Microwave Risotto Recipe?! | 5 Microwave Hacks | FridgeCam

Microwave Risotto Recipe?! | 5 Microwave Hacks | FridgeCam

Hello, and welcome
to FridgeCam. If you masticate for
nutritional purposes, then this will be
the show for you. Don’t use the word “masticate”. In the fridge today, we show you
five microwave hacks you actually might use. Then stick around,
we’re going to cook up a sweet treat in the microwave
that rivals this cake in a mug. But first… We’re out to prove that using solely a microwave,
you can cook great food. So this is how it’s going to work.
Dish number one: Fish Pie. This is an awesome mixture of
salmon, cod, and haddock in a creamy
white wine sauce with leek. Topped off with fennel
and lemon mashed potato. Sounds delicious. Whilst I’ve created a dish
using solely a microwave, James has also been
slaving away in the kitchen doing exactly the same dish, but using traditional methods. You can obviously see the difference thanks to the coloration
of an oven. However, you guys blindfolded,
can you taste the difference between the two? So, let’s fork up. This is going to be interesting
isn’t it? Because not only have we got to
taste the difference, we’ve also got to navigate
a fork into the mouth. Is this the… Okay, I’ve no idea
the angle of which it’s at. Not that one. That’s lovely. That’s a good fish pie. Okay, you’re all loaded. Go. This is dribbling. Fish Pie number two. That’s hard. That tastes fresher. That tastes like lighter,
and cleaner. I don’t know where you are,
but I know what you mean. Yeah? Yeah. Good. I’m going to say the second one was done in the oven. There wasn’t
an obvious difference for me. So I’ll say the first one was done in the oven. Yeah, I agree with Mike. The first one was stodgier, like it’d been cooked —It sounds weird—
because it’d been cooked for longer. So no huge discernable differences. This was how the
microwaveable one was made. So, three potatoes. Just stab them with a fork. Place them into a glass bowl
and into your microwave on full power for ten minutes. That’s about the equivalent
of being in the oven for an hour. For the filling,
we’re going to make two portions. We’ve got two microwaveable dishes. You can use teacups or coffee mugs,
if you haven’t got things like this. And then between the two,
we’re doing to divide some sliced leek, a knob of butter, a splash of white wine,
and half a clove of garlic crushed. The bowl will be hot, the potatoes are cooked.
At this point, the filling, these can go into the microwave
and they need five minutes, whilst you make the mash. The advantage of
cooking these in microwave is they don’t take on too much water, so you get a really fluffy mash. You want to take the flesh out of the skins, and mash them with milk, butter, the zest of a lemon, and a pinch of fennel seeds. Now the leeks are softened
and the garlic has cooked out. We can add in the fish,
along with cream, mustard, and chopped chives, to make an awesome sauce. What’s great about this is
the fish goes in raw, so all those juices
form an amazing sauce. Next up we pile on our mashed potato, and then, because we can’t emulate
a crispy top in a microwave that you would get in the oven, we’re going to add on almonds, pine nuts, and some grated cheese. There we go.
So many awesome flavours. If you want to leave one or two out,
maybe the fennel seeds, or the lemon, or one of the nuts,
you can simplify it. But this is the ultimate version. It now needs another four minutes in the microwave to cook the fish. And I suggest you do that on a plate plate to catch any dribbles. And there we go. All we need to do is check
that it’s piping hot all the way through. You can stick a metal skewer a table knife in,
leave it for a second, and just check that knife comes out hot. Otherwise, serve it
with some steamed veg. Equally easy in the microwave.
That’s my flavourful fish pie. Sorted. I want to know if I was right. Yeah, tell us. Jamie was right. Yes! If you take the blindfold off,
you’ll see… You’re kidding me. … what you don’t get is that colouring of the cheese and the almonds and the toasted pine nuts
from the microwave one. But, digging around and getting
the whole combined flavor, much the same. You could serve me that and
tell me it was made in the oven and I wouldn’t even question it. Well Ebbers,
you have proved your point. Congratulations. If you are only equipped
with a microwave, you can still cook
a cracking fish pie. Useless or not, you decide. Mummy says I’m useful. If there was a zombie apocalypse,
Jamie would survive, because zombies eat brains. James, as in beautiful James? As in Chef James? As in I poach eggs
in champagne vinegar James? Dish number two: A microwaveable and a traditional method risotto. Both have smoked ham, squash, and cabbage, or cavolo nero. Not a huge amount of difference
in the visual appearance. One of these is done in the microwave. One with constant stirring on the stove. So what you’re telling us is that the Italians stopped watching this about ten seconds ago Correct. You’ve got to make an aeroplane sound. Hold out your hand. I’m going to put it in your hand. What, just risotto into his hand? Yep. Tasty. Okay. Oh that is Risotto. I like that. Oh, it’s gone. Oh, I’ve got black pepper. Oh, it’s gone over there. It’s still nice. That is a lot more flavoursome. I got a lot of cabbage. Second one had more flavour but less bite. The first one had more bite,
less flavour. I felt like the first one had a better texture. It was stodgier.
It tastes more like a traditional risotto to me. And if you are limited to just a microwave, this is how you make it. Begin by finely dicing
a shallot and a clove of garlic. Next up the squash. Peel it and dice it as fine as possible.
You want about a half centimeter cube pieces. And then for the cavolo nero,
take out the woody stocks and chop that up into squares. If you can’t get that,
use any green cabbage. That’s all the hard work done. Now place all the chopped stuff into a bowl with some diced smoked ham, a knob of butter, a glass of white wine, give it a mix, and put it in the microwave for five minutes to cook. Grab yourself a little piece of squash
and just taste it. Obviously, there’s plenty of cooking still to come, but it should be about half cooked. Next up we can add in risotto rice, a stock cube crumbled, and some water.
Then it goes back in the microwave for ten minutes. You might want to stir it halfway through. After ten minutes,
you want to take it out of the microwave, give it a stir,
and you want to test a grain of rice. What you’re looking for is something that’s soft
all the way through, and it hasn’t got a bite to it. We’re using an 800 watt microwave, and for us it’s going to need
a couple more minutes. If your microwave is more or less powerful, you may have to adjust the time. Back in for another couple of minutes. The colours look amazing. The smells in here are phenomenal. The only difference between the
microwave risotto and one on a HOB is you’re not constantly stirring it. So to give it that creaminess, we’re going to add in some crème fraiche, and plenty of grated parmesan. Season to taste, and then serve it up. Garnish it with some radish, some cress, more grated parmesan. And there we go microwaved or smoked ham
and squash risotto. Sorted. And the great thing about
the microwave one it literally just uses one bowl, one knife, one chopping board,
one microwave. Job done. At the moment, I don’t think one tastes
better than another. They just taste slightly different. Do you think it was dish one or dish two? Barry you go first. Two. Two was cooked in a microwave. One was cooked in a microwave. No! Why’d you do that? Jamie wins again. -No!
-Yes! Really? But, they’re both strong risottos. -And you get away with the creaminess here, because of the crème fraiche
and the parmesan. I would never normally make a risotto in a microwave. I would always do it on a HOB. But that recipe surprises us all. You’ve taken your blindfolds off, haven’t you? I have to say… Well done, microwave. Well done microwave, and well done me! Microwaves aren’t just for bad food. You can get good food out of them too. And while we’re loving off
the microwave so much, why don’t we show you some
amazing microwavable hacks. I looked at the wrong camera
all the way through that. If you’re trying to peel
a lot of garlic very quickly because maybe you’re addicted to garlic bread, or maybe you’re trying to fend off
an angry mob of vampires who are something like walking out of the dead mixed with Twilight but
without that annoying grumpy girl, then this is the hack for you! Take a whole bulb of garlic, crush it in your hands, put it into a bowl
and into a microwave for thirty seconds. When the garlic comes back out, it will be much easier to peel because the cloves would have shrunk slightly due to dehydration and science. Think of all that time saved! That means you’ll either get garlic bread quicker, or you don’t die as quickly from vampires. Don’t you hate it when you need a microwave
to reheat your favorite pasta, potato, or panda neck warmer, but you keep getting cold patches? Well this is the hack for you! If you’re looking to heat up
a big lump of food, avoid slopping it in the middle. What you want to do is create a ring and spread it out to increase the surface area and therefore it should cook quicker. Also a microwave has a spinning plate for a reason. There’s lots of hot and
cold points in the microwave so don’t put your object in the middle of the microwave. Move it to the side,
and it will cook more evenly. If, like real men, you have window boxes and a surplus of fresh herbs
and you don’t want to see them go to waste, then this is the hack for you! Strip the fresh herbs off of the stalks
and lay them flat in between two sheets of kitchen paper. Blast them in the microwave for
one minute if it’s a hard herb, forty seconds if it’s a soft herb. And then intervals of about twenty seconds until they’re dry. Drying herbs in a microwave is a lot quicker than oven drying, sun drying or hanging it, and therefore they retain a lot more colour and a lot more flavour. Test the herbs and keep returning them back to the microwave
for another ten or twenty seconds at a time until they’re completely dry, but they still have all the color and fragrance of fresh herbs. Store them in an air tight container for future kitchen fun. If you’re looking to extract the maximum amount
of juice from your citrus fruits because you’re making a delicious marinade, having a margarita bath, or hosting your own lemon party, then this is the hack for you! Take your fruit, heat it in the microwave for 10 to 20 seconds. You want it to be warm, not piping hot. Heating the molecules in the flesh of the fruit will make the membrane weaken and therefore will allow you extract more juice from the fruit. So now that vampires are gone, your panda scarf is warm,
you’ve trimmed your bush, and the guys at the
old people’s home really like you, it’s now time to clean your microwave. Place half a lemon in a bowl full of water. Put that in the microwave, and heat that up for anywhere between five and ten minutes. This will steam clean your microwave. The acid will cut through any of the grease, and you’ll get a lovely citrusy smell. I reckon there are some actual
hacks there that I might actually use. Microwaves are useful. Yeah. And also, don’t for get to subscribe, because we will make you hungry. And some bonus news: if you head over to sorted food, most of you will know, we’re exploring the lack of cooking skills in the UK and beyond. And the consequences that has. We’re beginning to share
some of the stories we’re uncovering. Those bonus videos are available over at sorted food. I reckon that fridge cam had everything. It had just the right level of microwave radiation. Yep, it had a weird three-four way blindfold date thing. And a cracking pear. Don’t forget to stay with us in the after takes. We’re going to make a nut brittle in a microwave. Even better than cake in a mug. Where was the cracking pear? Oh it’s here, I’m taking it with me. Oh cracking pear. Ladies and gentlemen, Ben did a joke. Ben did a joke! I also get a piece of fruit. Ben did an innuendo. And talking of innuendos: Nuts. James? I’m going to make a nut brittle. In a microwave, that’s the important bit. Oh yeah, yeah.

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