Ranking Fast Food Chicken Nuggets — Bless Your Rank

Ranking Fast Food Chicken Nuggets — Bless Your Rank

– Hey you! Welcome to Bless Your Rank. My name is Matt. Today, we are ranking
fast food chicken nuggets. Or nugs, if you’re cool. Chickie nugs. Don’t do that. Just call ’em nuggets. (banjo strumming) Don’t fast forward to the
end to see what happens. That’s cheating. I can tell. We can tell when you
skip ahead in the video. We can see those numbers
and you need to stop. I mean this is basically
like fine literature. It is meant to be enjoyed,
one page after another. I’m the Bill Shakespeare of fast food. So today is going to be
a very interesting day. I have not declared my allegiance yet. I enjoy the chickie nugs. They are my favorite type
of things that end in ug. Nugs, hugs, pugs, and in
257th place, Uggs, the boots. Drugs if it’s my heart burn medication. My ranking system, here’s what it is, even though I don’t always stick to it. I make this up as I go along folks. Have you not figured that out yet? Number one, taste, ’cause it’s about food. Obviously that’s how you taste food. I really don’t know what else we need to do other than taste. It’s not a beauty contest. Chicken nuggets are like people. They come in all shapes
and sizes and colors and they are all beautiful. – [Background Crowd] Awww. – Oh yeah, we’re not doing sauce here. Sauce changes the game. Full disclosure, I’m not
really a dipping nuggets into sauce kind of guy. You know why? ‘Cause I’m usually eating
nuggets while I’m driving. Have you ever tried to dip in sauce and drive down a back road? Potholes everywhere. It’s just not, it’s not gonna work. Don’t sauce and drive. Sauce from the comfort of your own home, where no one can see you. All right, here we go. Competitor number one. KFC. Also known as, Kentucky Fried Chicken. I’ve never had KFC nuggets before. I did not know until today that KFC even had chicken nuggets. But I’m understanding
that some of these places call it popcorn chicken? Why are we calling it popcorn chicken? What? ‘Cause I can just put it in my mouth? Nuggets are the same thing. You can eat a nugget in one bite. If you can’t eat a nugget in one bite, it is a small chicken tender. There’s a classification
system, look it up. I didn’t write it. It’s been there, for decades. I learned about it in school. I like the presentation. I feel like you can maybe
fit this in a cup holder. Oh yeah. I feel like you put a little bow on this and give this as a present. (popping) Look at that. Fun. If you, once you get it in your mind that the bolo tie that
Colonel Sanders is wearing is actually his arms and his leg, you can never unsee that. Look at that. That’s his tiny little arm and
that’s his tiny little leg. I’ve ruined that for you now. And you’re welcome. That will haunt your dreams now. Hey, let’s eat it. That’s enough talking. This is basically a nugget. This is nugget size. This is weird you call
this popcorn chicken. That’s not bad. It kind of taste like chicken
I can just make at home. And I’m quickly reminded why
I don’t like popcorn chicken ’cause they’re these tiny pieces here that are too small to
have any chicken meat whatsoever in it. This is just a fried ball. Let me hear you out. Some people are gonna
say, that’s the best part. The only time excess fried batter with no meat on it
whatsoever is acceptable, is at Captain D’s. And those are called Cracklins. And they’re delicious. They’re okay. I mean they’re better than
I though they would be. And right now, KFC is number one, ’cause they’re the only
one that I’ve had yet. Don’t smile too much
there, Colonel Sanders, ’cause that won’t last. That kind of makes me sad to
put KFC first in anything. They’re not first place
in anything at all. Except weird commercials. Competitor number two. Sonic. Another place that I did not
realize had chicken nuggets. These are massive. It’s about human eye ball size. Those of you who have held a
human eyeball in your hand, you can relate. You’ll know exactly the
size I’m talking about. There’s nothing popcorn about that. There’s, I’ve never had a piece
of popcorn that’s this big. That’s some genetically
modified monster corn. For too long in this country, we’ve had no standard of
what is a chicken nugget, what is popcorn chicken,
what is chicken tenders? And I’m tired of it. I want us to define what that is. I don’t know what organization does that, but get on it. ‘Cause this, is not popcorn chicken. This is actually really good. Oh man. I wasn’t expecting that. I’ve been sleeping on Sonic nuggets. I’ve been getting that
foot long cheese coney. And this is where it’s been at. This is good chunk of chicken right here. What size is this? – [Producer] They’re called jumbo popcorn. – Okay. Ohhh, they call them jumbo popcorn. That’s nuggets! A large popcorn chicken
becomes a chicken nugget. You can’t call them jumbo popcorn chicken. I don’t. That, now I hate ’em. Now I just hate ’em
’cause of the way they, what they call ’em. The chicken nugget game is
the wild west right now. Just anything goes. Apparently you just call
them whatever you want. Okay, I’m done eating these. After much deliberation, I
think that Sonic out of the two, has the best chicken nuggets. They were delicious actually. It made me rethink my
whole order at Sonic. And I’ve been doing it all wrong. Our third competitor, bud-a-bud-a-duh. Mc-Dee-on-alds. Or, if you’re from the
country, Mac Donalds. Ill say this about McDonalds. Out of all the chicken nuggets that were gonna eat here today, they’re right there with good nuggets that I’ve had the most. There are only so many
shapes of mcnuggets. Like they’re basically, they go through the mcnugget
cookie cutter, I think. They have names? Okay, so apparently there are
four basic mcnugget shapes and they all have names. And now my producers are
aware of what they are called and I’m going to guess them. (crowd cheering This one, right here. This is either the guitar
pick or the millennium falcon. (buzzer) The bell? If our Liberty Bell looked like this, we would still belong to Great Britain. This, I call this, this is the boot. (dinging) The boot, I got it right? – [Producer] Whoa. – Batting 500. There you go. This is just a, almost a perfect circle. This is called the moonpie. (buzzer) What is this called? The circle? The ball? I would not, I’d be
really careful referring to shapes of mcnuggets and
saying, oh, that’s the ball. Id just be real careful there. I don’t know what this, this is like the trapezoid. The sheep dog. The fat buffalo. (buzzer) What? This one has a spot on it. This one should probably
go see a dermatologist and get that checked out. Or my mouth. These got cold. They’re not great. Still pretty good though. Oh wait, this is the first
one that I can count. There’s supposed to be
10 mcnuggets in this box. One is in my belly. Two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, 10. They did it. Although I’m not so sure about this one. I’m a little shocked right
now that these are not better. Compared to like Sonic, that I don’t think I’ve ever had before, there just not as good. I think that they’re better than KFC’s. I do want to point out
to McDonalds though, that go to wherever you’re making this, highlight the text. Then go up to font and
press downsize twice. Then it will all fit. You won’t keep having this problem. Okay. Second place. I feel, I feel, I feel
all right about this. McDonalds. Competitor number four is Wendy’s. This is, this is a lot of chicken. Did you check, what if they
gave you the wrong order? Barbecue sauce. And it’s cut open with a razor blade. – [Producer) Whoa. – This is a, this is a message from Wendy for how we treated her
in the burger ranking. So what, Wendys, oh! It looks like Wendy’s stole
the mcnugget cookie cutter. That’s a cowboy boot. That’s a fancy cowboy boot. This is the kind of boot you show off. You put these on, you’re like, I’m going to the Brooks and Dunn concert. And you do that right there. Shimmy shake right there, just like that. I wonder who they got opening for them. How many, okay, how many
of these were supposed to be in here? A 10 piece? Well then, let’s check Wendy’s work here. Let’s check her math. One, two, four, five, nine, 10. That’s a generous 10. I don’t ever like crave
nuggets and go to Wendy’s. I go to Wendy’s, I’m gonna get a frosty. Some people are all about the
chicken nuggets at Wendy’s. Probably ’cause you get
four of them for $.99. That’s a pretty good deal. Not bad. This is super salty. Okay. They’re not offensive. I wouldn’t go crazy about these. I wouldn’t say oh man, I just got the best
nugs ever from Wendy’s. Probably ’cause I would not use nugs in a sentence in casual conversation. Okay, putting these back in the container ’cause I don’t wanna look at them anymore. For some reason, they’re much sadder when you lay them out on a napkin. This is the most vanilla
of the many nuggets that I’ve had today. And it’s not a bad thing. I don’t care for them. I don’t feel like they’re
number one by any means. There’s apparently spicy
nuggets now at Wendy’s. That would be delicious. But I’m not ranking the
spicy nuggets here today. I’m ranking your straight up, regular, classic chicken nuggets. And these are just fine. If someone tells you, what
did you have to eat today and they’re just like, I only
ate Wendy’s chicken nuggets. That’s a cry for help. You are the freezer section
down at sore nuggets of the fast food world. You’re in fourth place. Please don’t roast me on Twitter, Wendy. I’m too fragile. All right, number five, five. Chick-fil-A. That’s how you know we do not
film these videos on Sunday. I don’t order these, and
here’s why you don’t order chicken nuggets at a place
that serves chicken tenders. It’s just bad math. I have a feeling if we
count this out right now and there’s not eight,
a Chick-fil-A employee will bust through this ceiling and will bring down fresh nuggets to make up for their mistake. They’ll know. One, two, three, although
that looks like seahorse, and not chicken. Five, six, seven, eight. What is going on here? This is like fried artwork. This looks like Adam and God reaching out. Like that’s what this looks like. It looks like the Sistine Chapel. So I can’t even be mad at that. This is art. I knew this would happen. I knew this would happen. I’d walk in here today and I’d say, this is gonna be a level playing field, they’ve all got a chance. And then I take a bite of that Chick-fil-A and it just taste different. It just tastes a little
bit like real chicken. I think that might be the secret. All right, I’m gonna stop
eating all, not really. Okay. Takes a long time to chew
’em, ’cause it’s real chicken. It’s not processed
chicken they’ve already, somebody chewed for you. Look at this. Even the receipt, that I
can’t show you right now, has got everything on this. First and last name on the bag. I can tell you all about your
day from this Chick-fil-A receipt right here. You can get it outside, you
were driving a white Crossover, you were in zone five,
register 40 rang you up. Your total was $4.39. It was 1:51. They told you my pleasure 11 times. And someone named Susan
prayed over this meal and you were added to Fultondale
First Baptist prayer list. All of that I got from this
receipt, the whole thing. I knew this would not be fair. It’s not fair to Chick-fil-A
calls these nuggets while everybody else
calls theirs nuggets, too. It’s a completely different league. It’s like professional
baseball against minor leagues and then T-ball, over here. Right now this is not even close. Chick-fil-A chicken
nuggets are in first place. Competitor number six, our last entry into the
competition, Burger King. And it is a, this is a hefty bag. Burger King has never done
well in anything ever, no, no, no, no, Bless Your
Rank burgers, they did. They have a Whopper. It’s delicious. Let’s count ’em. Should be 10 in a bag. One, two, three, four, five, six, nine, nine. That’s the most Burger King thing. Anissa, did you eat a Burger King nugget? – [Anissa] No. – (laughing) What is, what are these numbers for? What kind of secret code is this? So there’s chicken with
a six, chicken with a 10, which is what we ordered. And then, numbers one through 12. What is the secret code? If I solve this code, do
I become the Burger King? Is this how you become the
heir to the burger throne? I’m not even excited about these. These just look sad. Here we go, Burger King. Rock my world. Okay, something is becoming
very apparent to me. Burger King and Wendy
got together apparently, and said how do we make the
most blandest chicken nugget and make it as cheap as possible? And this is the product they came up with. I mean they’re just identically, medicore. These serve as nothing more
than ways to move sauce from the container to your mouth. These are just edible spoons. A chicken died for this. A chicken that could’ve
been fried chicken, chicken wings, chicken tenders. Could’ve been at Chick-fil-A. Chick-fil-A could’ve done so
much more to this chicken. See that? See that little chick right there? He deserved better. He didn’t die for this. This is also gonna be
impossible to stick the– It’s in last place, if
you really needed me to tell you that. It’s not terrible, but it’s not good. It’s sufficient. They should not be, they should not call them chicken nuggets. They should be called sufficient chicken. What did we learn today? We learned that I do have
a favorite chicken nugget after all, and it’s Chick-fil-A. (crowd cheering) Because they’re the only place up here that’s actually serving things
that taste like real chicken. I learned that Sonic’s
jumbo popcorn chicken, while the name infuriates me, is actually pretty tasty. McDonalds chicken nuggets
just taste like childhood. These, down here, are okay. Wendy’s, Burger King,
they’re sufficient chicken. And that’s good enough for most people. So there you go. Happy nuggeting? I don’t know. Enjoy your nuggets. Share. Sharing’s caring. And sauce responsibly. Don’t sauce and drive. Do nugs not drugs. Peace out, homies.

100 thoughts on “Ranking Fast Food Chicken Nuggets — Bless Your Rank

  1. “It’s a southern thing”

    They don’t want you skipping to the end, but you know, I know, we ALL know, the winner is Chick Fil A.

  2. Wait a second. You have t heard of popcorn chicken? Lost some southerner points there now. Popcorn chicken is so different than chicken nuggets

  3. Me at the start of the video: Wendy's has this.
    Matt: I'm not using sauce and popcorn chicken counts as nuggets.
    Me: *throws all expectations out the window.*

  4. The numbers are meant to track when it’s made. So if they are busy and pre-bag you would mark the # on the clock. Then, they should be thrown out like every ten minutes if not given to customers. In my experience though must BKs make things to order so they aren’t used.

    Source: worked at BK in college.

  5. When I saw this video pop up, I thought, “Is there a contest?? Chick-fil-A nuggets will win every single time.”

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    Then mcdonalds

    Burger King is horrible nuggets.

  7. Spicy nuggets from Wendy's are so much better than the regular nuggets from Wendy's. Also I don't understand why they sporadically stop selling them and start selling them again 6-10 months later.

  8. No one will probably care, but there is a definition to what cut of meat a chicken tender is. Chickens have a "tenderloin" (pectoralis minor) like beef and pork – it's off to the side of the breast and is usually cut off when you buy breasts or tenders. Nugs and Popcorn chicken are different too. Nuggets are made from emulsified chicken (think that pink stuff) and popcorn chicken are actual pieces of cut chicken. PS…chicken strips can be strips of any cut of chicken, like breast or thigh…

    ANYWHO. Um, actually over. Enjoy your nugget knowledge.

  9. Matt’s commentary is just out of this world. The things he comes up with to say are those things i only wish I had thought of lol

  10. Umm actually it’s just KFC. The officially changed their name from Kentucky Fried Chicken to just KFC.

    The more you know.

  11. Too bad you chose Chick Fil-A as the winner. I won't eat there anymore after they decided to stop donating to Salvation Army, right at the beginning of the Christmas season, in order to appease the G Mafia. Took back my Thumbs Up.

  12. The number line on the chicken nuggets from Burger King are from what time they are made whatever the big hand was on you have to mark the number

  13. KFC: too expensive for the Frozen nuggets they sell you. Tiny dry crap.

    Sonic: Same as KFC. Frozen cardboard crap.

    McDonald’s: just Eeww.

    Wendy’s: Same supplier as McDonalds. I guarantee it.

    Chick-Fil-A: Number 1 in my book. Theirs are made fresh. Never frozen. My only complaint is they are inconsistent on size and number in the box.

    Burger King: Oh look it’s another from the McDonalds nugget factory.

    All but Chick-Fil-A are frozen cardboard garbage you can get at the Freezer section of the grocery store.

  14. I don't know what his problem is with Wendy's… but they have good food!
    He didn't like their fries, burgers, or nuggets.

  15. So, in my opinion (not that anyone asked), nuggets contain ground/chopped/pulverized chicken, which is usually shaped and then fried. Popcorn chicken is not ground – just small pieces of chicken that are then fried. Tenders are big pieces of chicken that have been fried. Popcorn chicken is just small tenders. Nuggets have a different texture altogether. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

  16. 1 thru 12. That's a time stamp for how old the nuggets are. We had those on the packaging at Taco Time. Food made and placed under the warmer lights was supposed to be tossed if 45 minutes old. We were supposed to check every 15 minutes.

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  23. Y'all ever order Chic Fil a grilled nuggets? I did once. Was shocked to find this tiny little box in my takeout bag. It actually had 6 1" square chunks of grilled chicken in it. Amazed how much the breading adds to a nugget. Check it out sometime.

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  30. I hate going through fast food restaurants. they never get my order correct. I feel like saying, just throw something in a bag and charge me extra for it. So wish we had a chic fillet in my area.

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