NO SANDWICH School Lunch Ideas 🍏 Making YOUR Lunch Ideas

100 thoughts on “NO SANDWICH School Lunch Ideas 🍏 Making YOUR Lunch Ideas

  1. I love the sour cream & onion it’s my favorite 💕
    I watch your video every day I love you so much I’m from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

  2. My name is Sophie from New York and I would like a cat theme.

    My main course is a Nutella sandwich shaped like a cat. Greek yogurt with Frozen raspberries and blueberries, And for my vegetable I would like carrots and one or two pickles. On the side I would like to have freeze dried mangos also In a separate container pretzel and cheese goldfish mixed. For my drink sprite.

  3. 6:10 with out the tomatoes I would love that!!

    Also can I request a lunch?

    Name: Jennar
    Where I’m from: Wisconsin
    Main course: Alfredo noodles!
    Veggie:carrots with humas
    Fruit: Strawberys or mangos!
    Snack:Gold fish
    Dessert:cupcakes if you have them.
    Drink:Good to grow bottle!

  4. Hello my name is Bri and I’m from Los Angeles and I love basketball
    Main: a hot food, groundbeef, potatos, carrots, and ketchup which is called giniling in the Philippines
    Snack: salt and vinegar chips
    Fruit and veggie: kiwi and grapes and carrots
    Sweet treat: skittles
    Drink: sweet tea
    It would make my day if you did this

  5. Hey Jennifer can I tell you a request that I want you to do on Friday if your kids have school if not Thursday you should do our heart themed lunch

  6. Hi I'm jade from the UK one of my favourite lunches is …

    Tuna pasta with sweet corn and spring onion
    Side _ carrots with ranch
    Apples and strawberries with nutella (must try )
    And a cupcake for desert
    For drink I love Nesquik chocolate milk or Yazoo if you have those

  7. Thank you for sharing meat free wrap Ideas ❤ If I pack wrap for my daughters lunch she always complains about getting soggy. Do you have any solution for that ?

  8. #fliver we call it chicken speedies….FYI is you ever come to NY that is NOT a chicken speedie…I didn’t have a name for it so I called it a speedie 😂

  9. My name is juniper from Chicago

    Main course : crossaints with jelly

    Fruit : blue berrys

    Snack : Pickle

    Sweet treat : sugar cookie

    Veggies : sugar snap peas

    Drink : water

    Theme : ocean

  10. hi my name is fatima khan I'm form Riyadh can i really have a naxt soteout please
    sorry for my eagles i am a girl can u make a frozen 2 lunch i like kindar egg for a treet 🍬
    and for the froot blueberry frozen 2 pancake and for the pancake topinks🍮stoberrys 🍓
    and for the drek 🍹stoberrymilk and the last treet coklate coiwes 🍪🍪🍪🍫

  11. So I like it's lunch at my school so it's a hamburger so you do bun some ranch or another thing I know you do sound like some ham and then do some baking and that stand and then you put some carrots with some snap peas with a little bit of Dsultan vinegar chips and then you do some water and then a juice and then you can just do some brunch or something then you do some apples with some peanut butter any kind of apples do you want

  12. My name is Isabelle from England

    Main course: Pancakes!

    Fruit: Strawberries

    Vegetable: Carrots

    Snack: Waffles?

    Drink: Apple juice!

  13. I love the fliver wrap. I make that all the time but I use honey mustard (chicken dipper sauce) and grated carrot, so delicious.

  14. It would be super interesting to see a "behind the scenes" on how you do these videos. Planning, shopping, how you keep it all organized, etc.

  15. I can't explain my love for your channel 😍
    Seeing you make lunches looked so much fun that I decided to buy a bentgo box and making lunch is so much fun now and Im actually really full instead of just having a granola bar and being hungry

  16. When I have a moment to type it out I will send you my chicken taco roll up recipe. It's one I tweeked a few years ago and is a huge favorite at all the family get togethers. Loved this video and my son chose one for his pack lunch day this week

  17. Hi am Aubree am from cullman my theme is unicorn main corse grilled chese for my fruit. I want pinaple my vegetable i want Culpeper with ranch for my snack I want dortoes cool ranch kind for my sweet treat your kids can pick the sweet treat for my drink i want chocolate milk

  18. I’m Stella from Oregon

    Main course: quesadillas

    Veggies: carrots and ranch

    Fruit: Golden Apples

    Theme: Disney

    Love you guys!!!

  19. Name: Lydia I live in California

    For the main course a sourdough chicken sandwich

    Fruit: strawberries mix with mango

    Veggie: Carrots mix with broccoli

    Snack: Lays popable chips

    Special treat: Marshmellos

    Drink: Sparkling water

    Please choose me! I’ve been watching you guys for a very long time! You really inspire me!

  20. #Flivver my mom uses to makes wraps similar to these! She would frybuo some chicken strips..and we would use Romaine, shredded cheddar, and ranch. And crushed pineapple!!!

  21. hi peeps

    to anyone out there your loved, appreciated and we need u have a good night or day xx

    also can I request a lunch?

    Name: Jennar
    Where I’m from: Wisconsin
    Main course: Alfredo noodles!
    Veggie:carrots with humas
    Fruit: Strawberys or mangos!
    Snack:Gold fish
    Dessert:cupcakes if you have them.
    Drink:Good to grow bottle!

  22. Hi Jennifer! Hopefully, you can create a Filipino lunch 😀 I submitted my entry under the name Angel, I've been subscribed to you under another account since 2018 and I keep on waiting for a Filipino lunch 😉

  23. Hi,I am Mia (from Germany) For next Lunch. I have a Box. First Mac and cheese Hot dogs. For fruit i Like strawberry. The vetibal i choose carrots. The Snack and the Treet is your choose.Love all of you.❤

  24. Who else noticed that when she threw the peas it looked like the shape of the Indian country?
    Don't judge me I'm weird..

  25. Hey Jennifer
    I love your Videos they are such a good Inspiration . I work in a childrens home and make lunches for 10 boys every day. Big thumps up and greetings from Germany

  26. Name: Carmenza
    Place: Santo Domingo
    Main course: fried chicken salad without tomatos
    Fruit: mango and strawberries
    Veggie: lettuce with ranch
    Snack: gluten free pretsels
    Sweet treat: mud pie

  27. Hey I’m Mare from the Netherlands! I’m vegetarian! Maybe you can do a full week vegetarian!
    If you do that this are some tips!!

    Main course: a salad with cucumber, tomato and sauce! ( its simpel but delicious)

    Fruit: fruit sticks with strawberry grapes and mango

    Veggies: the salad already has lots of veggies 😉

    Snack: cake pops!

    Drink: a smoothie

    Theme: unicorns

    Hope u like it!!

  28. Lunch suggestion. .
    Main course. Biryani (spicy orange colored Rice)
    Snack baby Bel cheese
    Fruit Strawberry's
    Vegtibal cucumber and carrots
    Dessert cupcake


  29. Hey Jennifer! I love your channel and sent in a "Lilo and Stitch" themed lunch idea as he is my fav disney character. Also wondering when a grocery haul will be postes

  30. Hi I’m kashfi I would like to get a shoutout and make a lunch idea I’m form India and my lunch idea is cheesy Alfredo ,strawberry’s,water,Doritos,little m&ms plss notice me

  31. How about a wrap lunch idea: chicken, bacon, and ranch by the way it's shredded chicken and little bacon bits and i live in Taylor

  32. Hey Jennifer o was wondering when are you going to make more mommy meal prep..lunch,snack, dinner, or breakfast I really enjoy watching them and gave me some really good ideas for my job and to eat at home iam watching what i eat at well… would you please please do something like that again thanks
    Keep up the good work

  33. Hi! I really like your videos! I also have a small channel that is about books, so you can totally check it out, and maybe even subscribe!

  34. I love you so much I try to do the lunches you make some times but I can’t do that anymore because I can’t have sugar or gluten so can you please do no sugar gluten-free and I’ve made a flibber

  35. Main coarse saltines with peanut butter and honey

    Fruit mango and pineapple

    Veggie baby carrots

    Snack freeze dried fruit strawberry and banana

    Dessert rice crispy treats that are shaped like flowers stars and hearts

    Extra snack jalapeño chips

    Drink good to grow fruit punch

  36. One of my lunch ideas:
    Sushi!: I reccomend Californian
    Veggies/fruits: mangos and watermelon, then for veggies cucumber and carrots
    Treat: vanilla yogurt with strawberrys and blueberries
    Drink: this would be fun, you could ask your kids what's their favorite drink from Starbucks, then u could get it for them and put it in their lunch!

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