“My favorite food in New York City” by Natalie Barbu – EF Guest Vlog

“My favorite food in New York City” by Natalie Barbu – EF Guest Vlog

Hi everyone. It’s Natalie here and
today I am guest vlogging for EF. I’m from the United States and
I actually live in New York City. I’m so excited to share with you guys
my favorite food in all of New York City. I’m going to be taking you guys
through a whole entire day of breakfast, coffee, lunch, dinner
and show my favorite spots as a local. I’m so excited for you guys to
see my favorite spots to eat. The first stop of the day is for breakfast,
so I’m headed over to Bluestone Lane. It’s one of my favorite coffee shops/
breakfast places in the city. They have them all over and I just ordered
a really delicious meal with my friend. I’m at Bluestone Lane right now for breakfast. It is one of my favorite spots
to get breakfast here in the city. They also have locations all over Manhattan, so no matter where you guys are, you can
be sure to find a Bluestone Lane near you. It’s really good. It has great avocado toasts
and breakfast sandwiches. I’ve got some coffee here to start my morning. It’s a really cute Australian café. If you guys have not yet been to it here
in the city, you definitely have to check out. For a quick coffee break, I’ve headed
over to the Meatpacking District to go to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery. I’m at the Starbucks Reserve and it’s a really cool place
because not many cities in the world have it. I think it’s only Seattle, Chicago and New York,
so you have to come to the one in New York City. It’s actually really cool.
It’s such a big coffee shop. They have food, merchandise, and coffee.
You actually see them roasting it in house. It’s huge, it’s really good and,
if you guys like Starbucks or want to experience one that’s unlike any other,
then you guys should definitely come here. I got an oat milk latte.
Oat milk is my favorite. Starbucks doesn’t have oat milk except
here at the Reserve, so I have to come here. It comes in a really cool cup
that I actually reuse a lot. I just love coming here whenever
I am in the Meatpacking District. So, if you guys want good coffee and want to
have it in a Starbucks you haven’t seen before, then you should definitely come
to the Starbucks Reserve. Can I get an iced oat milk latte, please? Tall or Grande?
Grande. With light ice in it, please. When it’s time for lunch,
I head over to East Village and get some really great
Southern food at Root & Bone. Okay, guys. For lunch we had
to stop at a Southern restaurant. New York City has a lot of foods
like Asian and Italian food, and it’s not really known for its Southern food. But I’m from North Carolina and I miss
the biscuits, and the macaroni and cheese. I got some grits and baked eggs. We got mac and cheese, home fries,
kale Caesar salad with a southern twist to it. There are so many options and it was so good. Guys, if you’re ever looking to have
good Southern food with a New York City twist, I definitely suggest coming to Root & Bone.
It is literally so, so good. It was amazing. I’m like Natalie and
love Southern food, and it was so good. Now it’s time to make our way
across the water to Brooklyn. You can find Time Out Market in Dumbo,
which is a really cool part of the city. I know that you guys are going to love this place. Right now I am in Dumbo. I made my way
across the water and we are at Time Out Market. This is one of my absolute
Favorite places in New York City because it has all of New York City’s
best food in one place. If you guys are trying to figure out whether
you want to eat Italian, Japanese, Mexican, or whatever it is, you will find it here
and it’s guaranteed to be good because it’s the best restaurant place
that New York City has to offer. If you guys are looking for an open food court
where you can drink, eat, walk around, and socialize, then this is definitely
a really good place to come. It’s one of my favorite
places to bring my friends. We just always have so much
fun when we come here. It also helps that it’s in Dumbo,
which is a really cool part of the city and it has amazing views,
so I highly recommend coming to Dumbo and heading across the water if
you ever come to New York City. Okay, what did you get?
I got three chicken tacos from Ivy Stark. It smells so good and I cannot wait.
I wish you guys could smell it. It smells so good. That’s how I would end a perfect
day of eating in New York City. I hope that you guys enjoyed this video
and I hope that you guys get to experience all the wonderful things
that this city has to offer. One of my favorites is by far the foods, drinks, and all the different types
of cuisines that you can find in the city.

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  1. Muito bom o vídeo! Gostei bastante.
    Ganharam mais um inscrito!!!

  2. your sub make me confusing. it shoud have been " if you have not been to here in the city, you definitely have to check it out"

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