OMK! Kalen Allen Reacts to Apple Twix Salad Recipe

OMK! Kalen Allen Reacts to Apple Twix Salad Recipe

Add in some lemon juice.
Get that delicious citrusy
accent everybody just
loves on their mayo cocktail.

All right.
What are we doing today?
These are food…
OK, all right.
I’m going to do it for y’all.
Here we go.
Now I done told you all
about this mayonnaise.
Please don’t do this to me.
I cannot take anymore torture.
One tablespoon?
Well, at least it’s
a small dosage.
What the hell is
honey mustard syrup?
Cheeseburger gin?
Oh Lord Jesus, I can’t, I can’t.
Well, you go get
the cheeseburger.
And you got to put it in gin.
Then you’ve got to figure
out how to infuse it.
And that’s just nasty.
Then you’re going to
have cheeseburger chunks
up in there.
Then you got the
cheese and the tomatoes
and the lettuce and the
mayo and the ketchup.
Oh, honey, no.
Keep it.
Oh Lord.
Yeah, OK.
Add in some lemon juice.
Get that delicious citrusy
accent everybody just
loves on their mayo cocktail.
Honey, this is a
bunch of tomfoolery.
Y’all ain’t got no job.
Y’all need to find something
else to do with y’all lives.
Heavy cream.
OK, now.
I am sick of the bull.
You can’t tell me you learned
that up in bar tending school.
Baby, this is going to put
somebody on their death bed.
Just when you thought it
couldn’t get any more extra,
you go and garnish
it with some fries.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Look at the fine print.
Please only share
with those 21 plus.
Please drink responsibly.
Listen here, y’all got
a lot of nerve, baby.
Because you can responsibly
throw this [BLEEP]
in the trash.
Mayonnaise ice cream.
Absolutely not.
Hellman’s ice cream?
Ain’t no Hellman’s, honey.
That’s Hell-man, OK?
Baby, ain’t nothing artisan
about some mayonnaise.
You can buy that
at the Dollar Tree,
[? honey. ?] Y’all try it.
Absolutely not.
You’re always trying to
make something sound bougie.
Look at him, serving
that ice cream.
Honey, he don’t even
think this is a good idea.
Y’all see that nervous eye look?
Is that jello?
Oh no, vanilla pudding.
What are we making?
Banana pudding?
I like banana pudding.
Why that milk yellow?
Oh, because the pudding,
of course, is vanilla.
Twix and apples together?
Hold on now.
Crushed pineapple,
girl, this look
like a stomach ache
waiting to happen.

I’ve never been good at winking.
That was ugly.
Oh by golly.
Y’all done mixed
this [BLEEP] up.
What would Jesus do?
Honey, throw it in the trash.
Absolutely not.
Oh Jesus, was that my stomach?
Oh, Lord.
Honey, my heart may
be heavy but baby,
clearly my stomach is empty.
Let me go get some food.
Can somebody take me
to the commissary?
Well, I know what
I won’t be getting
on my stuff is some mayonnaise.
Lord, I can’t even get up.

100 thoughts on “OMK! Kalen Allen Reacts to Apple Twix Salad Recipe

  1. My mom actually made a similar version of the Apple Twix Salad and it is good 😛 But that one look like TRASH

  2. I fed this recipe to something. throws in trash throws bowl at window MOM I DID MY CHORES AND MADe SOME HEALTHY FOOD some garbage salad, fresh off the dirty garbage and flies

  3. I love when he judges the food and he says it looms nasty but he tries it any ways and ots acually pretty good

  4. When I was little my dad taught us to eat a Snickers with a Green apple for a treat, I wonder TWIX is mmmm… Too chewy. Try SNICKAS

  5. Omg…responsibly throw this s*** in the trash…he ain't nevah lied! !They messed up the salad with pineapple and caramel. It's actually good.

  6. I used to think he was just exaggerating his reactions for views… I was so wrong. What is wrong with these recipes? How could people do this. Gross. I love him.

  7. I made the apple Twix salad for thanksgiving once! Was a huge hit for everyone except for my grandpas new gf. She never likes anything we do. She only appreciates her own grandkids🙃

  8. YouTube trying to help out their girl Ellen after defending a war criminal… Never watched any of her content, yet I'm somehow getting plugs for her YouTube channel? Hmmmmm

  9. Apple twix is actually pretty good. But I prefer snickers instead of twix. It's like a caramel apple in a salad. Idk about the rest of thse recipes tho. Those are nasty

  10. ''Yep, okay, add in some lemon juice. Get that delicious citrusy accent everybody just LOVES on their mayo cocktail. NNOPE.'' 😂😂😂😂

  11. The one twix desert is actually very AMAZING it taste better with snickers but yes. Missing out if youbhadnt tried it lol

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