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100 thoughts on “Pro Chefs Cook and Eat Food They Don’t Like | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

  1. My most hated ingredient is asian bitter melon. I truly wonder how someone could make that taste good without overpowering the bitterness with other flavors

  2. Andy: There's definitely one ingredient I've never really liked.
    Me: It's Sumac isn't it you devil
    "You think about your liver a lot huh."
    "I'm the drinks editor of this brand…"
    "Andy is not married"

    so what I'm hearing here, is I have a chance

  3. Oh great. So this is Western entertainment's Final Form, huh? All the cooking and science and educational channels are just gonna be replaced with gross-out challenges, now? Thanks, Humanity. All that's left now is to put Jackass on the Discovery Channel.

  4. If I were stranded on an island I would eat my dog, and expect my kids to eat me after I sacrificed myself for them.

  5. Chris hearing 'beef and peanut butter' and shuddering. He should try thin cut steak with thai peanut sauce. I know it's not quite peanut butter, but it's peanut butter adjacent.

  6. What an interesting experiment! I'd suggest that Christina try green Sichuan peppercorns too. More floral. Very different than the black ones. Also thousand year eggs are often mixed in a cold salad with lots of scallion, cilantro, tofu, etc. The sesame oil helps too. You're supposed to slice it much more thinly (and oil the knife!!)

  7. I love how they have such specific, out of the ordinary dislikes. Like, I don't like mushrooms. They don't like ~gamey lamb~ and ~liver~. It's like watching Gourmet Makes and Claire is like "yeah I've never eaten Doritos/Starbursts/chocolate/fun" and you wonder if she was locked in a basement for her childhood.

  8. Regarding peanut butter: "It's like eating fermented black bean sauce on its own. It's like, 'what, you don't like fermented black bean sauce on it's own?' No, of course not. It's like a f***ing howitzer of flavor. It needs friends."

    Literally dead

  9. We always have tofu with century egg together in Taiwan. If you mix the “Pea Cracker”, one of the classic Taiwanese snacks, will have the crunchy, smoothie bite at the same time.

  10. Ok, serious question here.  I am one of those for whom Cilantro has a very strong taste of soap.  Like chewing a soapy washcloth strong.  What would be suitable substitute that would provide the intended flavor effect of the Cilantro, but not the soapy flavor.  An no it is not the name that causes the problem.   I don't have to know the item contains cilantro, It will be clear as soon as I taste the item.  This is why I don't have Salsa in Restaurants where they make their own.

  11. I agree with Andy, green bell peppers are not as yummy as their siblings. Interestingly enough, with pepperoni peppers (especially the cream cheese stuffed ones or the garlic sauce doused ones) I enjoy the green ones almost as much as the red ones. But when it comes to paprika red just is the tastiest.
    The real problem in Gaby's recipe is the koriander (cilantro)! Why would you add that soap-tasting monstrosity?!

  12. mayonnaise based salads are the top of my "don't want to eat it" list; century eggs are a contender for top ranking though; I've just never tried them.
    Molly – children and pets are not the same, when you've had both you'll understand.

  13. I don’t like Radish/Brussel Sprouts/Radicchio (but i like other bitter greens) – liver/veal/mutton (but i like meat)

  14. How about a “What pro chefs eat in a day” video? Would love to see how much effort is put into their own meals and what food they like to make for themselves!

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