Mayo No Eggs & Traditional 2 Recipes in Urdu Hindi – RKK

Mayo No Eggs & Traditional 2 Recipes in Urdu Hindi – RKK

Welcome to Ruby’s Kitchen A very hearty welcome to all my lovely viewers Today we will be making mayonnaise Traditional and eggless After lots of requests In my style, so let’s get started! If you like my videos please click on the subscribe button Next to it is a bell icon, by clicking on that you will Get all my recipes first and free If you like the videos give me a thumbs up So we will be making our first mayo in a smoothie maker In which we will start by adding 1/2 cup of milk Which is cold To that we will add If you do not have white pepper Then you can also substitute in black pepper Now to this we will add You can use any oil of your choice Vegetable, canola, any oil will work I am using olive oil So basically we have 1/2 cup of milk & 1 cup of oil We’ll go ahead and close this Easy peasy! And now we’ll blend this You can start & stop the unit whenever Whenever you feel that it has stopped blending That seems like enough so let’s check it So we’ll go ahead and put this in a jar Here we have a small jar Eggless mayo usually doesn’t have a long shelf life Don’t make it in large quantities Make enough so that you can use it in a few days Keep it in the fridge and enjoy! The glass jar has to be super clean See how rich and creamy it is. Outstanding! We’ll go ahead and close this now And now we will make the traditional one So for the traditional one we will take two eggs And we will directly And you don’t need a food processor for this You can use a grinder or blender for this So we’ll break the eggs directly into the food processor Two large eggs And to this we will add If you’d like you may use black pepper instead And if you’d like you can add a bit of red chili powder as well Alright then, we’ll go ahead and turn on the machine Ok then, let’s start You know the little removal part on the grinders We are going to remove that And now slowly we will add oil We have 2 cups of oil here You can use any oil of your choice Mine is olive oil But feel free to use any type of oi And we will add the oil as slowly as possible So we added all the oil And I can tell by the sound that it is ready So let’s check up on it Look our fabulous Mayonnaise is ready Let’s take this out See how quickly made the mayonnaise Do you trust me or what? So let’s close this now So we are done! We made these so fast. Both the traditional and the eggless versions The eggless mayo can be stored for around One week in the fridge And the traditional will last 2 weeks So let me just wrap up and we will Make some great sandwiches Using these homemade mayo So let’s make simple sandwich We will use the eggless mayo first Look how rich and creamy it looks Just look at how it spreads Let’s put on the traditional one now Yay! Look at this Homemade Mayo! You all requested this recipe so much So we have used both of our mayos Now we will add our favorite toppings We’ll sprinkle a bit of salt A bit of black pepper This tomato sandwich is my favorite A bit of crushed peppers And some sliced cheese We’re done with this one Let’s go ahead and cut this We’ll add some onions And some sliced cucumbers Take a look at this a healthy sandwich We’ll go ahead and sprinkle some pepper on this A bit of salt And a bit of crushed peppers Didi you see how quickly made our fabulous Eggless & Traditional Mayo Do you trust me now? And with that we have these fabulous sandwiches So let’s try these simple light sandwiches And I’ll share with you what I think Did you see? Since we had the mayo We were able to quickly assemble a great sandwich That too a healthy one! For me just give me tomato with a bit of salt and pepper With some mayo And add a few greens here and there It’s just outstanding! Simple, Easy & Fun You guys should definetly try this Have fun making it! Give me some feedback in the comments How it turned out Ok then have to bye, keep me in your prayers God-willing I’ll be back with another outstanding recipe! Love you all! Bye!

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  1. for extra frizzy and dry hair apply mayonaise to ur full hair lenght steam ur scalp and then shampoo after 30 min and u will feel the smoothness in ur hair .do try this

  2. Awesome recepie I must try but apse ek question hai k iski shell life itni Kam hai or Jo yong's mayonnaise hai company ki uski life zada q hoti hai .. plzz bataen

  3. Thank u ruby ka kitchen for mayo recipe really i like all ur videos
    I tried ur spicy burger recipe all in my family njoyed wooh haa u r superb

  4. Ma Sha Allah nice recipe…mam pls tell ap ny apny kitchen k liye brtan kis website sa liye thy ap ny apni ak video m btya tha but mjy yad ni ap pls mjy uska link send kr dein…thanks

  5. Salam aik tip share krna chahti hon k jb mayonnaise bnayen to blender ko doh kr ache say dry kren agr aik qatra b Pani Ka ho to mayo nai bnegi

  6. Mam Mene aapki nihari ki recipe try ki ekdam achchi bani aap hamesha khehti hai na ki khatarnak to bilkul wese hi bani ghar me sabko bahut pasand ayi Thank you mam ☺☺☺

  7. Zabardast aunty ruby…. Maza aajata hey aapki simple yet helpful recipes Dekh k…. Zabardast mayonnaise and zabardast quick sandwich.

  8. Omg nahi pata tha itna sab dalke kacha grind karna hota hai
    Yallaha ham itna bhar bharke khate the gharon me ufff ajse t totally avoid karenge baapre

  9. Masha ALLAH so yummyyyy ur superb aunty me samjhi thi difficult ingredients honge but this is so easy thenks love u ummmmaaaaahhhhhh naila amaan😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  10. Mashallah love u so much aunty ap ki coocking bahot achi hoti ap ki smile bahot achi ap aisay hi smile kary love u again

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  12. Today I try this eggless mayonnaise it's very easy to make and quike and taste was awesome thank you ruby mam. Allah bless you.

  13. Assalamu Alaikum wr wb Ruby aunty
    The only problem I face in your videos is.
    I have to follow you only through video.
    Which is not always possible.
    Please have a written ingredients and recipe in the description box…

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