Kids Try Their Adult Siblings’ Favorite Childhood Foods | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

Kids Try Their Adult Siblings’ Favorite Childhood Foods | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– You got any girlfriends? – No. (giggling) – You’re always talking about girls. Always asking me. (laughter) (light upbeat music) Hello.
– Hi. I’m Ethan. – I’m his big brother, Brett. – We’re sisters. No. (laughing) We’re siblings.
– Brother, sister. – Like, nine years.
– Nine years or something. – We have a 20 year age gap. – 23 years apart? – ’85. – Wow. (laughing) – So, you’re gonna eat my favorite food that grandma used to feed me. – Do you think I’m gonna like it? – I think you’re gonna love it. – [Woman] Okay, open your eyes. – Ramen. – Have you ever ate that before? – No. – [Woman] While this is cooking we can crack the egg. – Okay. I have a trick. – What’s your trick? – I just. (knocking) (cracking) And then. There you go. – I just crack them. – All right, Ethan, open your eyes. Boom. Pickle herring. It’s nice and juicy, you got
a cracker for some crunch. Cheers. (crunching) What do you think, Ethan? – It’s good. – You really think it’s good? (laughter) – Oh, that’s so good! – What does it taste like? – Strawberry milk. But then it also has that ice cream taste. This is really good. Are you gonna have one? – Oh, yeah. Sure, okay.
– You can have one. – For old time’s sake. – When was the last one you had one? – Honestly, probably in elementary school when I used to buy them. – Oh, I’m so sad, dude. I’m so sorry for you. – How often did you like to eat this? – After school, for dinner sometimes. Yeah, it’s good. – Final test. It’s salty. Went down my throat like, boom. (laughing) – Do you like it though? – It’s okay. – The other thing I
brought you then is uh, don’t get turned off by the name, but it’s banana baby food. – What? – And I still eat it today. You ready? – [Ethan] Yeah. – Isn’t it good? Is it better than yogurt? See, so good. – You remember how you felt when you were getting ready
to have a little sister? – I was excited of course, but I was like, dang, I don’t
get to be spoiled no more. – Yeah, that is true. – What did you think of me
when I was gonna happen? – Um, it was surprising for sure. I had graduated already
before you were born. From college. So, it was almost like I
could’ve had a kid by then. – That’s just too young. – I was pretty excited for you, yeah, but you were like, the
only one I was happy about because Haley, you know, I was not happy about Haley. But you. Our sister. (laughing) – So, we used to beg for Lunchables and we would never get them. Do you get to eat Lunchables now? – I’ve had them a couple times but that’s only when my
friends give me theirs. (crunch) Oh my god. – [Big Sister] It doesn’t really look that good to me anymore. – Why is it so hard to swallow? – Probably the crackers. I don’t know, dry. – The ice cream was way better. – What’s it like to be almost 20. – Too much. – Too much? – It’s not as fun as being a kid but it’s good. You make your own rules. – You get to drink. – Drink what? – Beer. Vodka. Whiskey.
– I honestly don’t think you would like the taste of that stuff. – Yeah, probably not. – Most of the time it sucks. – Why? – There’s just so many
things you just have to do and it gets tiring. Go to work. Who wants to go to work? I don’t. – I would. – More power to you. Just wait. Just wait. – That she was born in
the 80s not the 90s. – Oh gosh. – And she had very good taste. – Oh, thank you.

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  1. Me : Eating Banana

    Someone : "Its called Banana Baby Poop"

    Me : Uhh.. Stops eating banana and tries to puke

    Someone : "Is it better than yogurt?"

    Me : Prob Not

  2. All of these pairs of siblings are corn fritters, meaning, born to the same parents but not biologically related to each other. Nobody has their own kids or family anymore. LOL

  3. A+ for the best explanation of adulting to a kid.

    “most of the time it sucks, you have to go to work and who wants to go to work”

  4. Please do a separate video of kids trying their aunts/unlces' favorite childhood food. I'm a uncle and I feel left out on these videos

  5. My brother is supposed to be 9 yea older than me he died 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. Whenever i cook noodles I rather crack the raw egg and put it in the boiling noodles and that is really good than putting an boiled egg hehehe

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