1. I am LOVING these minimalist videos! This particular video is awesome because I eat this way and it is easy, inexpensive, and yummy. Thank you for this channel!! Thank you for your honesty.

  2. This will help me so much because I am a college student and will finally have my own kitchen next semester! Really looking forward to making meal preps 😊

  3. Yay! Love curries! Btw, where do u get your sweatshirts. Do u have any secrets on preventing it from pilling? Lol

  4. Wonderful video 😁 I like that you're using meal prepping/planning as a way to have minimal waste. I too used to have vegetables that would die an innoble death in my crisper. I'd always feel so wasteful and frankly embarrassed about it. We have so much here, to waste seems really wrong. I'd buy healthy options with good intentions, but have no plan. Meal planning has helped me cut back on that. Hope to see more recipes, that curry looked delicious.

  5. Hi Anne thank you for your meal prep ideas. Could we also freeze them? I am just afraid the food may go bad after 3 days. Any tips you can advise would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Still looking FANTASTIC Ann !!
    Loving that you put in the Nutrient/protein/fat/fiber info , in your meals…
    plz keep it up.
    Thanks for the video. cheers

  7. Thank you for sharing, the dishes look delicious! Yes, please do make more meal prep videos. Could you also share some of your vegetarian or vegan go to breakfast dishes? Thanks again Anne, I really enjoy your channel and look for and to what you have to share.

  8. Recipes are great! However, I can’t help but to notice the grammar errors when you speak… takes away the joy of watching your video.

  9. To enhance the flavor if your curry, try adding the curry powder to the onions and garlic then cooking for about 1 minute before adding in your water.

  10. You make cooking look so easy, wow. You should definitely try our skin care, we make it about as easy as your cooking. We design a skin a regiment with amazing products that are customized just to your skin!

  11. Ingredients can make many dishes. Sauces, spices, herbs, broths, etc. Can be combined to make any number of good meals.
    I create various dishes during the week. I believe the "source" is important. Good healthy foods with no hormones or pesticides.

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