Penang Pork Satay – Grilled Pork Skewers – Food Wishes

Penang Pork Satay – Grilled Pork Skewers – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes
calm with penang pork satay that’s right you’ve had beef satay and you’ve had
chicken satay but i’m hoping you have not had pork satay since I really want
this recipe to be your first time alright that’s how good this is and by
the way I’ve never been to Penang and I’m only calling you at this because
we’re using the ingredients typical to that area so to be clear I’m not saying
they make something like this in Penang but I am saying that they could so with
that let’s go ahead and get started by prepping some tumeric which we usually
use in this beautiful golden powdered form but I actually found a piece of the
fresh root so this time I thought I’d use that instead and I’m not sure if we
actually have to peel this for a marinade but if we do the easiest way is
just to scrape it with a spoon which I’m doing in a paper towel here to avoid
staining my hands too bad although a little staining is fine because when
people ask us what it’s from we can tell them about this recipe but anyway once
we have that skin scraped off we can go ahead and give this a quick slice before
transferring it into our food processor and of course if you can’t find the
fresh route we will just use the powder it’s gonna work fine and I’ll give you
the measurements and by the way that spoon scraping trick also works great
for ginger which we will also add some of but a spoon will not work on the
shallots which we will have to peel and slice with a knife and toss those in as
well along with a whole bunch of peeled garlic followed by some brown sugar or
palm sugar if you have it but you don’t and then we will spice this up with some
kind of ground chili powder and I went with ancho but anything will work
we will also toss in some ground coriander which fun fact is actually
from the seeds of the cilantro plant we’ll also toss in a little bit of
chipotle plus of course a little kiss of cayenne and then as far as our liquids
go we’ll do a little bit of rice vinegar as well as some nice soy sauce and by
nice I mean not low-sodium we will also sneak in a little bit Asian
fish sauce or as it’s called in Asia fish sauce and then our one semi exotic
ingredient some tamarind paste which is basically from a tropical bean like pod
which is sort of sweet but intensely sour
so a little bit goes a long way and that’s it we will finish up with a
handful of cilantro at which point we’ll take this and process it or blend it
until we have a fairly fine ground paste like this and that’s it as soon as
that’s accomplished all we need is some chunks of pork to mix this with today
I’m gonna be using a big beautiful piece of fatty pork shoulder also known for
some reason is pork butt which i think has something to do with it once being
stored in barrels but anyway we’ll go ahead and cut this up and for this I
generally don’t trim off too much fat but if you do see a large solid piece
you go ahead and whack it off and as long as you’re fairly consistent you can
cut this into whatever size pieces you want okay because we want him to cook it
roughly the same rate and personally I shoe for something about an inch and a
half square or as close as I can get it so I went ahead and cubed up just over
two and a half pounds as shown trimming off some but not much of the fat and
then once that set we can transfer it into a large mixing bowl and we will
sprinkle over a generous amount of salt which as I like to mention because I’m
using a large crystal kosher salt always looks like way more than it is so please
save your cards and letters and then what we’ll do is go ahead and pour in
our marinade and then get in there with to clean paws and then mix and massage
this until it’s perfectly coated and then what we’ll do once we’re sure this
is very very well mixed just go ahead and cover the top with plastic and then
transfer it into the fridge for anywhere between four and eighteen hours and if
you’re keeping score at home this time I did mine for about five and that’s it
once our pork has experienced the sensation of that marination we’ll go
ahead and pull it out and impel it on some kind of skewers either bamboo ones
we’ve soaked in water or some metal ones like I’m using which is probably a
little easier I’ll be a less authentic way to go and there’s really only two
things you have to remember as you’re doing this the first is we want the
pieces of meat touching but we don’t want impressed and squish too tight
together and then the second more important thing is do not stab your hand
doing this so we will go ahead and skew our meat at which point we are ready to
grab some tongs and head to the grill before we do one quick reminder not to
throw away the excess marinade because if we want we can go ahead and brush
some of this on while our meats grilling which by the way is perfectly safe as
long as the meat gets cooked after the application all right so don’t brush
this stuff on the meat after it’s cooked that is a lawsuit waiting to happen
but anyway let’s go ahead and head outside and place these down over some
beautifully hot smoky coals and once we have those place down we’re gonna cook
them for about 10 minutes per side or until cooked through and as usual the
time I’m giving you is a total guess all right so don’t go buy time since your
pieces of meat might be bigger or smaller or your fire is hotter or not as
hot as mine and a good rule of thumb for this is do it until the meat just firms
up or if it feels kind of soft and springy let it go but once it just
starts to feel firm it’s probably done and as I mentioned after we turn it if
you want to brush it with some of that excess marinade go ahead that’s never a
bad idea plus if you have a bunch of people standing around your grill
watching you this is never not a great look and there’s a pretty good chance
you’re gonna end up getting tagged on Instagram but anyway to recap we will
cook that for approximately 10 minutes per side or until we’re sure it’s cooked
through at which point we’ll go ahead and pull it off and head back inside
we’re happily we do not have to let it rest which really has great news because
this stuff just looks and smells insanely good and you’re gonna want to
tuck into that as soon as possible which I’m going to do right now off the plate
and that my friends is one of the most delicious pieces of pork you will ever
taste in your life and I really could have just stood there eating the rest
but I went ahead and plated some objects to some cucumber salad and peanut sauce
so I could take some pictures to use this clickbait and then I continued on
eating and thoroughly enjoying I mean this stuff just has all the flavors all
right sweet sour spicy aromatic smoky and intensely savory and not to brag but
over the years we’ve done many gorgeous and very delicious grilled pork dishes
but I really can’t remember any of them being as delicious as this one oh and I
should mention this would have been more authentic if we had added a little
splash of coconut milk to the marinade but I didn’t one time and I loved it
just as much so truth be told I didn’t want to open
up a whole can just use a little splash but having said that suit yourself
I mean you are after all the Marvin Gaye of your Penang pork satay and I’ve
actually heard through the grapevine that the coconut milk can help tenderize
this even further although this really was beautifully tender as is and yes of
course if you want to make this more of a meal or you do one of those new trendy
high carb diets this is absolutely fantastic on rice and by the way if you
do use pork shoulder there’s certain parts of the muscle that are gonna stay
pink even when it’s cooked through which I think the piece I just cut into is so
don’t let that throw you it’s fine oh and you know how sometimes I’ll say the
salad is just a prop for these videos this time it is not go find one of our
cucumber salad recipes and make it with this and same for the peanut sauce but
anyway that’s it what I’m calling penang pork satay if you’re looking for
something new and exciting for the grill this one checks all the boxes it’s easy
beautiful intensely delicious and has a very catchy name so for all those
reasons and more I really do hope you give it a try soon so head over to food
which is calm for all the ingredient amounts of more info as usual and as
always enjoy you you

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  1. It's called pork "butt" because if you take off the whole foreleg of the hog, the "shoulder butt" is the top end of the leg, the top of the shoulder, the "butt end" of the leg. This is the Boston butt, and the picnic is the pork shoulder at the shoulder joint itself. This is the same reason that a cigar "butt" and a cigarette "butt" and your "butt" all go by the same word as pork butt. Get your mind out of the gutter, heathen!

  2. If you use any amount of chipotle, you thereby renounce your right to use the word "satay" to describe your dish. What you got there is a pork skewer, quasi-Mexican style. Hey, no waht? I have a spice cabinet too!

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