Liver Detox Diet

Hi, I am doctor Shikha Sharma, and today we
will be talking about how to detoxify your liver. The most important thing is that why
liver detoxification helps and how does it help for curing a lot of diseases? So liver
is like a filter of the body where all the germs, all the toxins, all the medicines,
they are actually you can say neutralized. So that the medicines or the germs or the
other toxic material does not circulate in the body and damage the body. So in a way
the liver is storehouse of all the non required material. All the toxic material. But this
storehouse while it can function effectively even with that toxic material which is neutralized
toxic material. But after a certain point of time when it becomes too much the liver
cells start dying out and sometimes it leads to something called as fatty liver and because
of the damaged liver cells. And sometimes it could lead to other major problems. So
the important thing is that the liver itself needs support and help to cleanse itself.
Now what are the things which help in liver cleansing? The first thing is there needs
to be a liver detox cycle or a day or a pattern or a programme which helps you to detoxify
your liver. In that particular day one has to avoid anything which is heavy for the liver.
So things which are heavy for the liver are things like alcohol, medicines, whether it’s
antibiotics or whether it’s any other kind of medicine. Third thing is any kind of protein.
Proteins could be vegetarian like paneer or cheese or it could be tofu or soya protein.
Or it could be non vegetarian which is actually heavier for the liver. Which is like chicken
, eggs, meat ot any other kind of non vegetarian protein. So on this liver detox day it ideal
not to have any protein also along with no alcohol and no medicines and other things.
The third thing which is very important is to have a lot of clean drinking water on that
liver detox day. So for detoxifying liver how should one begin the day? The best thing
is that when you get up have a glass of lukewarm water in which a few drops of lemon juice
have been added. So you can add a little bit of lemon juice to that water and drink that
the first thing in the morning. Follow it up with a water which is made out of ginger
extract. That means you take a little bit of ginger boil it in water till the time the
extract comes into the water and drink that about a glass in the morning. Now once you…
you know cleanse and all after that you have to drink something which is very rejuvenating
for the liver and rejuvenation for the intestine and also balancing for the PH and this is
called coconut water. So coconut water has an ideal PH. When you drink coconut water
during the morning it will actually start balancing your liver and intestine. So throughout
the day you have to drink coconut water at least three times that entire day. Which will
help you to balance your liver. Then after that you have to have “Triphala” with little
bit of wheat bran. So take about a level teaspoon of triphala on one full teaspoon, one heap
teaspoon of wheat bran. Add it to little bit of lukewarm water stir it nicely and then
drink this concoction. Now how will this help is Triphala whill help to neutralize the toxins
in the liver and the wheat bran will help to clean up the intestine. So that way, as
the intestine keeps getting cleaned up the liver throws its toxin in the intestine and
the intestine flushes it away. So this wheat bran and triphala concoction you have to have
once in the morning and once at night before going to bed. Then after that in terms of
meals you cannot eat a full meal or a regular meal which is cereals or dal or roti or chicken
or fish. You have to have fruits. Now in the winters if you don’t want to take cold fruits
you can saute the fruits a little bit and have them. But otherwise you can have a bowl
of fruits. In that you can add little bit of black salt or rock salt and it will be
ideal if you can add a little bit of “Lavan Bhaskar Churna”. So lavan bhaskar churna is
a mixture of different kinds of natural salts which is called lavan bhaskar churna. Otherwise
if you don’t have it is perfectly all right you can take black salt or you can take rock
salt in the fruits. And of course in the fruits also if you choose things which are grainy
which have seeds like you know for example guavas it’s good for the body it’s good for
the liver because fruits cleanses even better. Then after that it’s very important that you
have to have two times one is pre lunch and one is in the evening around five o’clock
is aloe vera juice. Aloe vera juice itself is also detoxifying. So you can take about
twenty ml of aloevera juice which is about this much in a glass that is once before lunch
and once in the evening. And aloe vera juice also gives a coating to your intestine and
draw out all the impurities. And similarly the aloevera juice will also help the liver
to start throwing out its toxins into the intestine and from there it can be removed.
Another thing which is important for liver detox is that you need to keep flushing out
a lot of things. So at night if you feel a little constipated you can use triphala or
wheat bran. Otherwise you can use about a teaspoon of castor oil in organic skimmed
milk and that also helps you to cleanse your body and you know detoxify the liver. This
particular plan do it once and after one week repeat it again and repeat it after gap of
one week. And these three cleanses should help you actually to detoxify your lever very

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