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  1. well in north mexico where my dad is from is normal to eat beef BBQ on all 3 meals but its way different from other places what they consider BBQ

  2. Why do you guys always eat Japanese stuff? You must go there a lot. I need a vacation, give me some tips on how you go to Japan so much…

  3. Here in the states, Cream Corn isn't really thought of as a soup, just a vegetable. It is kind of like a soup, but it's served as a vegetable.

  4. I'm with Satoshi — the mega muffin with double sausage is my fave!! Now that's a breakfast. P.S. I found your channel when I searched for Daiso reviews. I went to one yesterday in Sacramento, CA and found two of the products you reviewed. Can't wait to try them!

  5. I was in Japan a few months ago and I went to a McDonalds to see what it was like compared to America. I was very sad to see that most of the Japanese that were eating there were very fat. In fact it was the only place in Japan that I saw fat Japanese people. This is what McDonalds does to a person. Stay away from there if you can.

  6. We have lots of fried chicken sandwiches for breakfast in the Southern region of the US. Here in Alabama, it's so common to us I was surprised to hear it sounds uncommon when you said it! I didn't know it was unusual. 🙂

  7. なぜか英語しゃべれない僕でも何を言ってるかわかってしまう時がある^^お二人とも聞きやすい声ですね♪

  8. McDonalds needs to make this breakfast sandwich and offer all over the world….here it is…..take the chicken from the buttermilk crispy chicken sandwich which is delicious btw and add an egg and cheese and pour sausage country gravy all over it and then slap it all into a huge biscuit and call it the McBigass biscuit  I guarantee it would sell big time!!

  9. In New Zealand we have that chicken/egg muffin but instead of mustard we have straight mayo,
    We also have that mega muffin but instead it’s called a massive McMuffin here.

  10. Here in New Zealand, we do a McMuffin that's practically identical to your Mega Muffin.
    We call it the Massive McMuffin, and we use rasher bacon instead of your Japanese equivalent. Other than that, it's pretty much the same and assembled in the same order too.
    The Massive McMuffin has been on the McD's menu for nearly 20years

  11. Makes me wish McD's would do an 'ambassador' thing. Like having one McDonald's sell McDonald's India products (which sound AWESOME) outside of India in select locations. And of course Japan products in select locations! I would drive across this great nation to get food like that. XD

  12. YOO!!! you guys have the cinnabuns!?!? mcd's canada doesnt have it anymore 🙁
    i envy you! next time try that with ice cream on top … OMG IT'S SO GOOD

  13. How did I miss this video?!  Sorry, I'm so late to watch…. I'm not a breakfast person (I love breakfast foods, but I just never eat it in the morning) but those sandwiches look good….but I'd really regret it after, LOL  I do agree that they look more suitable for lunch/dinner than breakfast.  The winner for me; the mini pancakes!  The apple/cream sauce packet is genius! I bet those would go great with coffee.  🙂

  14. It's so interesting how blown away you were by the concept of a BBQ Muffin for breakfast! Here in Australia an extremely common breakfast item is called a BBQ egg & bacon roll, which is basically the same thing – a fried egg and some bacon in a bread roll slathered with BBQ sauce. I didn't realise that was an 'Aussie' thing until now! Goes to show how the term BBQ brings completely different connotations in different countries. In this case, it isn't anything like USA style low 'n slow BBQ, it simply refers to the BBQ sauce, which I will pretty much only reach for at breakfast to go with bacon or sausage on bread!

  15. The "yellow sauce" at McDonalds is called "breakfast sauce" and is an attempt at Hollandaise sauce…. Many calories and chemicals.

  16. So Japan gets a sausage egg mcmuffic with a second type of pork and barbacue sauce added to it…and its cheaper than the sausage mcmuffin at my local American McDonalds? I thought food was suppose to be more expensive in Japan. But McDonalds has always had screwed up pricing. Right now they're selling sausage and egg mcmuffins for less than the version without egg.

  17. Cream or creamed corn soup, not corn creamed soup . That doesn't sound right in English. No harm no foul gentlemen. I'll never be able to speak a sentence of Japanese, so I'm not being a jerk on your use of English i actually admire your proficiency.. I just thought it might help ✌👊👍

  18. The fried chicken muffin is just like the ones from Chick-fil-A here in the U.S. It's a chain of southern style, chicken based foods. They have tried chicken breast sandwiches on the BEST, buttery, buttermilk biscuits EVER. They're DELICIOUS. You two NEED to try them the next time you visit California. Also, the "mustard mayo" on that sandwich you had was probably an attempt at honey mustard. It's popular here in The States.

  19. Huh…corn soup is the most common western style soup there?
    Strange, since I have never heard of corn soup. Corn in soup? Very common. But a soup made primarily with corn is new to me.

  20. Southern breakfasts can have porkchops, fried chicken, and the more traditional bacon, ham, and sausage. Mind, we're talking a southern farmer's breakfast. Along with the meats there is typically eggs, grits, and toast.

  21. 9:56 This is popular in America, it originated here many years ago 🙂 We call them Cinnamelts. It's not Japan only.

  22. I bring mc d’s sausage muffins with egg home & have with rice…so good…(eating muffin part separately…)

  23. The cinnamin one is called Monkey Bread here in US. Its usually made in a Bunt Cake Pan but you can find it already made in the freezer section at Walmart for $2.99 . Its a Great Deal and absolutely DELICIOUS !!!

  24. Oh yea, also tree looks great. I have the Same Beautiful colored bulbs and have used the same colors for the past 10 years and Still loving them till this day !!!

  25. Who would eat bacon-cheese English muffin as a breakfast? I prefer all that stuff after bar or when I have hangover 😀

  26. I love love love breakfast food, so again, you two have give me another great video experience! Thank you so much!

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