Mexican Deviled Eggs Recipe | High Protein Snack

Mexican Deviled Eggs Recipe | High Protein Snack

Alright, today we’re back with another recipe. That recipe? You guys voted on it so we’re making a high protein snack. These quick Mexican Deviled Eggs that come packed with almost 4 grams of protein per bite take just a few minutes to prep and you only need 5 ingredients to make them so lets jump right into it! Start this one with a bowl and 6 hard boiled eggs. Sure you can make them yourself easy enough but if you’re too lazy to do that or just hate peeling them you can find these packs super cheap at pretty much any grocery store nowadays. What you’ll wanna do next is chop your hard boiled eggs in half. Put the yolks into your bowl and your egg white pieces off to the side. Follow with 3 tablespoons of either plain fat free Greek yogurt or a mayonnaise, 1/2 a serving of a Mexican blend cheese or something similar, 2 tablespoons of taco seasoning mix, and a little hot sauce. Mix everything up good or until it looks pretty smooth and then fill your egg whites with either a dessert decorator like this if you’re trying to impress people or just keep it simple and use a spoon since you’re not on camera. Top them with some optional chives and tortilla chips. Keep in mind for this one you can play around with the ingredients to suit your macros. If you’re eating higher fats then use full fat mayonnaise and full fat cheese. If you’re watching your fat intake then use fat free Greek yogurt and reduced or fat free cheese. I’ll post the macros below and on to the variations I’ve used. With that said, thank you all of watching. Drop me a comment below with what kind of recipes I should put on the next poll and to help engagement… I think the more comments we get, the better the video does or something like that. Like the video, subscribe and turn on notifications if you haven’t already, become a member by hitting join to support the channel, and of course…stay healthy!

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  1. Not too sure if anyone cares about this but every video going forward starting with this one will have subtitles that are uploaded by me. No more autogenerated ones!

  2. Easy & high-protein / healthy weeknight meals. Maybe some stuff using short cuts you can find in the store! Always looking for more easy healthy recipes

  3. If a movie was ever made about my life, it would 100% be shot using the lazy cam. Also, I'm definitely trying this within the next couple days, if not today. Looks so good!

  4. I wish we could get fat free cheese in Canada. From my research online, it seems to be due to the government protecting dairy farmers. So frustrating!

  5. I’m on the road literally all day long and almost always pack my lunch and dinner in a lunch box, so my big problem is I don’t have a way to heat up my meals. Any idea for healthy high protein meals that are good eaten cold?

  6. I might be weird but when I think snack I think something quick and effortless. Not boiling eggs for 10 minutes, cooling them down for another 5, then fucking about with making a filling and then putting it into eggs. I can already see all the dumb people watching this thinking that it's going to make them lose weight…

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