100 thoughts on “Kimchi, this sweet and sour flavor food will amaze your winter.温暖一冬的酸甜回味——辣白菜Liziqi channel

  1. this kimchi stuff is China original. we call it paocai. kimchi is just known through Korea. as ramen known through Japan. both this stuff are China original.
    kanji is another example.
    it is hanzi,the Chinese pronouncation of 汉字. means Chinese characters

  2. I have been eating kimchi for a year now. Of course, I buy from an Asian store here in Germany though. But, this one made my mouth water than anything.

  3. 김치 만드는 솜씨가 좋으시네요~ 맛있어보여요~ 채널 잘 보고 있습니다. 할머니와 함께 늘 건강하고 행복하시길❤️

  4. 不错哦 子柒
    辣白菜做的 和朝鲜族的做法 差不多哦
    但是 材料还是太少
    韩国的 辣白菜炒肉很不错哦
    别介意 只是个建议而已 我也喜欢料理

  5. it is called KOREAN STYLED KIMCHI, if this make south korean feels better. But LIZIQI learnt it from YANBIAN KOREAN( who live in the north west of China). so more close to the NORTH KOREAN style KIMCHI if you ask me.

  6. My daughter want liziqi to be her sister because liziqi always cook delicious food and my daughter really like eating that's why he wanted liziqi to be her sister

  7. I wonder how she learned making Korean traditional food. She is genius and she makes everything. Kimchi is very good food for long winter.

  8. I am Sichuanese, our traditional way of making "Paocai泡菜( Hancai咸菜 in Sichuan dialect)" is not the same as Liziqi's, but pickling the various vegetables(radish, cowpea, ginger, hot pepper, cabbage, etc.) all together in the salt water.Therefore, though I don't claim kimchi is originated from China, I don't think " Hancai" is from Korea neither.

  9. Alright, here we damn well go again.
    To all the Chinese in this chat saying that Kimchi originally came from China,

  10. كمية الراحة الموجودة في كل ما تقومين به انت حقا رائعة وفيديوهاتك رائعة جدا أتمنى حقا ان اعيش حياتي مثلك
    شكرا على متقدمينه فيديوهات مريحة جدا بنسبه لي
    Thank you so much ilike your work
    Ahlem from Algeria 🇩🇿 🇩🇿

  11. The jar with a bowl on top (I have no idea what it is called), is the water added to make it air tight? Cause if that's the case then it's brilliant

  12. 하는 방식이 낯익어서 제목을 보았어더니 김치라 적혀있어서 놀랬어요. 심지어 그 뒤에 김치찌개라니..! 너무 신기해요!

  13. Is there anywhere where she posts the recipe? I always want to make her recipes but I'm not always sure about measurements or what the ingredients are.


  15. I would love to see her dresses she sews .sometimes you can see tbem in the videos in the background or a video with one shes working on but they look so beautiful

  16. Masya Allah byk bgt tanaman sawinya❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ pny rmh ky gini betah bgt dirmh masak2 trs❤️❤️❤️

  17. If u check Wiki in English, it’s says kimchi from Korea,but if u change to Chinese language in wiki, its says from China,wired,that’s confusing …

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