LARGE FAMILY MEALS ON A BUDGET | Low Carb Hamburger Steaks and Mushroom Gravy STOVE TOP RECIPE!

LARGE FAMILY MEALS ON A BUDGET | Low Carb Hamburger Steaks and Mushroom Gravy STOVE TOP RECIPE!

(upbeat guitar music) – Okay, friends, don’t mind me. We are making hamburger
steak with mushroom gravy. Yes, we are. It’s actually lunchtime here in real time in the Stewart household.
(boy shouting) Many times I’m cooking and
filming in the evenings however we have another
activity this evening. So, I figured I’m making
dinner at lunchtime. Also, this is not a dinner
that I would dump and go in the Crock-Pot or
put in the Instant Pot. It’s a stove top recipe. So, because of that, I’m
doing it on the stove top now. We will be havin’ it for a big lunch. Yes, today man, may be some leftovers. Those could be reused this evening if we need a late-night supper
dinner when we got home. If you follow all that,
you’re used to my videos. Yay. And now, just like that, though, because it is lunchtime
and kids are playing, I’ve got to stop to get
a Band-Aid on a boo-boo. Here we go. Now you’re in. What are you asking Mommy for? – I want more. – [Jamerrill] What were you saying? Were you saying pistachios? – Yes, ‘tachios. – [Jamerrill] Pistachios. You came in. You caught mommy, didn’t you. – Yeah. – [Jamerrill] You want to eat some? – Yeah.
– Hold on, hold on, hold on. I gotta take the shell off. Mm-kay, because you’re
cute, say pistachios. Say pistachios. – Cheese. – [Jamerrill] The cheese. You said, “Cheese.” Say pistachios. – ‘Stachios. – [Jamerrill] Oh, yummy. You could eat ’em? Mm-hmm. – I eating. – You eating?
– This is Besman. – I see Benjamin. Here, you want this? This has nothing to do with mommy making
hamburger steaks, does it? I think I can now get making
these hamburger steaks and mushroom gravy. My recipe on the blog calls
for four pounds of ground beef. My big pack of ground
beef from Aldi, though, is almost six pounds, so I’m making everything a little extra, a whole lot, a lotta bigger. I will let you know the increased
amounts of today’s video, but you can also click the first link in the description below and go over and get everything you
need to make yourself some hamburger steaks and mushroom gravy, and all of this is low
carb and gluten free. Doesn’t check the diary free box, but checks some other boxes, yay. So, again, on the blog, it is four pounds of meat and four eggs. We’re saying six pounds of meat ’cause it’s just a speck off. We’re gonna do six eggs. (bright guitar music) Next up, we’re gonna put in
onion powder and garlic powder. I’ve got two of these jokers
here that I’m finishing up. Now while I’m getting these ready, I’m gonna go ahead and get oil in my pan. This is about a tablespoon of oil. Again, eyeballing school is how we roll. Now, I cheated. I always like all the extra
mama help as possible. Got the mushrooms
already sliced from Aldi. They were like 10 cents more. One less thing I gotta do right now, yay. (bright instrumental music) So, those can cook for about
five minutes on each side. I am going to hopefully now quickly get the rest of these done. Just leave them here in my messy bowl and then we’ll flip those. (bright instrumental music) I got to go get a picture of a
car trailer title for Travis. Heat is off. This is gonna just sit
here for two seconds while I do a wife errand. Okay, so all of the 24
hamburger steaks are cooked up. Now, yes, that was a whole
lotta, lotta grease to deal with. The burgers, though, they
all turned out fantastically. They are here. They are fulfilling their purpose. The deal with the grease
is when I went to Aldi, I needed about 15- to 20-some
pounds of ground beef. I know, I still need to
order another grass-fed cow. We’ll get to it, we’ll get to it, right? Anyway, went into Aldi to get my groceries and the ground beef that I
needed for various recipes. They did have some 90/10 ground beef, beef that was very lean
whenever you cook it up. I think they might have even had a few packs of 93/7 or something, just very lean ground beef. Anyway, they didn’t have a lot of it. I think for the 90/10, they might have had a
total of 2-1/2 pounds, and then the even leaner, which I’ve never actually
seen in the store before, I don’t even think they had a pound of it. I mean, they were just little
minuscule joke-size packages. I needed the big mama pack of ground beef. Now, usually, I can get
the 80/20 in a bulk pack. They didn’t have that, either,
so this is 70/30 ground beef. That is why we have all that grease. Burgers cooked up great, though. Burgers cooked up great, though. I just set them on a paper towel to absorb some extra grease. So, I’m gonna get rid
of a big part of this. I’m gonna leave about four
tablespoons or so in there, and that’s gonna help us get going with our homemade mushroom
gravy that we’re making for these steaks. Okay, so, be careful while you do this. I have no children around right now. I’m gonna pour out a bunch of this grease. We wanna save all the little
bits and pieces, though. Any chunks of meat that are still in here, those little bits we want. Okay, and you can see the
little chunks of meat, and there’s still, there’s
scrapings on the pan, so I’m gonna work on getting those off, then we’re gonna put in our mushrooms, about four cups of beef stock, and a cup and a half to two cups of sour cream to whisk this up. We will do the sour cream last. (bright instrumental music) That wasn’t a whole lotta lotta in my recipe. I need two more cups of beef broth. I’m just going for half of
the little container here. Now I’m gonna put in about
two cups of sour cream. I might need my whisk. You never know sometimes what you’ll need. So, this is roughly
six cups of sour cream. No, we’re not puttin’ all this in there, but I want to do about two cups, so. Eyeballing school continues. (upbeat guitar music) Now, you can get away with doing a drizzle of your gravy like this. It is thickening up on
its own a little bit. I don’t have, because
I’m on my game as usual, I cannot find any of my standard
low carb thickening agents, so I’m gonna put a little
bit of cornstarch in here to thicken it up a little bit more, but I will link low carb thickening agents that you could use about a tablespoon in the description below as well, if you’d like your gravy a little thicker. Okay, so I’m showing you
our plates like I like to. There are two of the hamburger steaks with the mushroom gravy. We have a request for
blueberries and blackberries, so this little plate
is getting blueberries and blackberries with it. As always, the first link
in the description below to get this recipe with the
four pounds of ground beef or up to six pounds of ground beef. With the six pounds, I ended
up getting 24 hamburger steaks. With the four pounds, you end
up with about 16 to 18 or so. So, there you go. We’re having our big lunch now. I’ll see you next time with
another brand-new video. Bye-bye. (upbeat guitar music)

92 thoughts on “LARGE FAMILY MEALS ON A BUDGET | Low Carb Hamburger Steaks and Mushroom Gravy STOVE TOP RECIPE!

  1. How long can you keep the ground beef frozen for (uncooked) I heard 6m but I know you have had it longer. What's ur rule on meets and chicken uncooked in freezer. Thanks trying to get a stock pile and thinking of buying tons on sale or bulk.

  2. I love you youre a genius sending you a parcel at the end of the month 😊 do a taste test thanks for the upload xx ps can i also ask for you to try a vegan challenge ☺

  3. Yummy. We make something similar but instead of homemade gravy (need to try it your way) we have always used the can of cream of mushroom soup and add water to desired consistency.

  4. I make a similar recipe with beef patties in an onion gravy we call it Salisbury steak. I’m allergic to mushrooms and we’re minimal dairy so ours is just a beef gravy with caramelized onions and we simmer the patties in the gravy. 🥰 baby Benjamin is too cute.

  5. Thanks for teaching me a new way, i do oinion powder black pepper salt and brown gravy This recipe looks delish!

  6. I’m going to try your version of this! I grew up eating a cheap version and it’s one of our favorite comfort foods. We use cream of mushroom soup for the gravy and no eggs in the meat patties and then put the gravy over rice too. Yum!

  7. I thought if you smash the hamburgers down you squish all the juice out of them…?? And I thought that wasnt good? Just wondering.. you are the professional not

  8. When I make these I add a package of onion soup mix to the ground beef for flavor. For this large amount of beef I would probably add 2-3 packages!

  9. “Joke-sized packages…” 😂

    Thanks for the laugh, and the recipe ideas. I used to love this meal as a newly wed. My sweet hubby didn’t have the nerve to tell me he didn’t like mushrooms or gravy. He ate it lovingly for years before telling me the truth. 😜

  10. FYI, if you line your bowl with foil, you can pour in the grease and let it cool. It will become solid, and then you can just throw it away. Pinterest taught me that.

  11. Hubby asked what I was watching while I was watching this, and already put in a request for me to make these! Yum! 😋

  12. Here in KC I like the ground beef from Sam's. I get 90/10 for just north of $3/lb which is a decent price around here (a sale price, which is Sam's regular price)

  13. No guilt here I use cream of mushroom soup for gravy with beef broth but I feed 3 grown men and no kids anymore. I guess I am old school because my mom did it that way.

  14. Hi Jamerrill love watching you ,I would love to see some old fashioned recipes like roast beef with roast potato's 3 veg yorkshire puddings ,home made steak pies cottage pies that have gravy in the mince ,Meat and potato pies ,which i used to make for my family ,also would love to see you and Travis have a romantic meal together love from the UK

  15. LOVE your cooking videos! I just love them! this was another great video! It seems like just yesterday you were cooking with Benjamin in your belly. He is adorable 🙂

  16. My grandma used to make these exact same things when I was little, except she called them Salsberry steaks. And I absolutely loved them they were my very favorite thing for her to make when I came over. One day when I went home my mom asked me what I wanted for dinner and I told her raspberry snake. She said what did you say? And I replied raspberry snake. And she’s like where in the world have you ever had a raspberry snake. And I said grandma feeds it to me all the time. So she called my grandma and asked her why in the world that she feeding me raspberry snake. Of course grandma got a good laugh and corrected me by telling her it was Salsberry steak. Lol anyway I have forgotten about this recipe for a long time. She has been gone now for 11 years. And I just happened to find this recipe not too long ago and my whole family loves it. So we are now all eating my beloved raspberry snake. ❤️

  17. Momma Tip; For the grease I like to pour it in a foil lined bowl that way when it is congealed I can wrap it up and toss it in the trash.

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  19. Jam, I bought your huge meal planning kit a couple months ago and only got to use it once before my life got crazy. We just moved across country, and things are finally settling down. Can’t wait to start using it up again. Everything we’ve tried so far, has been great 💚

  20. Benjamin is so sweet. Your dinner looks amazing.

    Since you live in the country do if you have fences around your big away from the house acreage….pour the grease on the the fence lines. It will act as a natural kind of round-up and you won't have to weed eat so close to it. We do it on the outer fences because it sometimes will bring "sugar ants" or "crazy ants"

  21. This may come off as weird and I really hope that it doesn't but I actually love your videos where I can hear all of your kids making crazy noises in the background because I'm an only child and I was used to hearing whatever music my parents were listening to in the background and nothing else is kind of cool to hear the hustle and bustle of a big family in the background of your videos and just to see how you tune it right out because that's your normal. It's really interesting for me to listen and watch that coming from such a different upbringing.

  22. Are there any other 20 something year old people here that don't have any kids…. yet can't stop watching these videos? I mean my boyfriend probably eats enough to account for one adult and four children… maybe that's it hahahaha.
    On a real note. I think what it really is is that you give me so many great ideas for dinner and I can usually cut your recipes down by half and still have enough leftovers to serve my boyfriend for an extra couple of days.
    Me working all day means that the crock pot is my best friend, but I kind of ran out of ideas for the crock pot but you've made me realize how many possibilities there are with a Crock-Pot. I mean, I love Pinterest but I just get so scared to try a recipe that I haven't seen someone actually physically execute which is why I like watching your videos, but I'm also interested in instant Pot recipes because I get home from work so late. I think it would benefit me to use an instant pot but they are so daunting!

  23. well i make pork burgers needs nothing to bind it , just season as you like and shape , thats what germany and polish eat

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