if you
know about MCT oil is a coconut oil
derivative it actually boosts up your
energy and helps burn fat in between
meals you can get back into ketosis
after a cheat meal faster by using this
that’s what they claim increase mental
performance and energy like it’s really
good I like it I try to put it in an ice
cold coffee that didn’t really work as
it Klum’s as you know that coconut oil
melts when it’s like 75 degrees
Fahrenheit so this is awesome to put in
your teeth that’s what Rob loves or you
can add it in your coffee instead of a
creamer it tastes amazing and I
definitely do recommend it time to make
the dinner today will be really a lazy
Ezekiel quick dinner I’ll show you what
we having I took 3 romaine lettuce
leaves and I whipped up quickly some
chicken salad from the baked chicken I
had from a previous day I just added
some Mayo some onion some celery and
some carrots and I put some salt and
pepper whisk it up and taste amazing and
that’s what’s gonna be for dinner
tonight very simple healthy and
delicious dinner was really satisfying I
do love buying the whole chicken because
we always end up having three to four
meals so it’s five bucks well spent
I’m gonna go ahead and make myself a cup
of tea and chop up some strawberries
with whipping cream for dessert and
it’s gonna be it for today’s what I eat
in a day on a keto diet so I hope you
guys enjoyed this video if you did give
it a thumbs up and don’t forget to
subscribe down below and I’m gonna see
you again very soon

3 thoughts on “KETOGENIC DIET WEIGHT LOSS Keto Pancakes

  1. Hey, did you see that Walmart came out with a Sugar-Free spray whip!? 🙂 I am sure it will cost less than the previous one I had been getting, the Land O Lakes. Also, that one I could only find at Publix. Haven't tried the new Walmart brand yet, but I picked one up the other day. Glad to see you are making videos again.

  2. Can you please start putting the recipe in the link. Just came across your channel and sub and I love all your videos. Thank you so much for the work you put in to them . Please keep them coming lol

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