100 thoughts on “Must-Try Asian Foods In Flushing, Queens In New York City

  1. I love eating in flushing. There's so much amazing food in Queens and the Bronx it's sad that they're still underrated. Great that they showed options outside of Manhattan and BK for a change.

  2. I wish this came out in October 2018. I had no idea where to eat after Citifield. Like if you were there then too. You know what I'm talking about.

  3. I’m so happy that Inga and Jasmine got to try these foods and most of the places they went to I pass by everyday! I’m so happy rn

  4. Move to Long Island so we can hang together # the past 7 months me n my friend like to eat in flushing # Saturday night # different restaurant + Korean as well

  5. Go to legend chicken if u want Taiwanese fried chicken in flushing, and I feel like prince tea house is more of a Bensonhurst thing but ppl go to it in flushing, but mango mango>>> I like spot too and tbh all of these places are great, damn coulda gone to sugar and tea for the white rabbit boba ahhhh I’m obsessed w food

  6. Queens isn’t this warm anymore, and since this was probably filmed in the summer they must have waited mad long for tiger sugar

  7. We also have 'bean flower' in Indonesia. We call it "kembang tahu". The direct translation is "tofu flower". Also using ginger. Greetings from Indonesia!

  8. I’ve always had an interest in Asian culture and food and wanted to travel to many areas on the continent but there are two things stopping me- the language barrier (which would take years to fully understand, especially with such a diverse mix of languages all spread throughout each country) and ma bank accooooooooount.

  9. Why does everyone forget that India and other southern countries are part of Asia? They should have had more variety in their choice of Asian food.

  10. Is that like an asian version of Mille Feuille or is it actually an asian dish? I've thought that it's french because it means something like "1000 pages" in french and that describes the dish pretty good. xD

  11. I want you guys to try Bangladeshi food
    There are many Bengali places to eat in nyc
    I promise you guys won’t be disappointed
    It’s sad that Bangladesh has very distinctive cuisine but it is always underrated
    It’s never gets viewed like the neighbour countries India and Pakistan

  12. Idk if its just me but usually when we drink brown sugar milk tea/milk we don’t mix the brown sugar in so u can taste the brown sugar

  13. I’ve been eating Douhua not knowing it was called Douhua my entire life :0, it’s so good and it’s one of my sisters childhood favorites.

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