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– Oh (beep)! Oh (beep)! And I got Alfredo on my Air Max. That’s enough of me for the day. – Welcome to “InstaChef.” We’re profiling chefs who are creating a new food tradition by using Instagram to bring their creations to the world. I’m your host Cliff Skighwalker. Me and some of my friends
are hitting the road in the pursuit of pure deliciousness, and we are going in. One dish at a time. Well, well, well. It looks like I finally
have arrived in Atlanta. Out the gate, one thing I love about this city is that the Southern hospitality runs deep, and, when it comes to food,
people in the A are prideful. That passion holds true
to chefs and cooks here who use social media, not
only to promote themselves and gain followers, but
also to set up businesses, employ those in their own communities, and generate sustainable profit. Look, it’s the ATL. I’m ready to eat. So, follow me. Pardon me. I have to take this. Big Boi, what up though? Everything solid, man. Where are you? Oh, you need the address? Say no more, one second. Visible’s so fast. Yo, I just sent you the address. All right, I’ll see you in a few minutes. My special guest is an
iconic figure in Atlanta. His mark on hip-hop is immortal, and his entrepreneurial spirit, is ensuring his legacy
for generations to come. Ladies and gentlemen, Big Boi. Aw man, what up, doe?
What’s going on with you? – Hey hey hey, what’s up
baby boy what’s up buddy? – Good to see you. – How you doing, fasho.
What’s going on, man? – First off, thank you
for just taking time out of your schedule to be a part of this. – Thank you for having me,
man. Welcome to Atlanta. – Oh bet! Thank you! – Yeah, believe that. – Thank you for that formal welcome, I’m serious that means a lot man. Right out the gate, I just wanna rewind the clock back, you were born and raised in the
Savannah and Atlanta area? – Yep. – The first thing I wanna ask you about is those earliest childhood memories. – I come from a large
family, you know what I mean I’m the first of five children so a lot of my time when I was younger was spent with my uncles and aunties
and bouncing around from house to house ’cause Atlanta is a coastal town so, I’m a beach boi. A b-o-i, ya feel me? So it was a lot of fishing, and crabbing and bringing it back and doing a low country seafood boil with the corn and the potatoes and all that. That kinda stuck with me so I always loved seafood from day one. – When you are at the
crib what’s your go-to? – My thing, as I just started, my wife bought me an air fryer. Which is like my best (beep) friend. I got a Instagram page with chef twan twan. You know, I just dabble a little bit just with my audience so, I put up recipes and stuff like that man, but that’s my go to thing right there. – Now when it comes to food in the city what are those things that the locals gravitate towards? Something that, like, if you’re a tourist you
don’t really know about. – Well one, is definitely the strip club food. It’s scrumptious. – Listen put me on, this is the time please put me on. – I’m telling you though you can get you a chopped chicken
Philly from Magic City. Then, my favorite spot got to be the seafood spot called Spondivits. They been here forever and they specialize in fresh seafood, man, so ask for Ken, tell ’em Big Boi sent you. It’s great. – What makes Atlanta cuisine stand out from any other city? – It got to be the
southern seasoning cabinet. You know what I mean? ‘Cause it’s passed down from generations and generations. So when it comes to just the south like, down home southern cooking, it’s gotta be about your seasoning cabinet. – I love that. How has social media affected, not only what you do musically, but your career as a whole? – You know, we started in a era when there was no social media, so for now to have to be social media, my fans get to grow up with me, and people get to see what you’re doing. From me breeding dogs,
you know what I mean? They see the frenchies and they love that. They know my kids, they
like, “Damn, he really is about that (beep) he said he was about,” you know what I mean? And they respect the music that much more. It’s all about soul. – You know, speaking of support, there’s a underground scene of food where chefs are utilizing social media to really promote and sell their food and I just wanted to ask
you what do you know? – I kinda seen it, I kinda
glazed over it a little bit. The main people that I see doing it are the people I follow, like E-40, chef Earl Stevens, he’s
one of my favorites. – I like the way you’re
doing that brother. – You feel me. – Yessir yessir. – I watch some of the stuff that y’all been doing with the Thrillist and I’m like, “OK, cool man.
Like that’s amazing.” – Are you hungry? – Yeah man, I know what you do and I know you don’t
never bring no bull(beep) so we definitely wanna see what you got in store for us. – Bull(beep) is the last
thing I’m tryna bring to us. We’re actually headed to the studio right now to meet some chefs.
And hear their stories. And the first chef we’re
about to meet is Chef Baul. Who spent years in this
food game, cooking for high profile people and I’ve been adamant about trying to get
an opportunity to taste it. You down to check it out? – Absolutely. – Let’s go. – Let’s see what’s happening. Ayy, I can’t wait to see
what you got cooking. – What’s going on my brothers. How you feeling today, man? – Dawg, it’s so good to see you and finally get a taste of your food. – Glad you made it. – What’s up man how you doing bruh, nice to meet you dawg. – Nice to meet you my man. – Is it cool if we grab a seat? – Yessir y’all take a seat. – Chef Baul, thank you so much for just meeting us in the studio. – Aye man I had to make it happen, whichever way you all want it. – Fasho, so, could you
tell us what’s on the menu? – Yessir, first of all, right here we got some hoisin marinated, it’s like a teriyaki glaze, and
then I added some thyme. We got some jumbo shrimp, I grilled them and finished them
off with some lemon juice. And right here we got some lamb chops. Lamb chop lollipops that’s
what they call ’em. It’s a similar glaze to this
but it’s just a hoisin sauce. And right here this the city favorite, you got the lobster mac & cheese right here, baby. You know, grandma she touched up on the recipe with me. – Yeah, I told you about the recipe passed down that’s right. – If it don’t hit like grandmama, you know, you gotta send it back, so you know, this the number one favorite in the city, the lobster mac. – Your plate looks, exceptionally exquisite. And, you know, I think my plate matches. So I think it’s time we dig in. All right, now where are you starting? You starting with that, matter of fact- – Let’s start right here – OK, imma match you. – It’s all about your
seasoning cabinet man. Taste a little garlic,
the thyme, it’s juicy. It’s not dry, like he said,
he locked the flavor in. All right, we gone buss
down something else. – What you going onto next? – Let’s go to this lobster mac, since this the city favorite. What part of the lobster
do you use in this? ’cause I know a lot of
people use the claw meat – I use straight tail. – That’s the only way I like it. – Just chop it up in chunks, saute it and drop it on in. – One thing about your macaroni & cheese that I’m tasting already, is that you are able to showcase a balance. You know, you taste the noodle, the noodle’s perfectly cooked, it’s not overcooked or mushy. – I was about to say it’s multi-cheesy. – There’s this is multi-cheesy. – Aw, man that is banging. – That’s grandma secret right there – Yeah, I was about to say, boy, don’t say that on tape. – A theme for this second season is that you know I’m a
mac & cheese fiend. Mhh. Ahhh. I want all
this, all this pornography. You know this definitely satisfies all those mac & cheese
notes that you crave that slight bitter, you don’t know exactly what it is. – That grandma. But I do wanna taste this salmon after you mentioned how it was glazed. – Aw chef, let me give you a little twirl. Little “Price is Right” twirl. (game show music) – The sauce man, – It’s all about the
sauce, and that glaze. – You said it was hoisin? – Hoisin. – Hoisin. That’s my new (beep). This ain’t ya mama’s yaki. This hoisin. Goddamn! – The way that the sauce
adheres to the fish. And you got that glaze so you get a little bit of crunchiness, and you get a little bit of stickiness, and that combination of sweet and savory, you know, you’re kinda hitting those umami notes. – He locked the flavor in. That glaze like a candy apple that glaze on the
outside, like it’s there. – You got it crispy on
the edge, but the salmon is not overcooked at all,
it’s perfectly cooked it’s just, it’s perfect. That is fire. – This definitely one of
the city’s favorite too. Every week they want
that salmon and the mac. – Boy, this (beep) is delicious, homie. I’m tryna see where you been. – Chef I wanna ask you about
your starts in cooking. – I grew up with a lot
of sisters and brothers, so we used to get food stamps and I used to experiment with a lot of stuff I started off a little like that and I got my first job as a dishwasher at this place called Cafe Intermezzo when I was like 18 years old, and I asked the chef one day, “Let me help you prep a little something,” and I was in Cafe Intermezzo one night, and I remember Big Boi coming through; he was at the back corner table I came out and glanced at you I served the food unto
you, like 9 years ago. – And now we’re in a situation like this where we’re actually
highlighting what you do. And full circle, able to
bring Big Boi back around – It’s amazing man, seems like it’s a dream come true right now. – Going into business for yourself talk a little bit about that time. – I had to branch off, get
out that restaurant business build your own brand. I fell in love with that even more than just cooking out of a restaurant. Out of a restaurant was the end of it so, I transitioned from restaurant chef to a personal chef. – We kind of talked about that in the car how because of all the
hard work you put in you’re able to be in a position like that. – Yeah yeah, absolutely, you
gotta put the work in man when the table clears you just do whatever you want to do at that point and that’s where I’m at in my life, which is a blessing. ‘Cause, you know, that’s 25 years of work,
you know what I mean? And the music lives forever. – Well look, I hope you didn’t think we were finished. We have one more chef to meet. – Boi, stop. – Yeah, Chef Baul you wanna roll with us? – Yeah that’s cool. – Wait before you go, – Somebody give me some aluminum foil. – Chef, I need a to-go plate. – I got you I’mma wrap that thing. – Y’all gone ahead and roll, I’m coming. Let me go buss one
more bite of this salmon. – Chef Kodak. – Yo, waddup doe? – What’s going on with you? Gotta introduce you to Big Boi. – What’s up bud? Aight
chilling, what’s happening? – What’s good with you, man? – Cool if we grab a seat? – Yessir, sit down. – Aight, fasho. – Damn, I thought we was going somewhere we just came down the hallway pimpin’. – Little, little, little light walk you know, Chef Kodak was right here. First of all, thank you so much for just being here with us. Could you tell us what’s on the menu? – I did a stuffed salmon, fan favorite over a cajun paasta. I did a seared lamb chops, as well. – Ah man that’s amazing, the food is in front of us. I’m bout to dive in, no Trey Songz. Try this with the salmon. – It’s good man. It’s good man, the sweet and spicy go together like my lips are tingling. The spinach is busting out the seam like a dime bag over stuffed. I just see healthiness. – The cajun seasoning
that you have on this salmon, almost developed
like a crust on it and not only do you have that crust, but the salmon that you cooked is just so flaky and buttery, and then the real kicker on the salmon, is this like,
secret, creamed spinach you get a really, really tender leaf and a tender bite on the spinach. – I can’t get over this stuffing of this salmon. – I don’t even eat spinach, deadass. you gotta cook it like that. I don’t like it to be too leafy, I like it, like even with broccoli, or something like that
I like my vegetables kind of soft like that,
and that’s just good. – And then the Alfredo sauce, listen, as you taste it I think we can all agree you can tell why it’s world famous. – I was just about to
say the Alfredo sauce it’s really, really, it’s creamy as hell. – You know, with everything
that we have going on I did want to talk about one of the things that I like that is done in my opinion, in Detroit better than a lot of other cities is the lamb chops, your lamb chop is really great preparation. You know, sometimes, with lamb chops, you have a situation where sometimes they dry out. And this lamb chop is done perfectly. And actually Chef Kodak.
I see the D fitted, you from Detroit, right? – Yessir, born and raised. 313 what up, doe? So I moved out here in
2001, 10th grade year, high school. I went to Tri-City, same high school as you, yeah. – Oh my God, see what I’m saying? It’s like a family reunion. Look at God. – So you went to Tri-City, and then from there. – Soon as I got out of high school I went straight to culinary school. I worked different jobs, crazy jobs, I worked at cemeteries, airports, it was crazy man. – What kept you, going back to food? – It’s just that passion,
like I love to cook. I could be in the kitchen all day. – That’s what it’s about man, if your heart’s in it man
you gone be great at it. – Everybody at this table, is an example of entrepreneurship. When you are self made, you come across hardships. So, how did you overcome that adversity? – I had just had my
newborn little baby boy so that was all the motivation I needed to give him a better lifestyle than I had and to teach him things
that I learned as a man when I can teach him as a little boy. – So Chef Kodak, times of hardship how did you overcome those moments? I remember first opening up a restaurant. Times was hard. Talking about one or two customers a day. – How did you transition
from those moments from one or two customer, to now an extremely successful empire? – It’s really well, what the show is about, “InstaChef.” I used the platform Instagram to just build my brand, from hashtags to different marketing tools, branding, logos, I just
went for what I knew. – Big Boi, – Before you answer that man, I heard you like to whip it up in the kitchen. – I do a little something something. – Then let’s see what you know how to do man, come help me out in the kitchen. – It’s gon’ be simple. – Let’s see if he can toss it up a little bit. – What you want me to do
just flip that (beep). – Yeah flip it. – Oh (beep) oh (beep) that
was a good one wasn’t it – Yeah that was a good
one that was a good one – Got Alfredo on my Air max, that’s enough for me for the day. – Now going back I wanna bring you guys on that breakthrough moment, when you started to see things pay off. – I was playing Madden one day, with my nephew, and I
threw a pass to Julio Jones I looked down at my
phone, I had a Instagram message from Julio Jones. He sent me a message saying can
you come cook for me tomorrow? Next morning I’m in Julio Jones’ penthouse making his offseason breakfast, lunch, and dinner man. – I gotta say it was, when we put out our first song “Player’s Ball,” and it was a Christmas song, and when they first told us that we would have to put our first song on a Christmas album we was like, “They tryna (beep) our career up before we can even get out here,” right? We changed the word from “Christmas Day” to “all day err-day,” took
the sleigh bells out, six weeks later it’s
number one on Billboard, it went gold, the rest is diamond. – So question to everybody
I’ll start with Chef Kodak. What advice do you have for other people that possibly wanna pursue the path that you’re going with food? – You just gotta keep going. Keep going hard, and
really, stay in your lane. Whatever your lane is, pick your lane. – I like to always tell, anybody just be the best you. It’s
all about you have your own signature thing where nobody can’t duplicate what you do, you just give the world the best you and everybody gone come to you for what you do.
And you just gotta want it. – Go attain the knowledge.
If you don’t know it, it’s out there, in the
world we live in now, just about anything
you wanna know you just google it or research it so, and just believe in yourself.
And have some confidence with a little swag behind
it, have some integrity, so you gone do the right thing if anybody watching or not. You can’t lose with that recipe right there. – Boss talk. – Yeah, forreal forreal.
You know one thing, I’m glad I got to bring
everybody together. On this level because not only are we living out our dreams, but we’re living out our dreams in hope to leave something for others. – I want my recipes to still be utilized 100 years from now when
I’m gone, when my son gone, my grandkids gone, I want them to still be cooking the same Chef Baul recipe, and know where it came from, and know where Chef Baul came from. – I think the music is immortal. A lot of the stuff that I’ve taught, me as Outkast, lead, solo,
whatever, Dungeon Family, taught people through music and changed people lives, and if you can change one person’s life, then you’ve kinda served a nice
little swerve on this Earth. – Imma say my brand. I want when people see this face, they just
think of stuffed salmon, the stuffed salmon they had yesterday, branding is everything,
so as soon as they see that they “man, I’m
hungry.” Kodak kno dat. – Yeah I like that. Once again, thank you all for coming here and I think it was great to have you all here because we got to hear not only different sides of your stories, but there were opportunities where things were parallel. I wanna
just thank everybody once again for being here, and before we go, can I get
a selfie with everybody. Let’s do that real
quick. Y’all ready? 1,2, (camera shutter) – Damn, looking like a mission– – Nobody saw it, it didn’t happen. Aw my bad, real friend (beep) thank you. Listen man, nah, ’cause sometimes crew will just leave you out there Listen our crew is like, like anytime they be like yo, fix
that (beep) real quick. Yo, thank you so much for watching “InstaChef” on Thrillist, be sure to like and share this video, leave a comment below, and subscribe to Thrillist on all social media platforms.
We’ll see you next time.

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