Lemon Jalapeño Marinated Mussels – Food Wishes

Lemon Jalapeño Marinated Mussels – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with lemon and jalapeno marinated mussels that’s right there are a few
things better than a big beautiful bowl of steaming mussels especially when
paired with some crispy fries and maybe a nice cold beer and yet as amazing as
that is it’s still only my second favorite way to eat mussels which is why
i’m so excited to show you this preparation also known as my favorite
way to eat mussels at least during the hot weather months so with that let’s go
ahead get started and the first thing we’re gonna have to do is find a couple
pounds of live black mussels and before we use them they should definitely be
scrubbed Andy bearded and then rinsed and drained which is generally how
they’re sold these days but if not I’m gonna give you some tips on the blog
post on how to prep them and what we’re gonna do is steam those mussels open
using a diced onion which I’m gonna add to this pan with a little bit of olive
oil and a nice big pinch of salt and what we’ll do is cook those stirring
over medium-high heat till they just start to sizzle ensure you could cook
these further and get them sort of golden brown where they start to get a
little bit sweet but for this approach I think we want something a little sharper
in flavor so like I said I’m just gonna cook these until they start sizzling and
they look a little something like this at which point I’m gonna grab my mussels
and carefully transfer those into the pan and by the way there’s probably
gonna be about a tablespoon or two of water left in the bowl which is totally
fine to add but we don’t want any more than that so make sure these are fairly
well drained and then all we need to do is cover this tightly and cook it for
about two minutes or so or until the mussels just open up and if that happens
all once great a lot of some open before others make sure you pull them out
because these things go from plump and perky to puny and pathetic in about 30
seconds so what I’m trying to say is that as soon as these open we have to
get them off the heat and quickly transfer them into a bowl along with any
and all accumulated juices and then once we’ve successfully bowled our bivalves
we’re gonna let them sit for a few minutes until they’re cool enough to
handle at which point we’re gonna carefully
separate the mussel from the shell which I usually do just using my fingers but
some people do like to use the other half of the shell to sort of scrape it
out which does work and if you’re having trouble getting these out go ahead and
try it I mean you guys are after all the nipsey Russell of your marinated mussels
and speaking of match game as you do this be sure to
the shells because once our mussels are marinated we’re gonna transfer those
back to the shells matching big mussels with big shells and small mussels with
small shells or I guess the other way around if you’re a little loud but
anyway we’re gonna separate the mussels and reserve the shells and once that’s
been accomplished we will transfer the mussels to the fridge while we work on
our dressing in the base of that’s actually going to be our reserved
accumulated juices which will transfer back into the pan and put the heat on a
medium-high and what we want to do is reduce this until most of the liquid
evaporates and we basically have sort of a glaze and by the way if you ever find
yourself on a shellfish related trivia game show the juices that come from
mussels and clams and oysters is referred to as a liqueur so don’t miss
that question oh and a little tip here if you want this to burn just walk away
for a minute that will definitely do it because this is gonna reduce very fast
so in fact you don’t want to go anywhere just watch the pan and watch it reduce
until it reaches about this point and once that happens we will transfer that
into a clean Bowl and we will let that cool down at which point we will
continue on with the rest of the dressing ingredients and first up we
will add in a little bit of freshly grated lemon zest all right now too much
okay a little bit of lemon oil goes a long way and that’s exactly what we’re
activating by grating that zest and then of course as the name would indicate
we’re also going to need some jalapeno which I think for this should be very
finely diced and then for our acidity we’ll squeeze in some fresh lemon juice
as well as a couple splashes a champagne vinegar and then we’ll finish this by
using classic vinaigrette technique which means whisking in enough oil until
we’re happy with the balance between the oil and our acidic ingredients and for
me a very general rule of thumb I usually go about three parts oil to one
part vinegar but for something like this it’s really more of a sauce I usually go
with something closer to two to one oil to vinegar ratio and of course having
said all that I don’t measure I’ll just keep whisking it in and testing it until
it tastes right and by the way that muscle liquor is going to be naturally a
little bit salty and since we started this dressing with that reduction we
should have enough salt but you definitely still want to check and then
once that’s AB we’ll go ahead and pull out our mussels and we’ll go ahead and
spoon that dressing over and yes I probably could have just
poured this all on but I thought that would have been a little too fast so I
decided to go with this spoon to give me a little more time to enjoy the
application all right it’s these little meditations you get to do when you cook
to make it even more enjoyable and relaxing and then what we’ll do once
these two components have been combined let’s go ahead and press some plastic
down on the top and that’s it once wrap we’ll transfer that into the fridge for
anywhere between two and eight hours and I personally think anywhere between two
and four hours is the sweet spot and of course at some point during that
marination time we will want to finish cleaning and arrange in our half shells
and of course we’ll be picking the biggest and the best and the most
beautiful and then once we’ve decided our mussels have marinated long enough
we’ll go ahead and pull those out and give those a gentle but thoughtful mix
with this spoon at which point we’ll go ahead and transfer a mussel into each
shell sort of trying to match the sizes I guess but don’t pull a muscle
it’s not really that big of a deal own if you happen to have a couple tiny
muscles you could put two of those together and fill one shell but
fortunately since I didn’t overcook mine they were all a nice size and that’s it
once our shells are filled we’ll go ahead and spoon over as much dressing as
we can possibly fit in and over doing our best to evenly distribute that
minced jalapeno and that’s it we can serve this immediately or pop it back in
the fridge to chill it even more all right I think the colder this has served
the better but I’m gonna go ahead and grab one now so I can remind myself why
I love marinated mussels so much all right I’ll get to the taste in a minute
but because a chilled mussel is so much firmer and Meteor I really do enjoy the
texture with this approach more than the hot steamed ones and I could easily that
whole plate as is but if you want and I did we could fancy these up a little bit
with a slice of Fresno chili and by the way you get extra credit for serving
these on shaved ice since like I said the colder the better and by the way in
the spirit of full disclosure that’s not actually shaved ice I just simulated
that with some coarse salt like one of your finer food stylist would have done
and as much as I enjoy the texture of a cold marinated mussel I think I enjoy
the flavor even more all right we have a little bit of a subtle sweetness coming
through from the onions which is being perfectly balanced by this bracing cold
vinaigrette and I love all spicy food but there’s something about a chilled
spicy dish just seems so much more interesting so I
really did thoroughly enjoy this like I mentioned earlier there are very very
few things I like better than a big bowl of steaming mussels and yet this is one
of them especially during the summer so how why they’re permitting I really do
hope you give these a try soon head over to food wishes comm for all the
ingredient amounts of more info as usual and as always enjoy you

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