Paniyaram | Kuzhi Paniyaram | Chettinad Kuzhi Paniyaram | Onion Chutney | Breakfast Menu – 2

Paniyaram | Kuzhi Paniyaram | Chettinad Kuzhi Paniyaram | Onion Chutney | Breakfast Menu – 2

Greetings!! This is Amma Samayal Meenakshi We are going to make sweet Paniyaram, white Paniyaram and onion chutney Ingredients for sweet Paniyaram Raw Rice Urad dal Measurements for Paniyaram Take 1 cup of raw rice , flatten it and then measure Take urad dal and keep on top of it This is how you have to measure For Paniyaram, the measurement is like this Flatten the rice cup and add urad dal If you measure like this , paniyaram will be perfect I’m making it for 6,7 people Measure based on number of people, I have taken 5 cups If it is for 2 people, 1 cup is enough If it for 4 people, 2 cups is enough If it is for 5,6 people, take 5 or 5 1/2 cups Soak in water for 2 hrs Let it soak for 2hrs, after that we’ll grind it Let’s see how to prepare the batter for paniyaram I have taken the rice and urad dal washed We’ll use this water for grinding The batter should be soft for paniyaram So that the paniyarams will be good This is the batter consistency This should be soft, only then it’ll be nice Rest it for fermentation atleast 2 hrs That shouldn’t be over fermented Taste won’t be there Add salt and mix it well Add a glass of water and mix it well Switch off the grinder wipe out neatly from the grinder Add salt and mix it Adding 2 spoons of salt Add salt if required It should be in the flowing consistency Transfer it to a vessel Keep the batter separately in another pan Ingredients for Onion Chutney Shallots 300 grms Pealed the outer skin and washed well Dried red chillies – 15 nos Tamarind0 25 grms Small size is enough Mustard seeds & urad dal for tempering Salt and oil as required The batter is now ready We soaked rice for 2 hrs and now we left it for 2hrs fermentation transfer it into a vessel Add water and mix it Don’t mix it completely I’ll show in hallow pan and also normal pan You can try any of the method You can do it as you wish Add water and mix it well It should be in the flowing consistency Add oil to the hallow space We’ll grind chutney for this first Add dried red chillies Add tamarind to it Add salt 1/2 spoon We’ll grind this first Grind this without adding water Add onion to it Don’t blend it too soft, it should be a coarse mixture I haven’t added water to the chutney , i’m adding it now only Water released from onion is enough to blend the chutney, It’ll be in flowing consistency if you add water to it Keep the flame higher and add the batter to the pan Don’t add the batter in the center It’ll burn Add water and mix it if you want Cover cook Keep the pan in different directions as the flame will be in one side Add urad dal little more For tempering the chutney It’s cooked one side and let’s flip it to other side Add curry leaves Add the tempering to it This chutney will be good only if you add more oil in the tempering This is an onion chutney so you have to grind it with raw onion I’m adding oil to cook paniyarams Let it heat for sometimes We’ll flip it before that Keep it in lower flame Slowly add the batter to it If one flips up, make other one in the hot oil Once the color started changing, remove it from the oil This pan is hot now Add batter to it now Fill only 3/4th with batter If you want to make it in a bigger size, you can make it as a single piece I’m making small , so i made 2 pieces Keep it simmer flip it the other side Adjust the flame according to the batter If we are using a big ladle and a big kadai, it’ll be good We’ll transfer this to the plate You can make this Paniyaram batter on sundays , office days will be difficult Try this in weekends Deep fried & pan fried paniyarams are ready to be served now You can make in any of these methods Like share and subscribe to this channel Share in facebook Thank you

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  1. ma'am, this recipe of yours was simply yummy, your measurement is precise . it was much tastier than the one I prepare with left over idly batter. thanks ma'am.

  2. very nice Amma,also the information( English) is given below so it's very helpful for us to understand small small things,

  3. மீனாம்மா! ரொம்பநல்லா இருக்கும்மா Super ma அம்மா நீங்க கையில் இடுக்கி Use செய்துக்கங்கம்மா உங்களுக்கு இன்னும் சுலபமா இருக்குமில்லம்மா

  4. வணக்கம் அம்மா பணியாரம் சூப்பர் சூப்பர் .எனக்கு இது செய்ய தெரியாது நான் உங்க கிட்ட கேட்க நினைத்தேன் நீங்கள் சொல்லி கொடுத்திட்டிங்க .நன்றி அம்மா .உங்கள் மகள் by valli

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