LEVEL 9999 NOODLE Skills – The FASTEST + Most SATISFYING Chinese Street Food – Street Food in China

100 thoughts on “LEVEL 9999 NOODLE Skills – The FASTEST + Most SATISFYING Chinese Street Food – Street Food in China

  1. Huge thanks to https://expressvpn.com/thefoodranger (3 months free here) for being our long term partner! I'm always connected for securty, privacy, and to bypass blocked content! I hope you enjoy the video! This noodle scene was INSANE! Please leave me a comment below!! Thanks a lot for watching!!

  2. 十多年前兰州火车站旁的一碗牛肉面,让我回味至今。。。真实的故事 不吹牛逼。。

  3. That's some serious discipline, if you've ever tried to knead you're own noodles by hand, you would know how hard these men work. Incredible.

  4. This is so good! Fantastic food.. yummmmmmmeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy.. :)) Another fantastic video Trevor and Ting.. Thanx a lot for making me so hungry, now I have to eat some chinese.. 😉 Love from Denmark ;))

  5. Awesome Trevor I didn't knew that is how noodles are made of the dough COOL man.
    Please do visit us in Waterloo Ontario for some exotic Pakistani home made food in Canada…😀

  6. Wow.. Are all Halal? I think so as I'm seeing the men wearing kopiah. Luv how u slurp up all the noodles. Hope I'll be able to reach there one day!

    Xoxo from Malaysia

  7. Why don't you come to Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, we have many delicious food that you can try and enjoy its wonderful taste and it will be a unique experience and I can help and guide you if you want

  8. This dude… what a boss. Just casually walks around Asia eating great food, and speaking the language like it's nothing.

  9. At least it's real. How many times do you see chefs eating something and a millisecond later go "oh, that's great" – naw it's no, well it might be if you actually eat the thing and taste it and then tell us ya bam!! At least you can see Trevino is actually telling us what he is tasting and in real time!! Those noodle dishes do look absolutely dynamite mind………………

  10. Good job learning Chinese, just work on the nose sounds.

    Edit: pretty good 好吃吗,but I’m pretty sure you messed up when you said 好吃的很,and your Chinese to English dude done goofed.

    Edit: nvm damn everything, next video you post is just gonna be me correcting the translations

  11. Trevor, we actually don’t say 很香的 to comment food when it is tasty or aromatic, lol, you can say 超好吃,很入味,太好吃了,好吃,味道不错

  12. Thank you James i love China i'm very fond of going to China but I can't go because of my work but watching your video makes me feel like I'm in China.

  13. 2:38 aww they are so cute, smiling and loving what they do for a living. I hope they are fine amid this outbreak. God pls keep them safe 🙏

  14. SIR come in nepal and try a newari food as well as other many types of food. There are many types of food accroding to culture and have a visit natural and cultural place.

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