My weight loss journey (Week 186)

My weight loss journey (Week 186)

Hi guys I hope you’re all well. Its currently Sunday the 4th of August 2019 and welcome to week 186 of my weight
loss journey.
In last week’s video we all saw I had a small loss of 0.5 pound or 0.2 kilogram, which meant my Body Mass Index (BMI) went from 47.9 down to 47.8
I’m going to start the proceedings off by reviewing my calorie consumption for the past week, which we can see in the graph above.
The average of this was 2,623 compared to the previous week at 2,641.
So it has reduced very slightly, it’s obviously still within my allowance of 2,700 which is obviously a good thing.
I’ve really got to sort out the weekends though, I really do go over the top on the weekend.
Saturday and Sunday results as you can see in the graph, is well over my 2,700.
So I need to rein that in a little bit and hopefully this will help get better…weigh in results at the end of each week.
My fluid consumption though has reduced from last week to 3,300 millilitres.
Still above 3,000 millilitres that I try to achieve on a daily basis, so obviously it’s well….over the target so it’s a good thing.
Let’s move on to my step count, which we can also see in the graph above.
The average of this was 8,987 compared to the previous week at 8,968.
So it’s increased a smidgen, not at the 9,000 step mark that I’m trying to achieve currently.
I’ve done as much as I could possibly do, I’ve done my walking after work and I fitted in the gym again on Tuesday and Thursday evening.
So yeah I’ve done what I can and it is what it is.
Its that time of the week where we all get to see if I’ve managed to lose any more weight.
So here is guys, here’s my weigh in.
I weigh 163.6 kilograms which is 360.7 pounds or 25 stone 10.7 pounds.
This means in the last week I’ve seen a maintain result.
But if I compare this result to the result I obtained at Slimming World, you can see this right here.
At Slimming World this week, I also saw a maintain result.
Seeing a maintain result isn’t ideal, but it certainly beats seeing a gain result.
And this week I did get what I asked for, the temperatures in the UK did come down to top end teens low end twenties.
There was still the odd hot warm day, but we also got plenty and I mean plenty of rain this week.
Thunder storms; parts of the UK did actually get flooded, some people’s homes did get flooded (Property).
And even a dam got very close to collapsing as well, so…..yeah not good on that front.
But I was at least pleased that the temperatures did come down and it was a lot easier to……
do the activities that I need to do to be able to get this weight sorted.
Based on this week’s maintain result it obviously means my Body Mass Index (BMI) won’t move and it will remain at 47.8
And the same can be said on my third weight target, which will stay at 57.9% complete.
So in the 186 weeks I’ve been doing this journey, I’ve lost a total of;
180.5 pounds which is 81.9 kilograms or 12 stone 12.5 pounds.
Next week I’m just going to stick with it and continue doing what I’m doing.
Obviously I need to try and increase my step count back above the 9,000 mark, but all of my stats typically are right where I want them to be.
And obviously work on the weekend calorie consumption, bringing that down to a sensible amount.
And I do want to see some better weight loss results at the end of each week.
I also do want to make you aware…that there could be a few disruptions to my weekly postings.
Because I’ve received an e-mail from Apple support, saying that there is a product recall on my laptop due to safety concerns about the battery.
So this repair could take up to two weeks (maybe 3).
So obviously I’ll continue to do my videos, so I don’t know if it’s going to be this week or next week that my laptop gets taken away by Apple.
To get repaired, well not repaired, replace the battery due to potential fire risks.
So it’s obviously great that they’re being pro-active and informing everybody about this.
But obviously it is going to cause disruptions….to my weekly postings.
So I’ll still do my videos, but obviously I won’t be able to edit them.
So I’ll have to….step them, once I get my laptop back…whenever that will be.
But other than that guys, that’s it. That’s the end of this week’s video.
As always if you’d like to continue following me along my weight loss journey and hopefully get to see a lot less of me in the future.
Why don’t you subscribe to my channel, so you don’t get to miss out on any future videos that I post.
I wish you all a fantastic week and I’ll see you all again next Sunday…..or maybe not.
It may be this Sunday after….or even the Monday or Tuesday after that.
I don’t know….its whenever I get my laptop back.

9 thoughts on “My weight loss journey (Week 186)

  1. Yeah it was a complete wash out up here in Blackpool Stu the kite festival and the first day of the air show was cancelled but back on the weight loss you know where it just needs adjusting so I'll see ya when you get your lap top back brother MINT

  2. Great Job Stu. A maintain beats a gain any day. I had a complete sugar blow out yesterday. It tasted wonderful but was such a terrible thing to do. This cycle of sugar has been just awful. I'm working at breaking it. Thank you for being there and being such an inspiration. Have a wonderful week, Robin

  3. Yikes all those bad things….we are entering the danger time for Hurricane season….so for the next 2½ months we sit on pins and needles. You'll be back on the losing train next week. Hope the computer recall goes okay and you get it back faster. Okay Stu take care brother.

  4. Maintenance is a good thing. I can wait for your videos. As long as they fix the recall on your computer. Have a wonderful week.

  5. My weekends are my tough spot on my eating also…even though I am so much more active on the weekends, I know my weekend eating affects my weigh in results!

    Maintains are sometimes necessary for our bodies to adjust to the loss that we have already accomplished! Stay the course and you will drop in weight!!!

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