100 thoughts on “Making MOST VIRAL YouTube Recipe❣️Simple Chocolate Mousse

  1. Hi Emmy! Since you always struggle with unmolding gelatin, you should check out Pai’s strategy from Hot Thai Kitchen! In her fruit agar recipes, she uses a toothpick to slightly separate the jello from the mold, and then trickles some water in to help remove the suction

  2. There is no air, nor fluff … therefore it’s not a mousse my dear. Looks like a flan maybe, im sure it tastes good though.

  3. I'm a subscriber, Love your videos, love your honesty, love your cuteness. Like watching my granddaughter in the kitchen. I will be making this, as most of your videos, they throw a craving on me, now I have something yummy to make, can't wait. Only I fix strawberries to pour over the top, favorite of a grandson. Chocolate and strawberries.

  4. Chocolate is considered to be an aphrodisiac, meaning it somewhat a sexual stimulate, which is why it is associated with Valentine’s Day, romance, and love making, kinda gross

  5. It is very important I never make this once I start I would not stop or stop eating it. lol I would be 600 pounds so fast.

  6. Hi Emmy I love your recipes because you seem so sincere in your enjoyment of learning new recipes. I was hoping you might try your hand at cooking a momofuku milk bar birthday cake.

  7. I love the camera angles. With shows like this it’s somewhat difficult to get all ingredients and workbench in one shot

  8. Your kids must love when you make a video involving deserts cause that looks really good🥺🥺🥺 I’m jealous of them rn I really am

  9. Pudding here in the UK is just the name of the course, like you have ‘starters, mains, dessert’ we say ‘appetisers, mains, pudding’

  10. It might have to do with the fact that chocolate is some what of an aphrodisiac. In fact, I’ve heard that chocolate releases the same chemicals in your brain that are released when you feel love. So giving a gift of chocolate is to make the receiver literally feel love.

  11. Honestly the color and movement and texture reminds me intensely of liver… Which freaks me out! But I remind myself its chocolate and I'm intrigued again! I do have to wonder if a mousse has a slightly different connotation in Japan than in America, because this dish reminds me of a pannacotta more than a mousse. I know that purin cups (sp?) are closer kin to pannacotta or a dense pudding than mousse, and those are wildly popular in Japan. I would love to try this though. I just have to stop thinking of liver.

  12. Traditional chocolate mousse is not hard to make nor does it have many ingredients. I'd rather do it the that way vs. put gelatin in it. That wiggly pudding just doesn't look right.

  13. Technically this isn’t a mousse, it’s chocolate jello. But yeah I’d eat it… Mousse Twerk? Nah Jello Twerk 😝

  14. I make recipes like this all the time! Except I don't use a mold I just pour it into a giant dish and eat it like that lol. I like making a bit of a cookie or cereal crust at the bottom. Try chocolate lucky charms cereal (without the marshmallows), a good amount of melted butter, some powdered sugar, and a decent addition of salt for the crust. Itll change your life. It melts in your mouth

  15. That's not mousse, that's just pudding😂 Mousse needs to have air incorporated into it and that stuff certainly doesn't.

  16. 7:15 did you really toss that chocolate? please tell me you licked it off the parchment. that chocolate was too innocent to just go into the trash

  17. Mmmm, all that gelatin, pus, blood and hormones 😂 don't get me wrong, it looks good, but there are plenty of better alternatives 😂

  18. Emmy , I've been curious for ages about the music that plays at the end. It's got a lovely jazz sound. May I ask the track title?

  19. I don't understand the whole hot water + cocoa powder = paste step. The cocoa powder would dissolve in the heated milk anyway. It's just adding 2 tablespoons of water. Pointless. No?

  20. Don't you dare to tell me that you throw that piece of parchment paper in the trash without licking it first!!!😡😡😡😡

  21. I think I read somewhere chocolate/coco is good for libido. That might be one of the reasons for it being popular for valentines 🥰

  22. well considering that valentine's day in it's modern form is pretty much the product of marketing, you are probably right about chocolate on it being pushed by manufacturers, but it's probably also because it has been considered an aphrodisiac since ancient times.

  23. I crave chocolate once in a blue moon, usually I am low in magnesium, that is the only time I like or even want chocolate. I am a blond brownie girl and raspberry or strawberry mousse

  24. I remember watching that recipe in hiromaro cook a hundred times and imagining the taste lol

    EDIT: While scrolling down i notice several people being critical commenting about the mousse. Relax guys its all the same once it is in your stomach! As long as it satisfy the person who eats and makes it, it has served its purpose.

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