8 thoughts on “Learn Spanish Gustar and Food | Easy Spanish Conversation | La pizza

  1. Muchas gracias
    Este es un muy buen canal educativo del que me beneficié mucho
    Estoy esperando una cuarta parte de la serie educativa
    Espero verla pronto

  2. You are amazing guys. But I want something from you. Your channel will be much effective if you could put Spanish and English on the videos. Please answer soon. Waiting for your answer.

    And manyyyy thanks you are amazing

  3. La fin était amusante!😂
    Muchas gracias.. have mucho tiempo que ví vuestros videos. Lo siento. Fue mucho ocupada. Espero que entienden

  4. Thank you guys for another great episode. Appreciate it. I was watching TV novela the other day and I heard "me lleva" multiple times. I don't think it means literally "take me". The person seemed to be cursing when he said this. Can you guys help me out? Thank you so much.

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