Magic Diet Soup –  Lose Weight Fast – Low Gi.

Magic Diet Soup – Lose Weight Fast – Low Gi.

Hi this is Tony from Cookingaround today we
are going to have a very special type of soup. This
is a soup that is made for you to lose weight,
you have to eat this soup for 7 days straight
have at least 3 to four bowls a day and at night have
fruit and raw veggies to go with it. Now I
I will show you a link at the end of the video
where get more information about this soup
and here we have all kinds of good things,
we cabbage, red peppers, leeks, tomatoes, now
you will not see any carrots in this recipe
because they are on the med. GI. So this is
a low Gi soup. now as for me you did see my
pictures in the beginning of this video and
I lost a lot of weight on this diet
soup, so again this ia a diet for you to lose
weight, so lets get going on this awesome soup.
and I will show you how to prepare this. Now
I have a lot of stuff here because I make
a big pot for this pot has to last me at lest
2 to 2 1/2 days. Now here we have some
water it’s not boiling yet but its almost at a boil,
So for the size of the pot
and the amount depends on you. So this size
pot it has to last a few days. So we I take
two veggie stock, you can use chicken stock
but here I an using low sodium, and we are
not going to add any salt because there is
some already in the stock. The cabbage
I have is beleave it or not is half of a cabbage
head shredded, now add that in and add 5 fresh tomatoes
cut up, I kept them large, add it on top, like that
now add 4 small onions also on top like this
and add 1 leek cut up like this, now let take
half only and cover it and bring that up to
come to a boil and once it’s boiling then we mark
20 minis. Ok its been 20 mins and and I did
not stir the soup, now turn off the heat and
remove the cover. Look at that and now grab a
large bowl and remove all the onions, all
the leeks, and all the tomatoes, lets get
most of it all out out, if one or two stays in, do not
worry about it. Also I want at least 1/4 of
the cabbage from the soup, and there you go.
We let this cool and we are back, now it
has cooled down now, make sure that it has
at lease half of the liquid now. I will be
doing these in two stages because I have a
lot of soup to blend, so we just start the
thing. So its been about a minute and this
is what we want. now take all the blended
soup and add that back to the pot. and now
we put in the rest of the leeks and here we
have 1 small celery root, I like using this
root instead of potatoes because it is better
for you and lower on the GI scale and 2 red
peppers diced, now if the liquid gets a little
high do not worry about it, it will go down.
I make a lot of soup this way, and here I
have about 6 gloves of garlic minced, put
that in, and we stir that well into the soup
mix, now cover it and bring it to a boil again
and then set it to low and let it go for another
30 mins. So we are back now, now its boiling
and it been now 20 mins but I did say 30,
but I want to add some things on the last
10 mins of cooking, so now add 1/2 cup of parsley,
3 bay leaves, 1 tsp. of nutmeg, 1 tablespoon
of cumin, 2 tablespoons of oregano and this
will give you a awesome taste to your soup, so
we add all of it here, in there, and about
4 chopped up green onions, to give it some
color and texture, and last but not least
some fresh ground pepper, add what ever you
want at this stage, Give a little stir, Now
here is a complete meal with almost everything
you will need for your diet, Now when this
is done it will be awesome in taste and good
for you , a complete meal package in a pot pot,
Now add the cover back on and we let it go
for the final 10 mins, Ok, here we are now.
It’s important to test the soup for taste,
and remember this is not for me but for you,
and for me I like a little more salt.
Now to finish this off add 3 tablespoons of
tomato past, now you do not have to add this,
but I find that this gives the soup a very
rich and thick taste, at this stage you can add anything
you want to this but keep in mind that when
it comes to salt, keep that as little as possible,
Let this simmer for about another 10
minutes with the top off and it is done. So I
hope you enjoy this and I know that it will
work for you. Thank you form Tony and Cookingaround.

100 thoughts on “Magic Diet Soup – Lose Weight Fast – Low Gi.

  1. Why did mine come out bitter? 🙁 I'm tasting the soup and it has this bitter taste to it.. seems like the leeks or the red peppers…

  2. hey sir.. the soup was great. but I was wondering if we can use green bell pepper instead of red ones because the red one are not easily available where I live. secondly is it OK if we don't use celery roots in tge soup. desperately waiting to make this soup to reduce wait….

  3. Hi cookingaRoun was wondering do you have a book of all your soups and other meals? Thank you and have a wonderful day.✨🤗✨

  4. Good morning CookingaRoun thank you for letting me know. Hopefully one day you well. It's well be so great to have a book done by you. So we can see everyday menu to cook everyday recipes! Thank you again , and love all your recipes have a fabulous week.🍴🍵

  5. Thank you for making this soup and listing so many references. Looks delicious and I will be trying it and visiting your blog.

  6. Oh cookingaRoun I forgot to ask you, what about in the morning? What's do you normally have for breakfast? I been having sound for lunch and dinner with a small cup of fruit and coffee. Thank you ✨🤗✨

  7. my hubby likes eating soup he doesn't need to lose weight, this soup will keep him healthy, and me too. thanks for sharing 😀👍

  8. I m not sure if I get the soup stock in India in a small town.
    Can u suggest something else to replace the soup stock n still enhance the taste of this yummy looking soup?

  9. when you said celery root did you mean celeriac? I am cooking this tonight but, I have used celery and mine looks nothing like your celery root. I wondered if it is because you call it something else in the US.

  10. Hello! Thank you for this video. I have a few questions as I have viewed this video many times and also checked your blog page as well. You say to eat this soup 3-4 times a day and then eat all the fresh veggies and fruit you want in-between. So, what would you suggest for breakfast? Just eating a banana? Can you add any raw oats or anything else? What do you (or what did you) eat for breakfast each day? Did you have the soup? For me personally, it would be nice to have something different for breakfast other than soup, and then to save the soup for later in the day. What are your thoughts and what could work for breakfast? Also, with eating the veggies – can we cut up veggies and dip them in some hummus dip? If we make a large fresh salad, can we use salad dressing? Can the vegetables be cooked, such as eating a baked potato or a sweet potato, and putting a little bit of sour cream or butter on them? Thanks so much for clarifying! I would really like to try this soon and have it work for me. Thank you again!

  11. Wow, your soup looks thick! I like that. Most videos I see the soup being very thin and not thick. I've tried the cabbage soup diet and did not like it because the soup is thin. I'm going to try your recipe,

  12. Ok, this is NOT the regular cabbage soup diet our mothers used to force down-this is gourmet weightloss soup!! Omg I cannot wait to try this, I'm craving it!! Going to get ingredients first thing tomorrow morning. I love soup, I love that this recipe is vegan too!! I want to loose 10 kg before the 20th of August. I hope the soup helps me achieve that!! Yum yum I can't wait!

  13. well its tempting… em going to start from today. but i don't have celery roots this time. as em working on fat lose workouts since last 2 weeks with clean diet. yummmm

  14. It looks so good! And I love to eat vegetable/vegetarian style soups in the winter time because it is sooooo cold where I live. I totally love soup like this as part of my metaphysical diet (green shakes and raw fruit smoothies stuffs). Mmmmmmm! Thank you for sharing! Cheerios! 🙂

  15. Thank you for sharing this soup recipe. I'm working on shedding some weight and hope this works for me as well. While I found almost all ingredients but no luck with vegetable stock. Which stores in US sell vegetable stock cubes?

  16. thank u so much cookingaround for sharing ur incredible diet soup,,,,,it's so much-needed for me to lossing my weight too….God bless!!!! and yet,,,its just okie if im adding chili flavor on ur diet recipe soup magic???please reply!!!tanx a lot

  17. I hope this doesn't mess up the soup. A whole head of cabbage. My fresh tomatoes took a hard turn south and I ended to using. 2 cans of diced tomatoes and one can of crushed tomatoes. I added fresh green beans . A half carton of sliced mushrooms and 1/2 of a fresh green chili and cilantro And celery because I didn't have celery root. I messed around with seasonings a bit. It is so gooooood! But is what I did ok for weight loss or should I remake it? I kind of merged 2 of your soups a bit.

  18. I tweaked this just a little bit, and made it today, it was delicioussssss…. tried a lot of other cabbage soups, this is very tasty, and doesn't feel like a diet soup!

  19. this is really awe some video while i am watching your cooking process i feel so hungry look so yummy i think yes it is, i like your product its all about vegetables, thanks for sharing your good intention for us will be on diet😇😇

  20. A friend told me to lookup for the diet “lyly amazing guide” on Google. It has given wonderful results to people and worked incredibly well for me. I have already decreased 10 lbs in less than the first week.

  21. Hi Sir, i have liked your weight lose soup. I have few queries.

    1. What should i take for breakfast ? — Currently, i am taking 2 egg whites, 1 cup tea with low fat milk and 1 orange.

    2. For lunch from now i will take this weight reducing soup.

    3. Evening snack which i take around 4 pm comprise of 1 cup tea and roasted chick peas a hand full and a apple. Is it okay ? or change it as soup only snack.

    4. For dinner i will now take this soup.

    Is this is okay ? Or i need to change something…Please advice

  22. Great! Great! Idea! Looks de'lish!! Never ever thot abt blending my soup! Gonna try your recipe soon! Thx a mil!

  23. r u vegetarian? U don’t use meat for flavor? I normally use chicken or beef to flavor up my soup, occasionally I use the frozen clams or mussels to add flavor. I hardly ever do all vegetarian version of soup. I’m always tempted to add fish sauce or anchovy pasta to boost flavor.

  24. So U like to sauté onions and celery first? That process adds depth of flavor. I think a little bit of oil is ok, adds extra calorie to feel full.

  25. So you are saying eat 3 to 4 times a day eat the cabbage soup and then some fruits. Is this a vegan diet?

  26. I made the soup, but I think 2 tablespoon of oregano is a mistake. The oregano overpowered the soup which I could not eat.


  28. I have a vegan for 29 years .. but sometimes eat foods with sugar … and some wold caught fish .. i am 60 years old and haven’t exercised in like 5 years 😑 going to try you soup!! Looks delicious – how many days in a row i can eat the soup for? Also – what do i eat after this stage? Thanks!!! Georgina

  29. I became so enthusiastic to take the diet routine “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it). I did not modify my eating habits and also did not improve my workout level. More than a period of a month, I lost about 6 lbs. With the help of this approach, I did observe that I ate less and filled up quicker. .

  30. Maybe I did something wrong but followed all your instructions and maybe I just don’t like the taste of some of the veggies I have never tried before. But man this was awful , awful tasting when I got don with it . Sorry to give the only negative comment but you Did GI’ve great instructions

  31. I have used many fat loss plans already but not one of them provided me the outcomes just like I got using this “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) process. I do not really feel jittery or maybe feel a crash, I’m also not as starving as I used to. Ever since implementing the tactics described in this plan, I shed 15 lbs by now. .

  32. ⭐️ 🙂 ❤️😋 No wonder you have 93,000 "🔔" (Now, me too). Studied and tried all popular diets (Keto, G.I., Raw, Vegetarian…) When you popped up I saw the pic of soup and recognized an old friend. WoW, I had the grocery list in front of me, clicking onto YT for ideas for low carb veggies and BAM, everything the brain and body needs in a pot. Thank you for sharing 💛😊 😃 and caring.

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