Korean reaction to Indonesia : Eat Indonesian food by hands I ORANG KOREA REAKSI I MAKAN INDONESIA

Korean reaction to Indonesia : Eat Indonesian food by hands I ORANG KOREA REAKSI I MAKAN INDONESIA

I am in a local restaurant There are many diverse foods A spicy chicken soup This dish is too small for me I should order more add 15,000 IDR per dish Rice like a mountain Add a vegetable I didn’t order this sauce Oh, shit. it looks very spicy Oh my god All people here eat by hands The total price is 35,000 IDR I thought it is for drinking To wash my hands let’s try this I should eat by hands My first time in my life Hot I want to eat vegetables but it is too hot it’s hot I will try this prawn The smell of the sauce is spicy Mix them by hands it’s too hot The rice never gets cooler The rice is still too hot I don’t know hot to eat this rice Should I eat rice and vegetables together? This vegetable doesn’t have any taste A half of rice dropped Why is it difficult to eat this rice? Am I doing in a right way? Clean my hands by mouth But it’s delicious I want to eat this rice! A new way to eat Why do they start to use hands to eat? Ah. An ancient human start to use hands to eat We were all same However, why do people here still keep this culture? The taste of hands makes it delicious Many rices are sticked to my hands It’s actually very delicious. I like the sauce Try to make a rice ball Am I correct? such as korean rice ball? Fail I don’t know it! it’s easy to pick anything I really don’t know I am confused whether eating a rice or my hand But it is delicious I saw the local to eat by hands And I would like to follow them Honestly, it’s a little inconvenient to me. but it’s delicious Someone took something from this box Almost finished it is spicy Koreans can enjoy this spicy food Do you want to take away a rice on your face? I was too ful To clean hands by last My review to eat by hands A spicy sweat I am not sure I am doing it in a correct way I should learn how to eat Any A mission to eat like locals is completed Do I wash my hands here? here, here? I guess any foreigner doesn’t come here before Order Grilled ribs Sauce They grill it with fire Rice, soup, meat Let me try this It’s a vegetable soup The rice is waterish It’s very delicious to eat rice and soup together Let me try this IGA BAKAR Grilled good Is it delicious? Very delicious The taste is similar with korean style ribs I can also feel the indonesian style sauce It’s my best food It’s very delicious The fat on meat is a bit oily But I like it The meat is very soft it’s very balanced Why is it so delicious? A happy face I feel I am eating a korean food Eat them together Most of all This is too small for me to eat I will order other food Menu I am urgent Iga bakar is very soft and delicate Delicious I found something here There is no tissue here I need to wash my hands I don’t know how to dry my hands after washing Grill The sauce looks so spicy But I can try it’s spicy This is delicious, too Dip it in the sauce I don’t care The sauce tastes spicy and tomato Do they give me a soup for free? There is no free food I come out from the restaurant I ate two foods and one drink It costs 55,000 IDR The price is very cheap In conclusion, it’s very delicious However, there is a bad point While sitting there, I got 10 mosquito’s bites Many flies attack my food I think it’s because there is no doors Or, there is a waterway in front of it Many mosquitos and flies attacked me Besides, I am very satisfied with the taste and price Let’s move to eat I can smell a peanut Drop vegetables Only vegetables Just mix them Egg Snack The name is cute Delicious Thumb up The peanut sauce is delicious and nutty-flavor I am surprised of this harmony with peanut sauce and vegetables

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  1. budaya masing2 negara pasti berbeda, seperti Indonesia yg mayoritas pake tangan atau sendok. jarang yg pake sumpit. begitupun di korea, makan pake tangan akan terlihat aneh dan jorok. tp pastinya kita di Indonesia selalu cuci tangan dulu sebelum menikamati hidangan apapun.. Salam dari Surabaya

  2. eating with your own hands have a good philosophy ,bcause just you use it only for yourself not for other people right. But if u use a spoon or any etc that other have been use it . own hands more clean than a spoon or etc 😁👍

  3. Hi, hyong
    That resto is called " Masakan Padang". They surely have a various dish. And all their dish i guarantee 100% delicious

  4. kenapa makan pake tangan' kenapa ngak pake sendok? jangan terlalu berasumsi orang indo kalo makan pake tangan ,itu pemikiran yg salah

  5. Haha that's funny , I want to tell you, if you eat with hands don't use your palm, you just need your finger ,cause if you eat like that people will think that's weird. But that's cool if you want to try eat with hands. Don't give up !

  6. Kayaknya youtuber Indonesia harus bikin konten cara makan menggunakan tangan buat ditiru para Orang Asing yang tertarik pengen ikutan makan menggunakan tangan tapi bingung dan malu bertanya.. Hehe

  7. its funny and a bit weird to see how u use ur hand for eat 😁 but honestly my mouth is watering to see how exited u eat that 🤤

  8. Ternyata hanya orang indo yg tau teknik makan dengan tangan.. Kalau yang tidak tau caranya itu terlihat sangat primitif sekali 😂

  9. Ternyata hanya orang indo yg tau teknik makan dengan tangan.. Kalau yang tidak tau caranya itu terlihat sangat primitif sekali 😂

  10. Eating with your 'right' hand is 'sunnah' (it's a mustahab practice in islam). Wish you have a nice experience in Indonesia #not only jakarta

  11. Hahaha it is so funny when i saw you eat your meal. I really wanna told to you how eat by hand in right way. But thankyou for trying that hard way to eat 😁😁😁 i really like a mom who proud to see my son trying something new. 🤣🤣🤣 Keep make a fun video to see oppa.. hwaiting 💪💪💪

  12. Hahahaa… 😂. It's always interesting watching foreigner eat using their hand. Always have the first experience. Why not try rendang? Martabak is the best choice at night.

  13. Wash your hand first with soup before eat with hand. If the 'warteg' don't have 'wastafel', you can bring 'hand sanitizer' or wet tissue.

  14. Don't Shy to ask about Indonesian culture, Indonesian people will happy to help you. Or you can make collab with other Korean-Indonesian youtuber.

  15. For me eating by hand is make me Want eat more different with a spoon cause sometimes when eat with spoon i cannot Eat too much but with hand i can eat much idk why lol

  16. I think u're vegetarian, since u thumbs gado2 better than iga bakar 😂😂👍👍 wish u have a nice time here oppa!

  17. cara makan nasi pake tangan atw orang jawa sebut "muluk"
    jgn trlalu banyak nasi, cmpur dlu semua nasi dgn lauk lalu ambil sejumput atw sedikit" caranya jari" membentuk kuncup dn jempol tangan d belakang nasi fungsinya untuk mendorong nasi k mulut. dn tangan kiri letakan d bawah untuk menampung nasi yg jatuh. sedikit" saja jgn banyak"
    karna ada filosofi makan dgn pakai tangan.

  18. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣lucu makanya ok. Jangan bosen" datang ke Indonesia ya oppa masih banyak kota di Indonesia oppa. 👍👍👍👍👍

  19. Very funny friend, how to eat with your hands without using a spoon 😄 you should just borrow a spoon to make it easier to enjoy "Nasi Padang"

  20. each time you eat Padang food., always use your hand (bare hand) food will taste delicious instead using spoon or fork., you will get use to this.., but remember.., always wash your hand before and after each meal..

  21. Fyi:not each eating by hand by the way,in indonesia look kind of food.If food like soup and contain water,you not should use your hand but use spoon or fork but if the food without sauce it is suitable by hand…

    Fighting brother and enjoy

  22. 이것은 남아시아 문화입니다. 손으로 먹는 인도네시아 인뿐만 아니라 인도인, 방글라데시, 네팔, 스리랑카 및 본토 동남아시아 국가들도 손으로 먹는다

  23. 5:36 "They don't serve a tissue"
    I think I saw tissue boxes behind you.
    Edit : The auntie actually refills them around 6:10

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