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If you are looking
for easy dinner ideas, sheet pan dinners
are always a hit. And today, I’m gonna show you
how to make a super-easy, super-delicious Farmer’s Market
Chicken and Vegetable recipe that your kids will love. [MUSIC] First, we’re gonna start
with our sheet pan, which we’re gonna cover
with aluminum foil. This is where
the no-clean-up happens, ’cause we’re just gonna
throw that baby away right when we’re done. To start the recipe,
we’re gonna take our one-sheet pan, Farmer’s
Market Seasoning Packet. We’re gonna add this
to our bowl, and we want the bowl
to be large enough that it’s gonna hold
all of our chicken and vegetables
for this recipe. So we’re gonna add enough
oil to the seasoning blend so that we can coat our chicken
and our vegetables nicely, and get all that flavor. So once it’s added,
we’re gonna whisk this nice. And you could tell whether
or not it’s enough oil — and this looks perfect.
We’re gonna let that sit and let those flavors
all get released into that oil, and we’re gonna prepare
our vegetables. So today I’m using Brussels
sprouts, zucchini, carrots, and onion. The whole idea
behind this recipe is to find the things
that are currently in season, and go with it. So we’re gonna cut the ends
of our Brussels sprouts off, so we have a nice flat base,
so that we can half our Brussels sprouts
for this recipe. You might find that some leaves
are coming off — you want those guys
in this recipe, like this little guy here. Those are the ones
that are going to crisp up and brown up in the oven. Those are my favorite bits.
Those are the ones I steal when the pan
comes out of the oven. We’re gonna add these right
to our seasoning. So the ends — remember guys, these don’t have to go
in your trash. You can put them in your compost and make great compost
for your garden. So we added our Brussels sprouts
to the seasoning blend, and I’m gonna add
the rest of our vegetables. So we have our zucchini, we have
our carrots, and red onion. Don’t forget,
whatever vegetables you can find in your farmer’s markets
are great; parsnips, eggplant,
yellow squash — this recipe
will work on any vegetable you can find
in your farmer’s market. So the last thing we need to add
is our chicken. So we’re gonna plop
these guys in. And we’re using chicken thighs;
you can use chicken breast, you can even use
salmon or pork loin — really almost any protein. You might, of course, have to
adjust your cooking times, but that would work. So now that everything’s
in the bowl, we’re gonna toss this
and coat it all in that seasoning.
And I’ll get all of that flavor on all of our vegetables
and chicken. Oh, and I’m losing my bowl —
my bowl is slightly too small. I probably should have started
with a bigger bowl — but we’ll make it work. All right, you can start to see
the seasoning coming up. I’m coating all that
chicken and yumminess. All right guys,
I think we look good here. We’re gonna dump this
right on our sheet pan. So you can mix everything
right on the sheet pan and even have less dishes,
but I just like to use the bowl, makes it a little bit easier.
Plus, the dumping is really fun. Make sure that you position
the chicken jus’ so they don’t touch. And you wanna make sure
they’ll evenly cook, and you want a nice,
even layer of your vegetables. And you don’t want them
too close, separate them out — this way they roast
instead of steam. If you’re doing chicken thighs, you might wanna bunch
the chicken like this. It’ll help keep them moist
while they’re roasting, plus they look prettier
when they come out of the oven. All right, so we’re just gonna
put this sheet pan in our preheated
400 degree onion — onion? [LAUGHTER] We’re gonna throw
the sheet pan now in our preheated 400 degree oven for 30 minutes,
and dinner is done! All right guys,
it’s been 30 minutes. Let’s take a look at this. Oh my gosh, this is awesome!
Look at this! Dinner in 30 minutes,
on one pan. So the Farmer’s Market Chicken
and Vegetable Seasoning just brought out
all those flavors — I can smell them.
The aroma is great. Remember those little bits
I told you about? These are the little guys
I like to pop in when I pull it out of the oven. It’s amazing.
It’s quick, it’s easy. Your family’s gonna love it.
Have fun making this one, guys! [MUSIC] Check out this episode, plus all the other episodes,
in the Flavor Maker app. There’s all sorts
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  1. Or yah know you can do the meat first and position it, then your vegetables for the dump so you're not fighting big pieces of meat and small cubed vegetables trying to escape. It'll have the same outcome.

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