Naturally Remove Grey Hair with Potato Skins

Naturally Remove Grey Hair with Potato Skins

Hi, everybody! Cheeks here! And we’ve got another special surprise for you! I want you to meet my guest. This is my neighbor Norman, And Norman said he’d be a willing participant today for an experiment! So Norman, you’re going to be a willing participant today, and again; I was just going to go over your hair… So you said you have a gray hair issue, You want it to color your hair, and I thought about it, and I have a formula. do-it-yourself formula, You said you’d be okay if I were to try it out. You’ve got nothing to lose, You’re optimistic Norman? [Norman]: I trust you, my barber. [Cheeks]: Okay! We’re going to try this first time in the Cheeks kitchen here, at Cafe Cheeks. We’re going to do an experiment; It’s like a mythbuster do-it-yourself formula for your hair, okay? You don’t know what it is, but this is an older relative of mine who told me about this, and, so hey, We’re going to try it okay? Never before. I hope that you’re excited. You’re excited Norman? [Norman]: Oh yeah! [Cheeks]: Okay, ready? There you go! [Norman]: Potatoes? [Cheeks]: *laughter* Potatoes! Apparently, if you take the skins of the potato, there’s some enzymes in there, and if you boil it, Then you drain it out, And I’ll show you that later in a little quick clip of what I did: We put the potato peels in boiling water, And we’re going to be boiling it… So, as you can see, We’re just boiling the potato skins, And we’re just going to try and get the juices from these potato skins, Because we’re going to put those to good use. So when it’s all done, we’re going to take out the potato skins. We’re going to drain it out, and we’re going to use those Juices from the boiling water in the potato skins for the magic serum. And what is that magic serum going to do? Apparently, from an older relative: if you extract the juices from potato skins, and you rub it on your hair, It’s supposed to change your gray hair and bring back the color. Now that’s a myth. We’re gonna try to see if it actually works! Catch you later! Basically, Norman, I just took the skins off, And then we boiled it, and then we drained them out, And now I have… Hair coloring liquid! Doesn’t that look great? [Norman]: Am I going to drink it? [Cheeks]: I don’t know if you can drink it, but we’re gonna soak it on your head! [Norman]: Okay, I got it. [Cheeks]: We’re gonna try this. Anyways, I don’t have a perfect setup yet because I’ve never done this before Norman… Okay, so, the camera person’s getting too excited over there because it’s probably pretty funny, but, anyways, are you okay Norman? [Norman]: Oh, yeah, yeah. [Cheeks]: You still with me? [Norman]: Yeah, thank you, thank you. Okay Norman, I’m not much of a barber, okay? So I’m going to do what I can here quickly, You know is that you don’t have so much time, I don’t want to lose you! So I’m gonna put some paper towel on you because this might get a little… Make it a little wet. [Norman]: You’re gonna cover my shirt? [Cheeks]: Yeah, we’ll try our best to help you out here so everything just soaks out, okay? [Norman]: Glasses? Do I leave them on? [Cheeks]: You can leave them on for now, if you want. Oh, okay. So you’re taking them off? Okay, here we go! [Norman]: Noooooo *camera person laughing in background* [Cheeks]: Where’s this head? I’m going to make this fit you hopefully, one size fits, all. [Norman]: Oh! *cheeks laughing* [Cheeks]: Can’t leave, okay Norman? [Norman]: Okay, no, I’m staying here. [Cheeks]: You said you would do this…
[Norman]: Did you cover the chair? [Cheeks] Okay, how’s that? Okay? All right Norman, so I got my gloves, Potato? That’s a fresh potato that I used. [Norman]: Ohh yeah, okay, trust me. *laughing in background* Okay, so, we’re going to soak it, and then put it on your head, okay? [Norman]: Okay… What about the towel? Am I going to have a towel? [Cheeks] Oh yeah… I should use a towel too, just in case. Looking good, Norman! So, we’re going to do a quick video of your head, Just so we can see what it looks like before and after okay? I’m going to record that really quickly… While the camera person is recording as well… So you’re pretty great at it Norman. [Norman]: Is it? [Cheeks]: Yeah, hopefully this works. Could be a perfect shade for you when we’re done. [Norman]: Light white is just quite right… [Cheeks]: Do-It-Yourself hair coloring! Okay, so, we’re ready, I get my, uh… Do-It-Yourself brush… And we’re gonna try this out. So we’re gonna probably soak you real good with this. *cheeks laughing* How does it feel? [Norman]: Wet. [Cheeks]: Feel potatoey? [Norman]: It smells… It smells like it’s… Oh, it’s dripping! [Cheeks]: Oh, sorry. [Norman]: Yeah, come on, on the back, on the back… Hmm. [Cheeks] We’ve gotta hurry up and get this soaked in. It’s my first time, you know, you’re my first try! [Norman]: You too! [Cheeks]: It’s- You too? Your first time too? We’ve got a first timer here! [Norman]: Me too, okay? I’m gonna use beetroot also. [Cheeks] Gonna soak with this- Beetroot? [Norman] Yeah, aren’t you going to use beetroot also? [Cheeks] Well, we can try that! We can add sweet potato. [Norman]: Oh, sweet potato! [Cheeks]: If you wanna change the color of your head, that is. This is so much fun! I guess this is how people actually learn how things Work in this world with vegetable products and stuff. If you don’t try things you’ll never know if these myths actually work! [Norman]: So, what are we gonna do? Is my hair going to fall out? [Cheeks]: Well, there’s probably some coloring enzymes in this that might react to your grey hair… [Norman]: I’m not going to lose one hair? [Cheeks]: I hope not! We don’t know, Norman. *spectators laughing in background* Stay positive, man! You have to be optimistic! This will just soak in really good… A good potato… Back is nice and soaked. If anything you’re getting some good treatment on your hair. Your hair will never feel so good. Now, if anyone tries this at home, Let me know how you did it! So we can always advance the Cheeks technique! [Norman]: Mm, that’s nice… [Cheeks] Okay, I think that’s pretty good. So now what I have to do is we’ve gotta set it! So I don’t have many barber techniques here, but I got some nice wrap. [Norman]: Mhm… [Cheeks]: That’s a wrap on your head… Let’s try that! I’ve seen this that they do with the hairstylist, they use this plastic. So this is good. Sarang wrap! Hey Norman you okay? No, I’m gonna need more wrapping okay. [Norman] Go, go, okay! [Cheeks]: Hey, Norman! So how did you do with the Sudoku? Are you done? [Norman]: Hey, you’re back! I finished it a long time ago. Where are you come on? [Cheeks]: Okay, well, so it’s been just over 30 minutes! So, we’re gonna do the little drying off and reveal here. Oh, you did good, how do you feel? You survived? [Norman]: Yeah, it’s okay, yeah, that’s fine, thank you for the coffee, was tasty, yeah… very good. [Cheeks]: Okay, so let’s take this off… Very nice, very nice! So excited as to what we did here today! Okay, so I’m just gonna like, dry your hair, Norman… [Norman]: Don’t you have a fan? [Cheeks]: No, I don’t have a fan. We’re just going to hand-dry Okay. We just have to be very gentle with your head. [Norman] That’s good. That’s good. [Cheeks]: The delicate hair procedure!
[Norman]: Well how many times are going to repeat this procedure? [Cheeks]: We’re going to have to try this at least five more times. Five more treatments to get that natural color back. You think you can do that? [Norman]: Oh yeah. Natural, no ammonia, nothing, it’s good! [Cheeks]: Let me just brush your hair… [Norman]: Oh yes brush at the other side, the other side, good… [Cheeks]: So, you’re probably feeling a lot better, eh? [Norman]: Yeah, since you took all that paper from me. [Cheeks]: I think it’s looking good Norman! Yeah. I think it’s a little darker. A little bit. [Norman]: Okay. [Cheeks]: Yeah, I think it’s helped you out here. We’re always having fun in here aren’t we? Having fun. [Norman]: You’ve got a mirror, can you show me my hair? [Cheeks]: A mirror? Uh… [Norman]: A barber must have a mirror. [Cheeks]: Well. I’m not a barber Norman.
[Norman]: Okay, okay, come on, show me! [Cheeks]: Okay, I have something. How’s this? It’s shiny. [Norman]: Oh, yeah, yeah. [Cheeks]: Yes, that’s a pretty good one. [Norman]: I can see all the holes in my hair! [Cheeks]: You see that? [Norman]: Yeah! Oh, that’s nice. Okay! Thank you. Thank you. [Cheeks]: So what do you think? Do you think we did it? [Norman]: Five times more! *laughing* [Cheeks]: Five more times, and your natural color will probably come back! I’m very optimistic. [Norman]: So, for the color: Can you see the color of end? [Cheeks]: It looks a little darker, Norman. No, I think it helped it. [Norman]: What about the sweet potato? Are we going to use it? [Cheeks]: Nooo! Don’t touch the sweet potato! [Norman]: Can I try the beetroot on my wife here? She’s blonde! [Cheeks]: Nope! I haven’t tried those other recipes yet. [Norman]: *laughing* Okay… [Cheeks]: We’ll start with just a regular potato. [Norman]: All right. That’s good. Can you take this from me now? Ah! You tied me to the chair… [Cheeks]: Can we take that off, Norman? Good job! [Norman]:That’s really good. Huh, so nice! Yeah.[Cheeks]: I think we did a good job today with the D-I-Y… [Norman]: Yeah! Thank you, thank you so much. [Cheeks]: D-I-Y Natural hair coloring we tried it out. I think it was pretty good. [Norman]: It was great. [Cheeks]: You happy? [Norman]: Yeah, of course, thank you so much! [Cheeks]: That’s all that counts So we had fun, you’re happy, there we go. So, anyways, thank you Norman for being a good sport today, and we’ll hopefully try some other things very soon. [Norman]: We will, right, yeah! [Cheeks]: So, anyways, as I say, Cheeks out! Want some more coffee Norman?
[Norman]: *laughter* Ha, but we’re finished! *laughter* Okay Cheeks I’m gonna try now! My recipe! You just keep quiet and sit here. I’m going to show you my recipe! [Cheeks]: Oh, my god! [Norman]: you watch, I learned it from my grandpa! [Cheeks]: Oh no, not an experiment on Cheeks! [Norman]: This is the new recipe. [Cheeks]: A new recipe? I don’t know Norman, I don’t think that’ll work. [Norman]: But we’re going to try! Look, look! [Cheeks]: Oh, come on, Norman. Oh my God, okay! I’ll work with you on this, you were a good sport for me! So what do you think? Is it darkening my head? [Norman]: I think his hair is growing! Look, so fast! Can you see that? [Cheeks]: I think I have a craving for more coffee. [Norman]: No, wait, wait, wait! Look, beautiful! Look his hair is suddenly growing! [Cheeks]: It’s growing? Oh, come on! It’s a miracle! [Norman]: Oh, let it go! I don’t have a mirror to show you! [Cheeks]: It feels like it’s been growing!
[Norman]: Look at the mirror here. Can you see it? Oh, beautiful! [Cheeks]: Wow, that’s not so bad, Norman!
[Norman]: Hahaha! It’s nice, eh? Do you see that? *a load of laughter and giggles*

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  2. Hi.. Sir… Only potato 🍠.. U took… And howmany… Or after making can we store it in refrigerator… Video was enthusiastic.. Nice presentation… 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏

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  6. Actually, to take instant (especially French style) coffee powder and mix it with hot water to melt it to a paste which you then apply to hair will darken it. I have tried it. I figured if spilling coffee on clothing, carpets and furniture will leave stains that you can barely remove, why not try it on hair!!?? After darkening you must apply a conditioner to your hair. The good thing is that there is no notice on coffee as being a carcinogen, whereas when you buy hair dyes that is stuck on each one of them. 🙂

  7. lol, for a minute there when he put the plastic bag over his head, I thought that we are going to witness a real live murder case.

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  12. Excellent Video! Forgive me for the intrusion, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you tried – Dinanlinson Bright Colour Approach (search on google)? It is a good one off product for learning how to get your natural hair color back minus the headache. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend at last got amazing results with it.

  13. Suggestions: Way too much water….less water would produce a more color condensed/darker liquid. The application technique needs to be tweaked. Not nearly enough liquid applied….and did not cover all sections of the hair. Not sure how long you left it on the hair…..I'm guessing an hour or so would be needed. Yes…repeated treatments might give more results.
    Nice to see such enjoyment of a friendship.

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