Kids Try Syrian Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

Kids Try Syrian Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– I don’t like tasting leaves. (giggles) – No, I eat grass. – I eat it once in a while. (giggles) (upbeat music) – Hello, guys! – I’m Nisa, and this is my sister Nyah. – We’re trying cereal food? – Oh, now I get it. – Yeah. – I think I’m gonna like it. – What is this? – Hmm. What’s this? (crunching) – What’s this white thing? Hmm, that’s okay. – Uh-uh. – Small, small, small bites. – I can feed myself. – I can feed myself. The chicken’s good. I’m not a fan of the sauce though. – What’s the white stuff on it? – Mayo? – Yogurt on chicken? – I never had yogurt with chicken. – It is? I thought this was dinner. – Yeah. – What is this? Looks like a taco! – It has like a good smell. Kind of like a good smell
mixed up with an armpit smell. – Is that spinach? I’m just gonna take a big chomp out of it. – I’m just gonna take a big suck of this. This watermelon tastes like sour. (chomping) – No. – I’m gonna unwrap this. Oh, the inside is just rice? – Is it rice and beans or rice and meat? – Hmm! – Yablock? – Check out my beard. (giggles) – Is the next one bad? – Wait, this looks like
kind of like a cake. – It looks like a dessert. – Wait a minute. Is this tricking me? Is that meat? – It’s meat. Yum. – Is this the sauce again? It’s the sauce again. You like that? I don’t even know you. – Well, you’re crazy. It’s good. – Mmm! Kind of tastes like burritos. – Nyah, we’re done. We’re done here, we’re done. Here if you, wipe your hands, wipe your. – Oh, is this a cookie? – But–
– A pretzel man! – Looks like an X and then an O. – Like X-O, X-O. – Ooh. – This is the best thing so far. – This is amazing. – Hmm. (lips smacking) Coffee? – He’s okay with dipping stuff
in coffee but not drinking. – Hmm! – Sip! (slurps) (laughing) – Yummy! (laughing) – Give me the coffee! Coffee, coffee! – Thank you for watching
me try Syrian food! – Shout out to all our friends from Syria! – More of these cookies! – Bye! Coffee. (giggling) – Yeah, coffee!

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  1. The cute white girl saying cafe.. that's me all day. I love cafe ❤. My 11 year old drinks a little cafe once in a while.

  2. I hope to have a kid like Clara one day, she’s always so open to try everything and she actually likes a lot of it… Oh and she’s adorable!

  3. Noooo Syrian fateh with chickpeas not chicken is what we eat for breakfast and with a slightly different sauce.. look up fatteh bel zeit or fatteh bl samneh! We strongly avoid meats in the morning since a typical Syrian lunch is loaded with them… max we have is eggs fried or as jaz maz (similar to shakshouka) on Occasions!
    Yabrak is supposed to be very thin the size of a pinky finger… and slow cooked for eight hours with bone marrow and fatty shanks and becomes the most luxurious of home cooked meals often served with some nice whole yogurt!
    kebbe seneyeh should be a lot flatter, it looks very dry… as for the desert you made , not Syrian at all…
    Ask real Syrians should you chose to do a re-run! Plenty of great home chefs and professionals we can recommend!

  4. This was so cute. If all of us could stop causing endless wars in places like Syria, think how much better the world could be for the children.

  5. Syrian food is so various …why they select these dichs which is often not relish by children?!! ..There are many different kinds of Syrian food so favorite and zest for kids

  6. Wow, so many offended people here. The point here is to watch the kids be open to trying all kinds of foods and to enjoy their reactions. And if I go to another country and they happen to make an American food in a less-than-authentic way, I don't get offended. I just figure they can't find the right ingredients, or whatever. They got their information from somewhere, so props for trying.

  7. Thanks a lot, it’s kind to introduce the world to our culture food, it breaks all the borders!
    There is just one thing have been missed, this food is not Syrian at all, sorry but I have to say that it looked strangely awful!!
    I feel sorry for those adorable kids, they acted so polite, poor kids 🤣

  8. 1:57 I really wanna know what his fascination with armpits is about. He also talked about armpits in the video where they describe their future life partner to Koji.

  9. No! Fatteh is not for breakfast it's for lunch. Their is another type of Fatteh with Hummus which is eaten as breakfast, but the one with chicken is only for lunch.

  10. No one:
    Litteraly no one:
    Me baing an Albanian: Oh we have GURABIE AND JAPRAK too…just little differences in the name…

  11. Um no noooo y'all need to change the chef cause this is a disgrace to syrian food, im not syrian myself and i got offended

  12. Ask them to try Indian foods. All types of Indian foods, south north east and west… It would b better if they try food from all states of India

  13. I am Syrian and I never saw Yabrak that big before omg. Fatteh Dijaj is not for breakfast it’s usually another type.

  14. ولي على أطاطتكون شو مايعين و بعدين ليش هاليبرا شكلا متل الحجر 😂😂

  15. Claire is so adorable, with her strabismus and her lisp. Absolutely my favourite one of the kids on this channel. Except maybe Sofochka.

  16. The kid was right, the first dish is too heavy for breakfast. We eat fateh djej afternoon or dinner, fatteh hummus is for morning

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