Plastic Footprint | Can Ordering Pizza Save the Ocean?

Meal prepping Sunday night is a great
way to eliminate single-use plastic, but life can get crazy sometimes, and you find yourself needing more time just to prep for your meal prep. The point is, a lot of us order delivery or get take out. Today we’re going to discuss how to do that plastic free. Welcome to Plastic Footprint, where we talk about how to eliminate plastic from the ocean, by eliminating it from our lives. I’m Vivian, and I’m here with Ty and Casey. What do you guys like to order for delivery or takeout when it comes to lunch here at the office? I usually like to get a salad. I’m a big pizza guy myself. Tell us in the comments below what you like to eat for lunch and we’ll tell you how to do it more plastic free. Pizza? Okay, let’s talk about about it. I usually order pizza about twice a week. I mean, I ate 4 slices last week just because I heard it’s the best thing to order for the planet. That’s true. It doesn’t come in plastic, you don’t get a fork or a knife unless you
ask for it. So yeah, pizza can be good, because it doesn’t have any plastic but
just make sure you recycle it properly only the top can go in the recycling bin
because the bottom has all the oils and juices. That’s really great to know. I never knew that. So, salads though. Those can come in plastic and those
usually, those containers aren’t recyclable. So how do you get those without plastic? Well typically I just ask politely, I mean, restaurants are really willing to give it to you without the plastic utensils or the plastic bag, a lot of delivery
apps have a note section. So in the note section you can just ask for it to have
no plastic and typically they’re really willing. If I get on a plate and I’m
looking to get to where I’m going right away, what I’ll do is, I’ll just scrape it
into my reusable container and I’m on my way. You get a couple weird looks, but it’s worth it to save the ocean. Nice, good idea! One of the craziest things I’ve noticed while working at 4ocean Is the amount of plastic bags and plastic utensils that our cleanup crews find on a daily basis. It’s insane and we can really make a difference just by refusing those regularly. What I find most interesting is there’s so many options out there for
sustainable alternatives like metal, paper, so it’s really our opportunity to
eliminate those from the consumer market. Yeah did you see our Instagram post
from Skip The Straw day? All those straws that our Bali Cleanup Crew members found. It’s insane. Okay, so really quick. How do you eliminate plastic when you order lunch to-go? You just ask them politely. Pizza or reusables. Those are great ideas, being plastic free and eliminating single-use waste, don’t forget about the paper products too, like napkins, paper plates We just can’t win. Although it seem like an uphill battle Casey, small changes do you make a big
difference. Sustainable sustainability! Well said! Way to live Ocean-Minded! So, when we talk about a healthier ocean it depends a lot
on what we do here on land. We can make an actual difference by how we get our
food delivered. Easy enough, that’s how we can change our plastic footprint. Changing how you get your food delivered is one of the many ways you can improve your plastic footprint. So be sure to have a YouTube account and that your subscribed to our channel. Turn on your notifications, and smash that like button . Next time we’re talking about how to celebrate without damaging the environment. Plastic free parties? Something like that. We”ll see
you next time on Plastic Footprint.

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  2. These behaviors are great foundational teachings to pass on to our children and future generations, but they unfortunately are NO substitute for demanding legislative changes from our law makers. There is an ever increasing awareness and acknowledgement worldwide that enormous industrial changes must be made in order to make a significant positive impact on things like single use plastic production and consumption. Red, blue or anywhere in between, we can't let lawmakers off the hook for supporting industry that isn't making the necessary changes, nor can we let them slide because of their own "ignorance" on the matter. Simply claiming to not be aware of a problem isn't good enough anymore.

  3. The majority of plastic pollution is from fishing nets, not from drinking straws (that is not to say we should use plastic straws). If you're fighting for the planet, promoting non vegan food is not the way to go. Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes for Climate change, deforestation etc. I understand that your focus is on cleaning up the ocean from plastic but doing so while promoting another Earth damaging practice is probably not the best way to do it. Fishing is the main reason for ocean habitat destruction, so please encourage veganism together with elminitating the use of plastic. They should go hand in hand. Love your work and will always support you! ❤

  4. Unfortunately I am gluten. Diary and soya free 😢 and what I eat is plasticfree as it's my mum's pasta with tomato chutney

  5. Take away coffee cups are the biggest issue here in Melbourne Australia. We used to have health regulations that said a cafe could not make a coffee in a personal cup due to sanitary reasons. Most people seems to ignore this now…I have seen some really nice bamboo large cups…but the lids??

  6. It is extremely rare for me and my husband to order takeout. I cook all of our meals at home and we bring them to work in our reusable containers, period! Besides, when one orders takeout, you eat so much more old saturated grease (yuuuuck!), too much sugar and salt…

  7. Just learned we can recycle the top of a pizza box. We’ve always tossed the whole box thinking none of it was recycle able.

  8. You guys should partner with the ocean Conservancy WWF conservation International the Sea Turtle Conservancy and oceana

  9. My wife and I have changed some of plastic habits, like – no more plastic bags at the grocery store ( we carry our own recycle bags ) and we no longer use plastic bottles for our water. ( a small change for a large problem – think plastic footprint )

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